How To Disable Avast Antivirus On PC- Best Ways In 2022

How To Disable Avast Antivirus On PC

Avast has some of the best protective features and is better than any other antivirus in the market. But one of the disadvantages of avast is to stop certain programs and access to keep computers safe. It includes websites or software and sometimes playing games as well. We all want to know how to turn off avast without installing it and that’s why this article will help you. Read this article to know how to disable Avast antivirus in 2022.

How to Disable Avast

Turning off avast in pc is a hard task because antivirus keeps the pc safe and is not meant to be disabled. Avast prevents users from disabling antivirus and it has a self-defense system that stops any malware to do the same. that’s why we have a step-by-step guide on how to disable avast antivirus.

  • Open Avast antivirus by clicking on the toolbar and right-click on the icon to open the user interface.
  • Now go to settings
  • Now find the troubleshooting option on the left side and click on it
  • Now find enable self-defense option and click on it to uncheck the box
  • Once you click on it, avast will ask for permission to stop it

Once you provide the permission, you can disable avast with ease. Now the antivirus won’t stop you to turn off avast and you can install anything or access anything too. But to make sure to disable avast, let’s end the avast process in the taskbar.

  • Open the task manager and find avast antivirus and click on end task

After that, avast antivirus won’t show up in the taskbar.

But that doesn’t mean avast won’t start again when pc startup. After that, you need to turn it off again in the taskbar. To disable avast from start-up, follow this method below.

Disable Avast from Startup

  • Open task manager and click on startup
  • Now find avast Avlaunch and disable it

After disabling avast from start-up, it won’t start again when you start your PC.

To start avast again, just double-click on the avast shortcut, and all the services will begin again. This will take a lot of time and if you just want to know how to disable avast for a few minutes that there is a short method as well.

Temporarily Disable Avast

To temporally disable avast, here is the method.

  • Right-click on the Avast icon in the taskbar
  • Now find avast shield control and you will find a few options
  • Select from disabling for 10 minutes to disable avast permanently
  • It will ask you for permission and then it will disable avast for as long as you have selected

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Disable Avast FAQ

1. How do I turn off Avast free antivirus?

Go to avast setting and uncheck self-defense mode and then end avast process in task manager and it will turn off avast antivirus.

2. How do I temporarily disable my antivirus?

Go to the taskbar and right-click on the Avast icon and it will show options like avast shield control. Now click on the option disable avast for 10 minutes and it will disable antivirus for 10 minutes.

3. How do I stop Avast from running at startup?

Go to the task manager and find the start-up tray. Now look for avast Avlaunch and disable it. Now avast won’t start when pc startup.


We hope this article will help you find a solution to disable avast antivirus on your PC. there are a few ways you can turn off avast securities and we have mentioned all of this in this article. If you have any questions regarding how to disable avast, ask us in the comment section.

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