How To Remove Your Name From Google Search- Best Ways In 2022

Remove Your Name From Google Search

Want to get back your privacy? Just follow some simple steps given below to remove your name from Google searches, at least you can hide the more embarrassing stuff.

With just a simple google search people might get some potential information about you that you might not like. Maybe the person can be a stalker or an annoying coworker who can easily fetch your personal information like where you live if you have a bankruptcy or your family’s name. You can fall into a very embarrassing situation at best – and dangerous, at worst. Also, identity theft is one more considerable issue.

So, if you are wondering how to delete or remove your name or yourself from google search. It is totally up to you. Some people are a bit lucky with their common name because when they do google themselves. They might get buried under the tons of the same name. But on the other hand, if you have a unique name, it may appear in the first result.

Remember that you can’t completely disappear from the internet but it is possible to remove your name from a google search. It might take time and maybe some phone calls, but removing your name from a google search is possible. By this, you can remove 99% of your digital footprint.

First Evaluated From Your Side

Before directly preceding with the name removal process, you have to evaluate by yourself. To do this, open your browser and open the incognito mode. Then type your name in the search bar surrounded by quotes. For example, if your name is Mick Walter, you would search “Mike Walter”. Remember, first you have to search your first and last name, then your first name, middle name, and your last name. Also, take notes of every search result so that you can do the removal process based on the search results.

Remove yourself from Google for the right reasons

If you want to remove yourself from the search results, these huge corporate giants won’t have your info. You are taking it in the wrong way. These corporations don’t get our information from google search, they get this potential information from our social media and account and form our online shopping habits and there are some ways to track you and collect the data. After collecting the information this info gets sold company to company. So, if you thought that you will be able to wipe all the data about yourself, still there will be enough data about yourself floating around.

Removing yourself means you are preventing new employees, corporations, potential stalkers, and nosy people from finding you.

How to Remove Your Name From Google Search: The First Step

The first step to removing yourself from the search results is to delete your social media accounts. If you delete or at least change your information from real ones to fake ones google will not able to find you. Existing information will also be deleted. Because Google will recrawl your social media accounts, it’ll find something else, and your information will no longer appear in search results.

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Also, make sure to delete your old social media accounts which you are not using for years. Maybe it could be your myspace account or Reddit account. If you want to keep your account alive, you can change the account settings from public to private. It will also help you to disappear your info and your images from google search.

Contact data-collection sites and data-broker services

There are end numbers of data collection and data broker sites available on the internet, these sites sell your data for a fee. They can have some very critical information about themselves such as an address, court history, phone number, family member’s names, and much more.

Generally, removing data from these kinds of sites is a pretty huge hassle you have to contact every site individually and every site has a different removal process. Also, you can use services like DeleteMe and they’ll help you to delete your data for free.

Apart from this Google may also have some personal data about you based on your activity.

Delete website comments

If you have commented on a site, it can come up the search results. Where back to the sites where you have commented earlier and delete it. If you can’t log in on the site and are unable to delete the comment. Connect directly to the website admin and ask them to delete the comment manually. Generally, every site has a contact page and contact details but if you couldn’t find the details, go to where you can find the site admin contact details.

Remove photos or articles about you

Like you can connect with other sites to remove your crucial data, you can even connect with google and ask them to remove your image using their online service. If the image can be considered as pornographic content, you can report the image as inappropriate content so that it can be removed.

Hide your home on Google Maps

Google Maps also have your data like your home address and the image of your house. You can request Google to blur it, you just have to go to google maps and enter your address. Then click on the image of your home. Enlarge the image and you’ll see a black box with your address. Then click on the menu inside of the box and choose Report a Problem. Fill you the form and you are done.

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