10 Best iPhone Themes- Best Themes For iPhone- 2022

Best Themes For iPhone

Are you bored by looking at the same iPhone themes? Well, we all are! So why not change it with a better one? Follow along because we have some special themes for you! Your mobile phone theme is something that you look at every other minute of the day. We are humans and it is our nature to get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again.

Same with the themes, we get bored with the same mobile phone themes. There are a lot of iPhone themes available in the market but none of them seems to impress the users. So we thought why not share some of the best iPhone themes with you? So let’s start!

Best iPhone Themes

1. Muze 3

Muze 3

The first theme is called the Muze 3. It is an iPhone theme and can be used with IOS 10. It is an attractive theme and that’s why we have put it on number 1. It looks simple yet attractive and there are no extra designs or exaggerated icons. You can easily download it from Cydia. It is completely free to download and use.

2. 0bscure 7

0bscure 7

The next theme is 0bscure 7. It is another amazing iPhone theme that is available for IOS 10. It can also be
downloaded from Cydia. But this one is paid and you have to pay 1$ to buy it. It has a very unique and dark style. There are only two colors used black and white which makes it a nice theme.

3. Aeyris Theme

Aeyris Theme

Ayeris theme is a popular theme. The reason for its popularity is its simple and beautiful design. It is colorful and attractive. This iPhone theme is also paid and it costs 4$. The icons look normal and you will have no issue using this theme. You can download it from Winterboard.

4. ReOs

ReOs is another amazing iPhone theme. You can download it from ZodTTD. It will cost you around 2$ to buy this theme. It is a nice option. It is available for IOS 10. With over 200 themed icons you can enjoy ReOs. It is my personal favorite and you might also like it. The icons are customizable so if you don’t like something then change ut your liking.

5. Salvation9


Salvation9 is another theme for iPhone. The special thing about this theme is that it supports all of the IOS versions from IOS 7 to later versions. Another amazing this about Salvation9 is that it is completely free and you can get it from ModMyi Repo. The design of the theme is red colored and the icons are also red. Some people might not like it but it is a decent design and the color red is not overused. The light shade is used.

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6. Ghost


Ghost is another free theme for your iPhone. You can download it from ZodTTD. The theme is colored with grey and dark colors. That’s why it is named ghost. It is a nice theme and many people have already downloaded it. You should also give it a try as it is free.

7. Casper

The next iPhone theme is called Casper. It is a nice theme. It has many different icons that you can use as you like. You will have no issue using this theme. It even gives you the option to give the name label of the application on your phone. It is kind of animated and many people might not like it because of that.

8. AnnaBelle

Anabelle is a free theme for iPhone. It has over 500 icons and you can get ut from ZodTTD. It gives you the feature to customize your icons and other stuff. Many people have already taken advantage of this theme. You can also take advantage of this theme as it is free.

9. Aragon


Aragon is a paid iPhone theme. You can buy it from ZodTTD. It will cost you around 5$. It is an excellent theme because it gives you a bunch of icons, logos, and other stuff that you will never get for free. You can also hide your application’s label if you like. You can completely enjoy this theme.

10. 2D Remix

2D Remix is an iPhone theme that allows you to use custom sounds, custom icons, and wallpapers. It is not widely used but it is one of the best iPhone themes. You should try it out.


There are many iPhone themes available online but most of them are not very good or worth using. It has become an uphill task to find a nice iPhone theme. But in this blog, we have done this task for you. We have taken the 10 best iPhone themes and created a list. You can check all of the above. Lastly, if you know about any other iPhone theme then do share with us in the comments!

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