What Is Off-Page SEO? Why Off-Page SEO Is Important For A Blog or Website 2022

What Is Off-Page SEO?

What is off-page SEO? How do you apply it? What are the factors that must be done? What are the benefits and advantages, so this is considered important? Following the full review.

In website optimization, there are two main factors of SEO. The first is SEO On Page (we will explain this separately). The second is SEO Off Page – this is the subject of the discussion this time.

The SEO Expert knows exactly that the quality of the Off-Page SEO strategy plays an important role in website ranking.


Before entering into the core material, I slightly review the basic things related to the Off-Page SEO strategy. Through answers to common questions that are often asked.

SEO is simply known as a strategy for making a website visible on the first page of Google. So, no SEO speaks to be on page two let alone three. Why only Google? Because the achievement of the ranking will automatically also occur in other search engines.

What are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

The main material we are currently specifically discussing Off-Page SEO. And this will be completely answered. Meanwhile, SEO On Page can simply be called the practice of optimizing each web page to get a higher ranking. On-page refers to the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, in contrast to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals. On page.

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What are the benefits of Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is part of the SEO strategy itself. So it’s clear, the benefit is to perform perfect SEO steps on a website. Logically, if two different websites have implemented the SEO On-Page strategy with the same quality, then the ranking will be determined how great the Off-Page SEO technique is. Keep reading, you will really see the benefits.

What are the components or determinants of Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO component factors are actually external factors. Inbound links (Backlinks) are referred to as the main and most important factor. But this is never standard because it is very closely following changes in search engine algorithms.

But, some of them can be classified as; Backlink anchor text, Backlink, alt tag text, Page content around the backlink, Website content that is the source of backlinks, social signals, etc.

How do you implement SEO Off-Page?

How do you implement SEO Off-Page? This is a question with an answer worth thousands of dollars. But an understanding of the factors or components, the steps that will be presented below, will answer it all. However, be careful, because this is very close to Black Hat SEO. 

And there are many strategies soft and pretty clean in applying SEO Off Page! Let’s get started.

Off-Page SEO Is Beyond Reach!

Off-Page SEO is usually done by webmasters or SEO Experts! So for those who are new to websites and/or the world of internet marketing, “off-page SEO” makes no sense at all.

How not, all components and factors that become important points, all are purely located on the external part of the website. Be out of your control! Such is the fact.

Keep reading, because there are other facts! That, some people have successfully carried out Off-Page SEO strategies and reap the benefits of it. That means you can do it too.

Off-Page SEO Is Off-Site?

By the term, SEO Off-Page! So it works outside of your site in the form of optimization techniques that can improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). It involves a strategy for getting backlinks from other websites, sharing on social media, and essentially mentioning the existence of your website.

Off-page SEO is very valuable because it tells the search engines that your site is important for others. And that is proven through many discussions by the web or other media.

Every link you receive acts as support from other sources. That your site has quality.

Off-Page SEO Analogy

To put it simply, only important websites are discussed by many other websites. And the analogy is, only important and qualified people are widely discussed by the public.

If you are mediocre, have no quality, do not give anything useful, then you will be automatically marginalized. No one will talk or give you recommendations. In social life, you will be ranked at the bottom.

The existence of a website works as a human social system. So you have to create an amazing website; important, quality, benefit, and there is something more. So it’s worth talking about a lot of people.

Important points of the Off-Page SEO strategy are; about how you can be talked about / recommended to many people point!

You have to do something! You can do good things, get attention, put yourself in a visible position, intervene, lobby, negotiate, force, pay, etc. In essence, you then become a conversation and get some kind of recommendation. That you are something! That you exist in this world!

And in the digital world, it’s the same thing! When a website is discussed/recommended by many other websites, in the form of signal links (here we call backlinks), then the website will be considered important by search engine algorithms. That way, it will get a higher rating. Which determines the position on the search engine results page (SERP).

Example Illustration Of Off-Page SEO;

For example, say that Company A has a website that has done on-page SEO. Each page is optimized for keywords, and the back-end code includes the appropriate tags, page titles, and more.

Company B also uses the same perfect on-page SEO. However, a popular news site has been linked to this blog, he has an active social media account, and his CEO has been featured as an expert in the industry by other websites.

When a search engine crawls Company A’s site, it will record on-page SEO, but also notes that off-page SEO is bad.

Company B will get a higher place in search engine rankings with lots of backlinks, brands mentioned, social media, publicity, and more.

So, now you can guess, which sites will be on the best pages of search engines.

And that is what makes Off-Page SEO important for every website.

Types Of Backlinks For Off-Page SEO

So, Off-Page SEO is about signals in the form of backlinks!

