How To Create A Blog On Blogger In 2023- Step By Step Guide For Beginners

How to Create a Blog on Blogger?

Are you want to start a blog on Blogger and earn some extra money from your Blog? Well, in this post, I will help you create a blog on the Blogger platform. We know that Google is the world’s largest organization. Google has many products like YouTube, Gmail, and Blogger, etc. Blogger is one of the Google platforms where you can create a free blog or website without investing any amount and share anything with the world.

Making a free website on Blogger is very easy, in this article you will know about how to create a blog on Blogger?

Step by step process. (For Beginners)

What is a blog?

A blog is like a web diary where you can regularly update and write anything about your favorite niche or topic. The post may base on a particular niche or different niches. Now the question arises why you should start blogging and why this is the best time to start a blog?

Why should I do Blogging?

There are many reasons to start Blogging, Some of them are given below:-

  • To aware the Audience with your valuable knowledge
  • To get fans and famous among the people
  • Show your Writing Skills over the world
  • Make money online through various sources on your Blog

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger.


  • Easy to use without any technical knowledge
  • You can learn about blogging without paying any amount.
  • Integrate any Google product easily.


  • Blogger offers you only fewer numbers of templates
  • Blogger has no plugins like WordPress
  • Blogger has some limitations
  • You can’t customize and design your blog by your own choice like WordPress

Create a blog on Blogger? Step by Step Process

Step1: Create a Google/Gmail Account:

How-To Create a Gmail Account

Creating a Google/Gmail account is very easy and I assume that you already have an account on Google so we can move towards our next step.

Step2: Create a Blog on Blogger

how to create a blog on blogger

  • Click on “Create Your Blog” (see above)
  • Sign in with Your Gmail account

After logging in to Blogger with Your Gmail account Click on “Create a New Blog” (see below)

Create Your Blog

Fill the Title & Address (of Your Own Choice) Then click on [Create Blog]

how to create a blog on blogger

Step3: Pick a Template for Your Blog

After, Creating a Blog Click on [Template] Menu Option

create a blog

Choose Your Favorite Template

The above process for the default template is available on Blogger. You can give your blog a more professional look by using other Responsive Blogger Templates available for free as well as paid.

Step4: Make Visible Your Blog on Search Engines

Note- This is only for Google if you want to submit your blog on other search engines like bing, etc. you have to submit manually.

blog privacy

  • Go to the Setting on the Menu bar Click on [Basic]
  • Then Edit Privacy Setting
  • Select the [Yes] option and click on [Save Changes]

Step 5: Create a Logo for your Blog

create a blog

  • Click on [Layout]
  • Select the Header Section and Click on [Edit]
  • You can choose Your Header Image from your PC and also you can insert an image link (URL)
  • Fill the Blog Title (Site Name) and Blog Description (Put The Related Keyword of Your Blog) of Your (Niche)
  • After Uploading Your Logo Select [Placement] Option then Save It

Step 6: Insert the Sidebar Links to Add a Gadget

Side Bar Gedget

  • Click on Layout Option on the Menu Bar.
  • Select [Sidebar Top & Bottom] and on [Add Gadget].
  • Popup Window will be Open Scroll Down and Choose [Link List] and Click on [+] Sign
  • Fill in all details from that Popup and Click on [Add Link] and Save It
Step 7: Writing Your First Unique Blog Postcreate a blog post

Now it’s time to write a Unique Blogpost, Click on [Posts] on Left Side Menu Bar.

Insert an Article Text and also add Images & Links of your Requirement using the Word Processing Tool. After that Click To [Publish]

blog post

If you want to preview your Blog post before Publishing Then you have to click on the [Preview] Button of the Top Right Corner.

blog post preview

This is the Preview Look of Your Blog Post.

Step 8: Create Pages for Your Blog

You will need to create four Pages for your blog and it’s Mandatory (Google Policy)

(a) About Us (b) Contact Us (c) Privacy & Policy (d) Disclaimer

  • Create Blog pages Click on [Pages] on the left Side menu
  • Click on [New Page]

Blogger Page Create

  • Enter Title of Your Page Eg. (Privacy & Policy) and then click on Publish

I hope you get all the details regarding How to create a Blog on Blogger if you have any doubt regarding this you can comment below I will definitely get back to you with the solution.


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