Audio Service Is Not Running– How To Fix Audio Service Error In Windows 10? Best Ways In 2022

Audio Service Is Not Running- Fix Audio Service Error In Windows 10?

Audio Service is Not Running” is an error associated with windows audio servers. Users may face this error when windows audio services are not responding properly. This is one of the common errors caused by driver issues, windows errors, or faulty updates. If your audio services are not responding or running in windows 11/10/8/7, then read our step-by-step guide on fixing audio services errors.

What is Audio Service Is Not Running Error?

This error originates from the taskbar icon of volume control. Usually, we can find an X or disabled symbol on the speaker icon and when we drag the cursor on it, it reads “Audio Service is Not Running” error. In this error, we cannot control the audio services and changed them. This issue takes place when something went wrong while booting up your windows. However, there are a few possibilities that could trigger this warning, and to fix it, we need to try more than one method.

Note: Before you start with any of the methods given below, try to turn up or down the volume from the taskbar icon. Then restart your PC, mostly when we reboot our system, this issue gets resolved. But even after the initial solution, the error remains, try all of the methods we have provided in this article.

How to Fix Audio Service Is Not Running Error in Windows?

  1. Troubleshoot Audio Settings

Windows troubleshoot provides a valuable tool for occasions like this when we face any error. Troubleshoot will detect the issue and fix it too or provide a possible solution for it. If your audio service is not running or responding, then try to troubleshoot it. Here is how,

  • Open windows setting by pressing windows+I
  • Now find the troubleshoot option and then select the playing audio option

After that, follow the instruction and it will fix the issue right away. Troubleshoot will automatically detect any anomalies with audio settings or issues. but if the problems remain and you are still facing Windows audio services errors, then try other methods.

  1. Update/Rollback/Reinstall Audio Driver

Most of the problems we face with audio services indicate the driver issue. To fix the Audio Service that is not running in Windows 10/8/7, we need to make sure that the audio drivers are properly installed. This method consists of three changes that are required to solve this issue. First, we need to update audio drivers, here is how,

Update Audio driver

  • Open Run and type “devmgmt. msc” and it will open device manager. Now find Sound, video, and game controllers and select the audio driver to update

Once you try to update the driver, it will search for the new version. However, if you already have an updated version of the driver, it will come back with this message.

Rollback Audio Driver

If updating the driver doesn’t work then roll back to the older version of the audio driver. Sometimes when updated drivers are unstable or causing issues, we might face audio services not responding or running errors. To make sure that it’s the current driver issue, we need to roll back to the older version.

  • In the device manager, select the audio driver and click on properties
  • Now in the properties menu, go to driver and select the rollback driver option
  • Now the system will ask for the reason behind rolling back the driver, select any of the reasons, and rollback audio driver

Once you roll back the driver, restart your PC to save settings. After that check again for the audio settings error. If you still find it, then try to reinstall the driver.

Reinstall Audio Driver

  • Go back to devise manager and click on the uninstall device option

After that restart your PC, when the PC rebooted again, it will automatically reinstall the audio driver. You can download the new audio driver from the manufacturer’s website too. If the issue persists even with the reinstalled driver, try other methods.

  1. Restart Audio Services

Windows has tons of settings that can be tweaked for better performance. In the service windows, we can find all of the services that run in your windows. If your windows audio services are not responding or running, you can restart the service. Here is how,

  • Open Run windows and type “services.msc”
  • Now find “Window Audio Endpoint Builder” and restart the service

After that, we need to check the window audio services startup status. It indicates that every time the system reboots, this system starts automatically. Here is how,

  • Open service windows and search for any of the below services

Windows audio service,

Windows audio endpoint builder service,

Multimedia class scheduler(if available)

  • Now go to properties and find startup type and select automatic

Make sure that all services have automatic startup enabled and then restart your system to save settings. After that, check for the red X symbol on the taskbar volume icon and Audio Service is not running error. If you are still seeing this issue, try other methods.

  1. Change Log on Settings

If your computer has more than one account(user account and guest account) then some of the settings might differ. However, most guest accounts have windows default settings that are similar to users’ accounts, but they might have changed.  Here is how to check the logon settings for audio services,

  • Open service windows(type “services. msc” in Run console)
  • Now find audio services and go to settings, then select Log on
  • Now select Log on as a local system account and click on the apply button. Reboot your system and check for the error.
  • If you still face the same problem, go back to audio services properties and now select “This account” retype the password and click on apply.

Restart your system and check for the Windows audio services not responding or running errors. If you are still struggling with the issue, try other methods.

  1. Check Audio Endpoint Builder Registry Value

If the issue is not with the services then it could be a wrong value in the registry. The registry keeps the library of commands for every device and app. By changing the value in the registry, we can achieve better performance or add new features to apps and devices. However, if the value is wrong, then it could affect other settings. For that, we need to check the registry value of Audio Endpoint Builder. Here is how,

  • Open Run console and type “Regedit”, it will open the registry editor
  • Now search follow these folders







  • Now look for serviceDll and right-click on it to open modify
  • If the value data is “%SystemRoot%\System32\AudioEndpointBuilder.dll” then no need to change it

However, if it’s something else, paste the above value in there and save it. After that, restart your PC to check for the error. However, if the value is the same as we mentioned, try other methods.

  1. Add Local services in Command Prompt

This is a little bit advanced for regular users but when you see “Audio Service is not running” the issue could be hardware related too. Sometimes when the system detects no speakers or headphones are plugged in, they automatically disable audio services and that’s why it doesn’t respond. Here is how to use the command prompt to change that,

  • Open command prompt as administrator
  • Now type these commands one by one and hit enter

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice

net localgroup Administrators /add localservice

SC config Audiosrv start= auto

REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Audiosrv” /V start /T REG_DWORD /D 2 /F

secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose

After that restart your PC to save changes and when it rebooted back, check for the error. This command solves the no speakers or headphones are plugged in error and allows windows to recognize the device. But if you are still struggling with the same error, we have only one choice, system restore.

  1. Try System Restore

When everything fails and none of the methods can solve Audio Service is not running error, then we can use system restore point to go back to where everything was working normally. Here is how to do a system restore,

  • Go to the control panel and select system
  • Now find the system protection option on the left-hand side
  • It will open system properties, now look for system restore
  • Now choose the date of the system restore point when your PC was error-free. Click on it and follow the instructions to restore your PC.

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FAQ for Audio Service is not running

  • Why is my audio service not running?

The issue resides within the driver’s settings and audio services settings. Some of these services have different settings or values that could affect the audio features which produce this error.

  • How do I fix the audio service that is not running Windows 10/8/7?

There are a few methods that can fix this error and bring your system audio settings to normal, follow the below-given instruction to solve this issue,

  • Troubleshoot Audio Settings
  • Update/Rollback/Reinstall Audio Driver
  • Restart Audio Services
  • Change Log on Settings
  • Check Audio Endpoint Builder Registry Value
  • Add Local services in Command Prompt
  • Try System Restore
  • What do I do when my audio service is not responding?

There are numerous reasons behind this error but we can solve this with one method. Open Run windows and type “services. msc” then find “Window Audio Endpoint Builder” and restart the service. This will restart your audio services in the system.


Audio services on windows PC have a large library of settings and values that helps users with a better audio system. However, when Audio Service is not running or suddenly not responding, we have to find the solution within the system. In this article, we have provided detailed instructions on how to fix audio services errors. If you have any questions regarding this article, then ask us in the comment section.

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