Image To Text VS | Best Algorithm For Extracting Text From Images In 2022

Image To Text VS Ocr. best

Typing text to be extracted from an image might be an exhausting task for you, especially if the text is very long. But you do not have to worry about that anymore.

Technology is at your side with everything you need. Now you can extract text from an image within a second. Do you want to know how?

We have tools that allow us to extract text from an image without much effort. In this article, we will discuss the features and algorithms of the image to text and ocr. best tools.

Let us get straight to the discussion.

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1.   Image to Text

Image to text is an optical character recognition tool that allows people to extract text from any image without paying a penny.

Image to Text

How to extract text from an image to text converter?

The tool has a very simple user interface. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to work with the tool.

All you need to do is upload the image from your device or simply drag and drop the image from which you want to extract text.

You can also copy and paste the image’s link into the URL bar and then click the ‘Submit’ button to start the process.

How to extract text from an image to text converter

It will take a few seconds for the process to complete. Once the text extraction process is complete, users can copy the extracted text from the tool and use it anywhere they want.

extract text from an image to text converter

Features of the image to text converter

·        Does not cost a penny

The image-to-text converter is free to use with no hidden charges and no limitation to its features.

Users can access all of the tool’s features whenever and wherever they want with just an internet connection. The tool does not ask users to sign in with any credentials.

·        Artificial intelligence-based extraction

It is an open-source tool, based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, so there is no possibility of error in the result.

It is a proven tool with 100% authentic results. Artificial intelligence is getting stronger day by day and the tool ensures that it provides results that meet the AI standards.

·        Provide multiple language support

For an image-to-text converter, the multiple language support is very important because users want to extract text in languages other than English.

And guess what? We can extract texts in multiple languages with this tool. We can extract text in Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and other languages by simply picking one from the drop-down menu.

·        Provide multiple image formats

Just like multiple image support the tool also provides multiple image formats. It supports more than five image formats including. PNG, JPG, JFI, JPEG, and JIF.

Users can upload any screenshot of their WhatsApp status, Twitter, or Instagram story and the tool will extract accurate results.

The tool even extracts handwritten text from an image without any errors. Isn’t it amazing? Now students do not have to struggle to understand their friends’ notes.

Flaws with the tool

  • The tool may prompt to solve reCAPTCHA at every interaction with the user.
  • The tool may work slowly with images that contain long and complicated text.


Ocr. best is another image to text converter that allows people to extract text from an image whenever and wherever they want.

OCR. best

How to extract text from an ocr. best?

Similar to an image-to-text converter we discussed earlier, ocr. best allows us to extract text from an image by simply dragging and dropping.

We can paste the link of an image into the URL bar, we can also upload an image from Google Drive, and Dropbox.

OCR. best2

After uploading the image all we have to do is hit the ‘Convert’ button and let the tool do its work. Once the result is displayed, we can download it for further use.

OCR. best3

Features of the ocr. best

·        Easy to use interface

The ocr. best has been specially designed to provide users with maximum ease of use. The interface of this tool is very simple and user-friendly.

Everything is displayed in a very clear format, so the user does not have to scroll much. The tool is as easy to use as playing a kid game.

·        Free to use with no daily limit

When it comes to an image to text converter there are multiple options available on the internet but the important thing is that they are affordable and reliable for users.

The ocr. best is free for users and it does not restrict them with any daily limit. Users can use the tool for as long as they want with the help of a few clicks.

·        Multiple file support

This tool provides multiple file support for users. It supports up to 7 different file formats including. JPG, PNG, JFIF, and TIFF.

With the multiple file support feature, users can convert scanned handwriting to text, and any social media post into text in just one go.

·        Download the result

The ocr. best allows users to download the extracted text and save it for further use. It is difficult to copy the text and paste it into a separate file and then save it. But with this tool, you can directly save the result.

·        Intelligent and efficient data processing

The tool claims to be one of the best online OCRs that offers intelligent and efficient data processing, as it is based on artificial intelligence and is very less prone to errors.

Flaws with the tool

  • The tool does not provide support for multiple languages, which makes it not inefficient for extracting text in a language other than English.

Who can use an online image to text converters?

These tools are best for students, teachers, editors, and data entry operators. Students do not have to transcribe every lecture, they can simply take the image and run it through the tool.

The tool extracts the text and you can download and print it for study. Similarly, the duty of data entry operators is very boring and time-consuming.

They can use these tools for their job, also the tool is much less prone to errors and mistakes than manual data entry.


In short, we have discussed two image-to-text converts along with their features. You can give this article a read to know how these tools work and how you can benefit yourselves from them.

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