18 Best Online Business Applications You Must Try in 2024

Best Online Business Applications

If you open this article, it means you intend to start or improve a business that you run. Have you ever wondered how a company can manage all aspects of its business practices? As if, those who work in it do not know hours of sleep.

Perhaps, the secret of your rival company is in the business application they are using. What are those? Read this article to find the answer below!

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Best Online Business Applications You Must Try 2021

2020 is the year for anyone to manage any scale of business without any hassle. Well, soon you will get to know about 17+ online business applications that make business more practical.

What are the types of applications that we will introduce? The following is a summary.

  • Online business application for recording ideas and project management (1-6)
  • Online business applications for professional communication (7-9)
  • Online business applications for design and promotion (10-15)
  • Online business applications for financial needs (16-18)

Without waiting any longer, let’s look at the explanation!

1. Keep Notes

online business application


Perhaps, you often get ideas but are lazy to write them down so that the idea is just forgotten. Or maybe, you’ve tried to record it but a small tragedy makes your notes disappear.

Wow, it’s a shame that valuable ideas just disappear. Now, so that the nightmare does not happen, you should start installing Keep Notes on your mobile.

This is made by Google and is so reliable and safe among the best online business applications. Not surprisingly, Keep Notes is integrated with your Google account. Because it’s stored in the cloud, you don’t need to be afraid if your device is broken.


  • Provides a voice memo, image memo, and drawing memo features.
  • Easily monitor tasks with the checklist feature.
  • Integrated with all Google accounts.
  • Group notes with labels.
  • It provides a dark mode display so the eyes don’t get tired quickly.
  • There is a wide selection of template themes.

2. Microsoft To Do

Formerly known as Wunderlist, the Microsoft To-Do inherits the best features of Wunderlist and displays a simpler interface design.

Overall, Microsoft To-Do still performs the same functions as Wunderlist. Plan daily tasks, compile shopping lists, set deadlines, and more.


  • Simple display so easy to understand.
  • Integrated with Office365.
  • Make a To-Do List with a specific schedule.
  • Develop a personal project plan.

3. OneNote

It’s also developed by Microsoft and seems to compete with Keep Notes. It’s very difficult to choose between these two best online business applications. Equally using cloud systems OneNote also has a variety of tempting features that can get you the benefits as below.


  • Determine the priority list.
  • Find a variety of note topics in the blink of an eye.
  • Can listen to the notes you make with Immersive Reader.
  • It provides mathematical features for Microsoft365 customers.
  • Find specific notes by typing a phrase.
  • Safe because it is stored in the cloud.
  • Design notes design as you wish.
  • Offers voice note feature.

4. Google Sheets

google sheets

Maybe you already know that Google is developing various multi-functional platforms, one of which is Google Sheets. Resembling Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet application that allows you to work collaboratively.

If you don’t know yet, Google Sheets offers two types of functions: Personal and Business. By using the business version, you can create an online workspace specifically for your own company. Information access becomes safer and more secure.

But, that is only the beginning. This online business application still has many benefits such as Scheduling projects, calculating budgets, doing data analysis, all of that is just a little function of the real Google Sheets.


  • The document does not take up hard disk storage so the device does not slow down.
  • Integrated with various Google products and services.
  • Offering a business version to support work productivity.
  • Perform various project management functions.
  • Enables collaborative work.

5. Trello


Trello is one of the best and free online business applications that is quite easy to run. By using Trello, you can track the progress of tasks from each division through a series of ‘boards’.

Guaranteed, after using this business application, your project management is definitely easier and more organized!


  • Free.
  • It’s easy to upload files from a computer or cloud.
  • Simplify collaboration in teams.
  • Notifications can be arranged as needed.

6. Microsoft Planner

Blackboard is definitely not a strange object to you. But, what if the blackboard is presented online? Have you ever seen and tried it?

If not, immediately install Microsoft Planner on your mobile! This online business application allows collaborative work with features that are quite charming.