Links are an important component of Off-Page SEO. Before you start building or getting backlinks, it’s important to understand the different types of links, as well as the factors that influence the link equity to your website.

There are three types of links, and they include;


As the name implies, natural links. This happens and comes to your website naturally.

Your team did not take any action to get the link. The person who wrote the content decided to link to your content. This can happen because they are following your brand or finding your content through search. And that is considered very important!

To get a natural link, things to do are; You create content that is very important and deserves to be a source of reference or the like.

· BUILDING LINKS / Link Building

The type of link obtained from the Links Building strategy occurs because of the efforts on your part in various ways.

As your team tries to get this type of link by either reaching webmasters, publishers, or journalists. You might even promote content with an advertising campaign, providing it with reviews that promote your website. And of course, you have inserted a link that points to your site.

Even if you create this link, you must create content that is valuable to users.


The links made come to your website from independent submissions on directories, forums, or press releases.

Your team created this link on purpose. The tactics for building this type of link tend to lead to black hat SEO practicesBecause search engines look down on this kind of link-making tactics.

When building links, focus on natural or artificial links that are possible to be judged naturally by search engine algorithms.

· Factors That Influence The Value Of Backlinks

Okay, we have entered a deeper stage. Now, your mind has arisen about how to get backlinks for this SEO strategy.

The problem is, not all backlinks are good. Not all backlinks give high point credit to your website’s ranking.

There are even some poisonous backlinks! Which can damage the reputation of your website?

Now you imagine, if your existence is discussed by a lot of people from the theorists, criminals, and so on. And they call you part of their group. Hohoho. You will be considered trash, in social life.

This type, in the internet world, is referred to as; Toxic Backlinks!

For that, you also need to think about the equity or value and authority given by a link.

So, even though you can attract dozens/hundreds of low-value backlinks from spammy or untrustworthy websites, they will not help rank your business website, be better in search results.

That’s why it’s important to focus your efforts on building your Off-Page SEO links on trusted websites with high-quality backlink equity.

Six factors of what we have mentioned above, which affect backlink equity include:

  • Anchor text used to link to your site
  • Freshness or age of links to your site
  • The number of links on the page that is the source of your backlink
  • The relationship between the subject of the site that is linked to your site
  • Linking site validity
  • Linking site authority and linking page

If you use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and more, you can see the value of a site’s potential links.

How To Do Off-Page SEO?

Now that we have agreed that, how important Off-Page SEO is for the success of a website, our SEO Expert team has studied specifically, how to improve Off-Page SEO.


Backlinks from reputable sites are very useful for a website. The leading site here, judged by many factors. But it is simply determined by; Domain Authority (Domain Authority / DA).

Note: In essence, the SEO Off-Page strategy itself is about how to increase the authority of your website.

But how do you convince others to give backlinks to your site? You can try (or all) of the following off-page search engine optimization (SEO Off Page) strategies to get started.

  • Join an association/group/community. This can be an industry, association, or the local Chamber of Commerce. Make sure your company gets a link on the association’s website.
  • Create quality content. Creating high-quality blog posts, infographics, videos and more is the best way to attract natural clicks and links to your site. Basically, if it’s interesting, they will come.
  • Reach out. Reach out/contact journalists and bloggers as a possible source for their writing, or ask them to post something that you created, asking for opportunities to get a link to your website.
  • Share on social media. Promoting your content on social media can help gain traction. Post appropriate content, such as infographics, blog posts, and more to social media channels. Optimize your posts to be found too, like using hashtags on Twitter.


Writing for external publications is a great way to show that you are an authority in your industry. This is while promoting your own business services.

This kind of publicity gives you great potential to attract customers who may have never heard of you.

Plus, it can give you a writing portfolio that you can show other publications to start writing for them, and so on.


SOCIAL BOOKMARKING is the process of sending your content to sites, such as; StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, and others.

These sites divide their content to attract a particular niche, which you can use to attract customers in the specific demographics that you want to target.

Before you submit any content, be sure to research the audience and the rules of each site.

You do not want to send spam to this community. Instead, you want to offer actual value with your content.

Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?

It must be known, the search engine algorithm in determining ranking factors keeps changing. The general consensus in SEO strategies is only a form of prediction of various case examples. Concerning the relevance that has occurred.

It is judged based on trust, trust, and authority of the site. But off-page SEO is considered effective and still plays a major role, in website optimization.

Although every expert does not know exactly the complete algorithmic system that Google uses, to rank content. Data from the Search Engine Ranking Factor study shows that factors related to off-site SEO, are likely to carry more than 50% weight ranking factors.

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