How To Stop Google Ads? Complete Guide 2022

How To Stop Google Ads

In this blog, we have given the best methods to stop Google ads. We have mentioned solutions for both Android and IOS operating systems. So, stay to the end!

Google is the most used search engine around the world and the number of users is still increasing day by day. Like every search engine, Google also makes money by displaying ads on the search engine. But sometimes these ads get out of control. Some ads are very inappropriate and unacceptable, while others are very annoying. The worst type of ads are the sneaky ads that you don’t know about and when accidentally click on them, you are redirected to a random webpage.

We can understand that Google has to put ads to make the company profitable but we can’t tolerate these ads anymore. Are you also annoyed by Google ads? If yes then this blog is a treat for you! Because i

Kinds of Google Ads

There are many types of Google ads that we face every day. Some are in the form of video, some are in the form of graphics and images. These are the types of Google ads.

Relevant Search Ads

The first type is called Relevant Search Ads. These kinds of advertisements are relevant to what you have searched. For Example, If you have searched for a Phone and you have mentioned a phone version. At the top of the search, you will see an ad to buy that exact phone. These kinds of ads are sometimes useful but most of the time annoying and frustrating.

Search Ads

Search ads are very common and show up as you search for something. They can be irrelevant to what you have searched. They are pretty random and show up top the top of the search as an ad or link.

Video Ads

The next type is also very common and we see it very often, the Video ads. These ads pop up on your face and you can skip them after a few seconds. These ads are not only annoying but also waste your time.

Product Ads

These ads are for products. It can be a purse, a watch, or anything like that. They don’t show up very often but you will see them once in a while.

Personalized AdsPersonalized ads are an interesting kind of ad. Because in this type, Google sneaks on you, what you like and search for, and based on that preference these ads show up on your screen. This can be useful sometimes as the ads are related to what you like and want to buy.

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How to Stop Google Ads on Android?

To stop personalized ads on Android devices, you can disable Google from sneaking on you and tracking your data history. Once you have disabled the tracking, you will no longer see personalized ads based on your history. Follow these steps to disable Google personalized ads:

  • From your Android device, go to your settings.
  • After that, go to Accounts and select Google.
  • Once you have selected Google, you will see multiple options, click on Privacy.
  • From Privacy select the Ads option.
  • There you’ll see an option for Interest-Based Ads. Uncheck that box and save the settings. Now you will never see personalized ads on Google.

How to Stop Google Ads on IOS?

To stop Google ads on your IOS device. Follow these steps:

• Open your device Settings menu.
• Now, look for Safari and click on it.
• Once you have clicked, you’ll see different options. Click on the Privacy one.
• Now, turn on Prevent Cross-site Tracking. Now will not see any personalized ads based on your history.

How to Block Specific Ads?

Maybe you are looking for a solution to a much smaller issue, like disabling specific ads. These ads could be inappropriate or just annoying. To disable specific ads use the given method.

Block & Report Ads

If you want to block some ads and get rid of them permanently then you should report them every time you see them. Just click on the three dots option and select Report. Once you have clicked report select the reason and you’ll not see that ad again. But if you do, report it again a couple of times and you will get rid of it. This is the easiest way to get rid of specific ads.

Pro Tip

You can always download ad blockers to get rid of ads. If you don’t know what ad blockers are, these are the applications that block any advertisement that is going to pop up on your screen. They are very useful and millions of people around the world use them.


This blog features top ways to stop Google ads. We can understand that sometimes these ads get out of control and in general, are very annoying. You can stop these ads by just following the above-given methods. Whether you use Android or IOS, you can read this blog to get rid of these annoying ads.

In the end, If you have any queries then do let us know in the comments!

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