You can easily monitor the progress of the task and arrange for the person in charge. Also, scheduling becomes easier and more effective. No need to worry about missing information, because you can set notifications to get information about changes.


  • Integrated with Microsoft products and services.
  • Plan tasks visually.
  • Monitor work progress.
  • Notifying every change via email.
  • Provides chat forums for discussion.

7. Workplace

Have you ever or even often used Facebook? Have you ever imagined that Facebook doesn’t only provide media for social fun?

Yep, that is Workplace. As the name suggests, the Workplace is a communication channel specifically designed for team workspaces. Adapting the best features of Facebook, no doubt the Workplace is an online business application that is worth considering.


  • Create groups that can replace email functions.
  • Connecting one division with other divisions.
  • It provides an organizational structure to see one’s position.
  • Share files and news updates to various lines easily.

8. Slack


Have you ever been confused because communication between work is mixed with things out of context? Then the important conversation sank because too many people shouted to send messages?

Relax, you will not get the same difficulties as Slack! Remote teams will stay productive no matter where you’re working from. This sentence seems to illustrate the benefits of Slack. Yes, in contrast to ordinary chat channels, Slack is specifically designed for professional communication.

Bringing a variety of superior features, communication is more organized, and of course, you don’t need to worry about missing important info.


  • Make personal and group voice and video calls.
  • Make a survey team.
  • Can set the display theme at will.
  • Share files easily.
  • Display of organized conversations.
  • See online coworker status.

9. RingCentral

ring central

RingCentral is an online business application that is suitable for all levels of business. Through just one application, you can send text and video messages, monitor work, screen sharing, and more.

This application also provides many features according to the division you have. From Development, Marketing, Design, and others.


  • It provides a variety of communication media.
  • Tracking work.
  • Make scheduling.
  • Easy file sharing.
  • Search for topics in chat.

10. Canva


Perhaps, the name of this application reminds you of a piece of cloth that someone uses to paint.

Okay, that is a canvas. Like its similar name, Canva and canvas have almost the same function.

On the canvas you can paint using a brush, in Canva you paint with a pointer. Don’t worry about coming up with an empty head because Canva provides a variety of templates to suit your needs.

Even if you have no graphic design skills at all, Canva can become your magic brush. So if you are looking for the best online business application, cease Canva in the top list.


  • It provides a variety of templates that can be edited and downloaded for free.
  • It can be accessed via mobile and desktop.
  • The size of the template has been adjusted to the needs of users (flyers, resumes, brochures, etc.).
  • There are dozens of free elements to decorate templates.

11. VSCO


Among more than 50 million people who download VSCO, are you listed among them? If not, immediately open your Google Play and install it now!

If Canva features graphic design, VSCO is more focused on photo editing. This online business application is suitable for those of you who want a ‘potato handphone’ photo-flavored film camera. One example of its magic, as you can see in the photo below.

Perhaps you are in doubt because with other online business applications too, many filters are also available. Hey hey, clear your doubts by proving it now! Not just finding a filter, you can also build a photo gallery with the VSCO Grid feature.


  • It provides a variety of unique filters ala a professional camera.
  • It allows users to edit photos with an image editor.
  • There are many editing options such as exposure, contrast, straighten, and many more.
  • Edits can be directly saved in the gallery or exhibited on VSCO Grid.

12. Inshot


When you see the Inshot logo, maybe your mind immediately flew to the Instagram logo. Well, that’s natural, because Inshot is indeed an application that is commonly used to support businesses on Instagram.

Actually, not only on Instagram but also on various other platforms. Inshot also provides various sizes of canvas according to your needs. Want it in the stories and feeds Instagram, Facebook, and various other platforms.


  • It provides canvas size options as needed.
  • Make photos and videos more alive with the addition of music, background, and various filters and effects (time-lapsed, slow motion, slideshows, etc.).
  • Merge and compress videos.
  • Set the video speed.
  • Share to the highest quality social media.

