How To Fix “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED (Network Change Detected)” Error? Best In 2022

Fix “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED (Network Change Detected)

ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED is an error that interrupts users to access any webpage. It’s a universal error experienced by every web browser and OS. This error comes with messages like “Unable to access the network” or “Your connection was interrupted, A network changed was detected, Check your internet connection”. In this article, we have provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED (Network Change Detected) errors. 


This error indicates that a network connection was interrupted and the browser cannot connect to the website. The network change detected error also implies that the continuity of the connection is disrupted and changed. Something has caused this error and once we can pinpoint the origin of it, we cannot find the solution.


There are multiple reasons behind this error such as,

  • A bad network connection
  • VPN or Proxy has changed the IP
  • Windows internal error
  • Corrupt cache file
  • Chrome issue

If you are unable to find the cause for this issue, we can try different methods to fix a network change detected.

How to Fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED in Chrome?

  1. Restart Your Router  

If you are facing a connection interruption error then we need to reset the router to fix it. A router connects our device to the modem and the internet and additionally changes our DNS server settings too. Unplug the router and wait for 30 seconds to restart. It will reset all settings in the router and if it’s the root of all problems, resetting DNS will automatically fix it. Once you reset your router, connect it with your device(PC or Laptop) and try to access the internet. If the connection was interrupted error persists, then try other methods.

  1. Flush the DNS settings

Restarting your router can reset some settings but it cannot change the DNS. We need to flush the DNS to reset the IP address. Flushing DNS will remove the old IP address and allow users to assign a new one. Here is how to flush DNS,

  • Go to the Windows menu and find the command prompt, then open it with “Run as Administrator”
  • Now type “ipconfig/flushdns” and hit enter

Once you flush the DNS, you can change the IP address.

  1. Reset IP/TCP

Now we need to change/reset the IP address to acquire a new one.

(Continue from above)  

  • Type ipconfig/renew and hit enter(it will release the old IP)

Now close the command prompt and open it again(with admin) and type

ipconfig /flushdns

nbtstat –r

netsh int ip reset

netsh Winsock reset

After that reboot your PC to save all changes. Then open the browser to check for the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED issue, if you are still facing the same issue then try to change the DNS.

  1. Change DNS to Google DNS

If you have flushed the DNS and changed the IP address but still facing the network change detected error, then try to change the DNS altogether. Our DNS is assigned automatically by our internet provider which is free but not at par with other DNS. we can change it to Google DNS and browse the internet much faster and safer. Here is how to change to Google DNS,

  • Open network and internet → network and sharing center → change adapter settings
  • After that right-click on the ethernet and select properties
  • Select internet protocol and go to properties
  • Change DNS to check the box validate settings upon exit and click ok
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

After that open your browser and check for the error. If you still encounter the same ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error, then try other methods.

  1. Change Proxy Settings

Proxy works like a firewall between a browser and the internet. It works as a go-between and filters out connections and prevents websites to open. That’s why we need to change the proxy settings and disable them as well. Here is how to change proxy settings in windows,

  • Open the control panel and find the internet option, select connection then open LAN settings
  • In LAN settings, look for the proxy server option, make sure to uncheck the box that says, “use a proxy server for your LAN”

This option will disable proxy from windows. However, you need to disable proxy from google chrome too. Here is how,

  • Go to chrome menu and then settings, now click on “Advanced Settings” and find “system”,
  • Now find the option of “Open your computer’s proxy settings” and it will open the automatic proxy settings page
  • Turn off both options in that settings and then restart your PC

Once you disable both proxies, try to access any website from the browser to check for the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error. If you are still facing the network change detected issue, then try other methods.

  1. Disable the Energy Efficient Ethernet feature

Energy-Efficient Ethernet or green ethernet is a setting in windows that reduce power consumption during periods of low data activity. However, not every device and router supports this feature, and sometimes it hinders the user’s ability to connect. Here is how to disable the Energy Efficient Ethernet feature in windows,

  • Open device manager and select your network adapter from the list and go to properties
  • Now find the “Advanced” tab and look for Energy Efficient Ethernet, select the option and change the value settings on the right to disable

Now restart your PC to save changes. Once you disable Energy Efficient Ethernet look for the network change detected as an error. If you are still struggling with this error, then we have to reinstall the chrome browser.

  1. Reinstall Google Chrome

As always, if everything fails and you are still facing the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED issue, then we have to reinstall the chrome browser. We have changed the DNS, settings, and disabled proxies but if the issue is within the browser, we need to uninstall the buggy version and download a new one.

  • Go to “add or remove program” and find google chrome, click on it to uninstall
  • Now we need to remove all the app data too. Open run program and type, “ %appdata%” and clear the google chrome data. Then type “%localappdata%” in Run windows and clear all the chrome data as well.
  • Now download Google Chrome from the official website and install it.

Once you install the new chrome browser, any of the old errors like ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED won’t appear again.

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  • What is err_network_changed?

When a user is trying to access the internet, this error indicates that something interrupted the connection and caused the network change to detect an error.

  • How to Fix err_network_changed in google chrome?

There are numerous ways to fix this error, perform the method given below to resolve this issue.

  • Restart your router
  • Flush the DNS settings
  • Reset IP/TCP
  • Use Google DNS
  • Change proxy Settings
  • Disable the Energy Efficient Ethernet feature
  • Reinstall Google Chrome
  • Why do I keep getting a network change was detected?

There are many reasons for this issue. It could be a bad internet connection, DNS issue, proxy settings, chrome browser settings. Sometimes when a user’s device is connected to both wireless and wired networks, it will keep fluctuating between those connections.


ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED is one of the more serious errors which requires our attention. It is related to DNS and other settings that we need to change to fix the network change detected issue. In this article, we have explained every method and provided a step-by-step guide to fix it. If you have any questions regarding the connection being interrupted, ask us in the comment section.

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