Best Nintendo Switch Games 2023

Best Nintendo Switch games 2023

The Nintendo Switch has been around for more than six years and is still going strong. It is especially practical for commuters and those who lead busy lives.

Top-notch games are another draw. The action-adventure epic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its follow-up, Tears of the Kingdom, will be spoken about for years to come. The fantastic Wii U original sequels, Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, are more than deserving of a sequel.

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Best Nintendo Switch Games


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has since been released, following Breath of the Wild. This is, more than anything else, the Nintendo Switch’s biggest showstopper, even more so than its predecessor was.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

It’s a creative game that gives players the ability to combine and join materials to create new tools for puzzle-solving or eliminating rival Bokoblin gangs, including cars, guns, and other inventive inventions. It’s Hyrule once more, only this time it’s bigger, farther away, and ostensibly even more secretive. It’s a true thrill and was worth the wait in every way.

Cozy Grove

It’s ironic that playing a great life simulation game can make you burn out. One guaranteed way to get tired of something is to spend hours hyper-focusing on small side quests, tasks, and to-do lists. In fact, Cozy Grove was created with these pitfalls in mind.

The idea is that there are no repercussions for not accomplishing a lot in a day. It’s a really charming and enjoyable game that doesn’t tempt gamers to play for 40 hours at a time. Bring light and color to your island, assist ghost bears in surviving in a state akin to purgatory, and earn a ton of badges for your efforts. For what it’s worth, I preferred playing games on a PC to a Nintendo Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still one of the most well-liked and wholesome games on the Nintendo Switch, more than three years after its release. Animal Crossing: New Horizons lured players to a serene island for a pleasant cycle of activities like fishing, bug-catching, and improving the layout of their virtual homes just as lockdowns started occurring all across the world.

Nintendo has consistently added new features to New Horizons, both paid and free, including the substantial Happy Home Paradise DLC. Additionally, New Horizons contains a wealth of customization options, such as a brand-new terraforming function that gives you total control over your island’s surface.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Animal Crossing: New Leaf allows you to interact with your neighbors, complete your museum catalogue, and visit your friends’ islands.


Cuphead by Studio MDHR is a fantastic run-and-gun game and a beautiful homage to old-school animation. Before being adapted for the Nintendo Switch, Cuphead was first made available for the Xbox One and PC. It transitioned easily and plays without a hitch on Switch hardware, whether you’re playing on your TV or with a portable controller.

The visual appeal of Cuphead quickly shines through. Because of the hand-drawn animations and characters, Cuphead has a fantastic visual aesthetic that will never date. The presentation is completed by the jazzy audio design, which takes gamers back in time. In essence, it’s a playable animated film. Cuphead is much more than simply a stunning work of art; it’s also a well-crafted run-and-gun with thrilling boss battles and deftly planned side-scrolling levels.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Dead Cell’s

Rogue-likes and metroidvanias have been combined to create Dead Cells, a game that is sure to rank among the finest in its respective category for many years to come. You take on the role of a reanimated mass of cells grabbing hold of a prisoner’s body in this procedurally generated castle setting.

The maze-like fortress is teeming with evil foes and covered in secrets just waiting to be discovered. You have to start over every time you die, which tends to happen rather frequently. Importantly, there are enhancements that are constant, allowing you to advance and explore new regions with each run.

Action gameplay that is skillfully tuned and stylish, a variety of unique skills and weapons, and a map that is expertly created and changes every time you play.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The most remarkable game in the well-liked strategy series, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, is endlessly captivating and full of variation. In the game, you take on the role of a professor who manages one of the monastery’s three houses.

There, you establish friendships and give your students battle-ready training. Three Houses takes this idea to the next level and incorporates some well-executed management simulation components, in contrast to other Fire Emblem games that have learned more about social simulation.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

It strikes a perfect balance between narrative development, battle preparation, and the series’ trademark tactical combat scenarios. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a remarkable experience because of its expertly crafted characters, excellent story, and clever adjustments to the layered battle system.


Although the objective of Hades is to leave the Underworld, being returned there after each unsuccessful attempt isn’t a terrible consolation prize. More so than any other roguelike before it, Hades skillfully weaves together it exhilarating narrative and fast-paced action gameplay so that failing might actually be advantageous.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Hades is such a rich experience because of the supporting cast and all of their individual interpersonal stories. You play Zagreus, Hades’ son, who is a captivating hero in his own right. Every effort to escape the underworld is an exciting endeavor that depends on experimenting with your physical makeup to discover the ideal balance for you.


Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight’s quality as a metroidvania that you can easily jump into whenever the mood strikes you is a good thing because it makes the wait for its sequel, Silk Song, that much more tolerable. The bug’s life adventure that emerged from the initial game, which had some rough edges but were eventually smoothed over, was nothing short of extraordinary.

The furious collection of battles and exploration in Hollow Knight is sleek and eerie; it fits the Switch well. This version also includes all of the game’s DLC, a considerable amount of content that significantly expands on the game and improves its magnificent visual style.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D platformer that never stops being fun and offers players a lot more freedom than they did in earlier 3D Mario titles. Large, open levels in Super Mario Odyssey are filled with Power Moons that must be found by completing challenging platforming sequences, defeating enemies, and figuring out puzzles.

Due to Mario’s sentient cape, Cappy, a new set of moves is also introduced. The cooperative mode of Super Mario Odyssey is great if you’re playing with young kids because it lets one player control Cappy, who is immune to damage. Super Mario Odyssey is his biggest adventure to date, including more sights and activities than any other 3D Mario game.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Metroid Dread

After over two decades, Metroid finally completed the current Metroid narrative by going back to its side-scrolling roots. Amazingly, Metroid Dread meets the high standards set by devoted fans. Metroid Dread is a fantastic adventure that stays true to its roots, and it was created by Mercury Steam (Metroid: Samus Returns).

Fast-paced action, a broad variety of upgrades to obtain, and a stable of bosses that test your stamina and counterattack abilities are just a few of Dread’s mechanical highlights. The EMMI, a group of unsettling robots that patrol specific areas and instantly end games if they catch you, are also introduced in Dread. The maze-like locations are a thrill to explore, and Dread’s broad range of secrets to discover drives repeated playthroughs.

Best Nintendo Switch Games


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