10 Small Size PPSSPP Games For Android ISO And CSO- Best In 2022

Download Small Size PPSSPP Games For Android

Purchasing large PPSSPP games necessitates having sufficient phone storage and data allowance for the PSP game you wish to download. This might be difficult on its own, especially if your mobile data plan is insufficient or your device’s memory is low. In light of this, it is crucial to offer PPSSPP games that are substantially compressed.

I’ve now decided to draw out a significant number of compressed PSP games, which you can rapidly download right to your phone with lightning speed because they are small in size.

With the help of an Android or a PC, PSP games may be loaded and played using the PPSSPP emulator. Since the PSP is a portable device, the graphical quality of this game is typically lower than that of the PS2, although not always, as is the case with titles like God of War Ghost, which has a strong PSP version and a strong PS2 version. Sparta, perhaps more as well.

Now let’s examine some of these small-size PPSSPP games on [Android ISO and CSO] 2022.

1- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories

GTA: Vice City Stories is another action-packed video game that I’ll be adding to my collection of PSP games that have been significantly compressed. In an open-world setting, you have a wide range of options, including piloting helicopters, motorbikes, and vehicles. In the game, you may manage complex weaponry as well.

The 866MB original game file for GTA Vice Story. However, you may now download the game for a measly size of only 150MB. That being said, the Vice City Stories game won’t take up a lot of space. of your data or storage space. Use the button right now to play the game on your Android phone and download it quickly.

GTA: Vice City is one of the best PSPP games ever made and played.

2- Tehra: Dark Warrior

Tehra - Dark Warrior

Tehra: Dark Warrior is a good choice if you’re looking for PPSSPP games that are under 100MB. The protagonist of the role-playing game (RPG) is a demigoddess.

The game will be a perfect fit for the style of game you usually enjoy playing because it features bizarre monsters as foes all over the place and a lavish plot.

The fact that the game is one of the few PSP titles under 40MB means that you shouldn’t have any issues downloading it. One of the best Small Size PPSSPP Games on [Android ISO and CSO].

3- God of War- Ghost of Sparta

If the video game God of War isn’t on the list, I wonder what will be. You will find playing this action-adventure game to be highly enjoyable and addicting, and the plot will pique your interest without a doubt.

You will fight Greek gods as well as a lot of terrifying animals and monsters with Lord Kratos, also known as the Ghost of Sparta.

The original file size of the PSP game God of War: Ghost of Sparta is somewhere between 1.1GB and 1.2GB.

It’s kind of absurd how big that is. However, after some fine work, the game’s size was reduced to just 70 MB. Is that not absurd? So, in essence, you will be purchasing or downloading a 70MB game.

4- Need for Speed- Most Wanted 5-1-0

One of the most well-known racing games ever created for the PSP platform is Need for Speed: Most Wanted: 5-1-0. In 2005, the number one game on the PSP ranking was one of the finest racing games ever made.

Despite having been around for more than ten years, the game still manages to capture your interest.

You won’t need to invest a lot of money or resources to download this exhilarating action racing PSP game because its compressed size is only 70MB as opposed to the initial 170MB-200MB size.

It is a unique and Small Size PPSSPP game on [Android ISO and CSO].

5- Prince of Persia: Revelations

Prince of Persia - Revelations

The Prince of Persia: Revelations, which is not the Java version this time, is one of the greatest action-adventure PPSSPP games you can play on your phone using the Android PPSSPP emulator. Prince of Persia: Revelations, which has breathtaking cutscenes and exhilarating gameplay, will always be remembered as one of the finest PSP games.

The game’s official size is between 600MB and 650MB. Although it is not exceptionally enormous, it can be difficult for some users to download, especially if they have a limited data allowance. The good news is that the game has been greatly compressed and is now only 260MB in size.

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I think it is one of the greatest Small Size PPSSPP games on [Android ISO and CSO] 2022.

6- Assassins Creed: Bloodlines

Are there any Assassin’s Creed games you can still vividly recall playing on your Java phone? Examples include Brotherhood, Revelations, I, II, and III. What a lovely and fantastic time it was.

This time, the PSP emulator will be used on your Android phone to play the PSP game Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines.

The story of Altair, the game’s protagonist, is told in Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines. In this action-packed game, it is your responsibility to eliminate the Templars and anything related to them.

The basic game takes anywhere between 450MB and 500MB. However, this one is just 36MB. One of the few small-size PPSSPP games under 30MB is this one.

7- Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

One of the top 2007 arcade fighting PPSSPP games is Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes. The size of the game, however, prevents a sizable percentage of individuals from downloading it.

This is due to the game’s high size, which is around 900MB. Up to 15 highly compressed PPSSPP games can be purchased with the data required to support the game alone.

However, the game is now just 60MB in size. Isn’t that deserving? Download the game to advance in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes competition.

8- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

GTA-Liberty City Stories presents a fresh and distinctive kind of experience, just like Vice City Stories. Even though both games have certain similarities because all GTA games are situated in an open-world setting,

You are free to travel the city as you choose, wreak mayhem here, engage in racial discrimination, etc. You will always look back on Liberty City Stories and agree that it is one of the finest PSP games.

The game’s official size is between 400MB and 450MB. The small size PPSSPP game compressed version we have here only consumes 75MB.

9- Iron Man 2

The next small-size PPSSPP game is Iron Man. It is a PlayStation Portable action-adventure game that was released by Sega in 2010 and is much-needed. The actual movie provides the basis for the game.

One of the PSP games under 300MB is Iron Man 2, which has been compressed. Although the game’s compressed size is under 300MB, its original size is about 577MB.

Because of how compressed it is, you now have the opportunity to play Iron Man 2 on the PSP if you’ve been itching to do so.

10- God of War- Chains of Olympus

God of War- Chains of Olympus

In God of War: Chains of Olympus, Kratos, the best and most powerful video game character, is also based on Greek mythology.

In the Chains of Olympus PSP game, Kratos’ exploits and struggle to free Olympus from the gods’ wrath and the forces of the surrounding world are the main plot points. This is a game that no one who enjoys playing games would want to miss.

Only 88MB of the God of War: Chains of Olympus PSP game remains after extensive compression. This indicates that you will download the game and begin playing it on your phone in an instant and it is small in size too!


This is a collection of free, small-sized PPSSPP games on [Android ISO and CSO] that you can download for Android and laptop computers via the aforementioned website.

That is it for now from my list of the most recent PPSSPP games with high compression. After reading the post, I think you’ll find it incredibly useful.

Ah! Finally, putting anything together is never simple. My list of the best PSP games that can be played using the PPSSPP emulator was a labor of love that took some time to put together.

These games, in my opinion, will keep you occupied for a while, and the good news is that virtually all of them are extremely compressed and simple to download.

These were the best Small Size PPSSPP games to play on [Android ISO and CSO] 2022.

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