13. Google My Business

From the name alone, you already know that this Google-made application is devoted to business. In a way, Google My Business is a kind of business place encyclopedia that makes your business found on Google Maps and search pages.

So, you can install and update business info, without even issuing any pockets. Hmmm, quite a seductive promotional tool, right?


  • Free.
  • Make it easy for potential customers to find your business.
  • Find various business competitors and prospective partners.
  • Interact with potential customers.
  • Attract prospective customers.

14. UberSocial for Twitter

uber social for twitter

Just like the name suggests, this online business application focuses on maximizing Twitter usage. Apparently, this application is quite in demand in the market if you see more than 5 million accounts that download it.

UberSocial allows users to manage multiple accounts in one application. So for those of you who have multiple Twitter accounts, no need to bother switching accounts because everything can be summarized in one application.

Also, UberSocial connects Twitter with Facebook, so you can multi-post. Well, quite recommended for those of you who have a business, right?


  • Manage various Twitter accounts in one application.
  • Provides three tweet delivery options.
  • Integrated with Facebook so it automatically sends tweets to Facebook.
  • View media submissions with the Live Preview feature.
  • Find topics that are currently popular
  • Monitor tweets that are relevant to your account.
  • Customize notifications.

15. Hootsuite


For those who are used to working professionally with social media, Hootsuite is no longer a strange platform. Maybe you’ve heard it too but haven’t tried it yourself.

Why is a business person recommended to use Hootsuite? The answer is clearly seen in the picture above: Manage all your social media in one place.

There will be so much time you save if using Hootsuite. Unlike UberSocial, this online business application helps you manage accounts from various social media.

Do not believe it? Try it first and feel the benefits. Do not forget to do Social Media Marketing so that your business skyrocketed!


  • Monitor multiple social media simultaneously.
  • Schedule posts to various social media.
  • It provides data analytics.
  • Popular monitor keywords.
  • Form a team to do social media collaboration.

16. Moka POS

moka pos

When you open the Moka POS website, the first thing you see is three types of gadgets that contain a cashier dashboard. Hmmm, that photo really represents Moka’s function: a cloud-based cashier application.

Wherever you are, whatever type of gadget you use, Moka can be a solution for your business cashier needs.

But not only to serve payments, but Moka also provides financial reports and inventory analysis. Wow, it’s very complete. It’s no wonder that Moka is one of the best online business applications today?


  • The user-friendly interface design makes it easy to use.
  • Able to make digital notes.
  • It can be accessed via mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Offers inventory management features to monitor stock.
  • Make detailed financial statements.

17. RajaOngkir

From the name alone, you can already guess the function of this online business application. Yep, especially if it does not display shipping costs?

Only by accessing this application, you can get a list of postage costs from various types of couriers. So, you do not need to bother to check the courier website one by one,


  • Displays shipping costs from 23 couriers.
  • Tracking the delivery of goods.
  • It can be accessed via desktop and mobile.

18. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most widely used virtual payment instruments in the world. The proof, there are more than 100 million people who have PayPal on their mobile accounts.

In addition to serving transactions from various countries, PayPal also has a strict security system. So, you don’t need to worry that your wallet will be burglarized online.

By using PayPal, you can make transactions from websites, social media, and other platforms. Hmmm, transactions everywhere just got easier!


  • Free.
  • Serving transactions to foreign countries.
  • There is no balance limit.
  • Used almost all over the world making it easy to pay.
  • Ease of exchanging currencies.
  • Guaranteed security

Online Business So Easier:

So, how do you feel after reading this article written on the best online business applications? Have you been wasting a lot of time not using the right business tools? Or, in fact, you haven’t spent the slightest bit of time because your business is still an idea?

Wow, what a shame that idea only settles in your mind without being allowed to develop. Moreover, now you already know the various best online business applications that will facilitate the survival of the company.

So that your knowledge and ideas are not in vain, let’s wake up your valuable ideas from now on. Millions of people out there, including us, are waiting for your brilliant innovation, you know! So what are you waiting for?

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