14 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Blogger 2023

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Blogger

Google Chrome is the first browser that has been installed when I bought a new PC. Almost all bloggers use it, and thousands of extensions for web browsing continue to persist.

Being a blogger, you must know how hard it is to make your blog a great thing for creating management and leadership, which is a matter of time.

It takes a lot of time to create good content and these 14 chrome extensions can change blogger life making it very easy so that you can do more work in less time.

List Of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Newbie Bloggers

1. Google Dictionary (By Google)

google dictionary


The advantage of the Google dictionary is whenever you are reading something in online English, there are some words which you do not know the meaning, then with the help of Google Dictionary select that word, and when you double click on it you get the meaning of that word in Hindi.


2. uBlock Origin – Adblock

ublock origin


By seeing the Adblock name you may have come to know what it is used for, some websites that use annoying popups ads, it is the best adblocker to deal with those most.

Maybe you have a question too, there is a popular AdBlock present Adblock and Adblock Plus extension then why did I choose uBlock Origin. The reason is RAM and CPU are used less on this chrome extension and help to perform your Chrome faster and better.

Note: I request you keep Adblock disabled on your web browser as most of the bloggers use Adsense and other ad networks to generate money and this will help them to create valuable content for you so help them to income and do not use any adblocker unless you don’t get any major disturbance from the ads.


3. LastPass: Free Password Manager



Being a Blogger, we have to manage many accounts, different social networking profiles, blogs, so it’s very hard to remember the username and password of everyone.

LastPass is very easy and features a rich extension. We do not need to remember anything in this. Make an account on LastPass just remember it and do the rest of the work automatically whenever any sign-up form comes out. And once you click on it, you will save all the login details, the next time you log in, you can easily do it.


4. Grammarly for Chrome



Most of the new bloggers do spelling mistakes, so to avoid all those mistakes, Grammarly is the best extension. In this, you can fix up to 250 types of errors including and it will also help in improving your English.


5. SimilarWeb – Site Traffic Sources and Ranking



Knowledge of competitor sites in the world of blogging is very important. This chrome extension lets you know if your website is standing online with a similar Web. With this extension, you can see the estimated traffic for any website, how much is a popular website, etc.


6. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

nimbus screenshot

This chrome extension allows you to take screenshots of other programs without installing any other software. Record the screen and have a lot of features.


7. SEOquake


This chrome extension comes with lots of features at the number 1 position and it is also recommended by almost all professional bloggers.

This chrome extension will be very beneficial for your blog, this will give you a sense of your blog’s ranking, how many pages are indexed, in search engines, keywords density, on-page SEO audit, etc.


8. Momentum: Personal Dashboard for Creating Focus


Most people get confused when starting the day, what they have to do that day. You’re one of them?

Then you can use Google Chrome Extension Momentum.

Momentum is a personal dashboard designed to eliminate distractions, provide inspiration, focus, and can increase productivity.

When you open a new tab while accessing the internet, in a flash your screen will display pictures that are calming and can make you more focused.

It can be installed free of charge but Momentum also offers Momentum Plus with a pricing of $ 1.99 / month or $ 19.99 / year.

By using Momentum you can:

  • Synchronize your external todos by integrating with Trello, Todoist Wunderlist, Google Task.
  • See the photos that inspire you the most.
  • Personalize your experience.
  • See your favorite quotes.
  • Autofocus, see your todos at one time.

Why use Momentum?

  • It helps you become more focused on the task.
  • And also helps you be more organized.
  • As a refreshing eye and mind.


9. Buffer: Scheduling and Monitoring Content Easier


If you use multiple social media at the same time for business promotion activities or want to spread content, Buffer is the right choice to add an extension to your Google Chrome.

With Buffer, you can share content according to the time you specify.

But if you are an active worker who demands that you move quickly and don’t have the chance to open Google Chrome from a laptop to access Buffer, Buffer makes it easy for you because Buffer can be installed on Android and iOS too.

For pricing? You can get a business trial first before deciding whether to stay free or upgrade it.

Buffer provides 2 types of accounts, all according to your needs. There are Individuals Teams and Agencies. For more information, you can directly find out here.

There are several reasons why you need to use Buffer:

  • You can create content and schedule it according to your wishes.
  • The buffer automates all of your posts according to the time specified.
  • You can share posts on several social media at once.
  • Easy tracking of posts.


10. StayFocusd: Block & Manage Websites That Suck Your Time

stay focusd

Often people find themselves unproductive at work because they spend time accessing less useful websites and they have difficulty managing their time.

To overcome this, StayFocusd is present as one of the Google Chrome Extensions. StayFocusd will set the time on addictive sites, and then block them when the set time comes.

StayFocusd will ask for the total amount of time you set to allow yourself to spend on all your non-productive sites.

Pricing? You can install it for free.

Benefits of this chrome extension:

  • You can set the time to access certain sites.
  • Become more focused and productive at work.
  • Make your time-efficient and effective.


11. WhatFont: Identify Fonts for a Website


As a developer, you want to beautify your website by preparing everything that supports the shape of the website from the start.

You can do research by peeking at your favorite website and finding out how to format the website.

One of the interesting elements of a website is the font, and this makes you wonder what font is used.

To help you find out the fonts on a website, you can install the Google Chrome Extension, WhatFont. You don’t need to worry, there is no charge for installing WhatFont on Google Chrome. In addition, you can also download it for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 8 on the App Store.

There are several reasons why you should try WhatFont:

  • Assist you in researching the appearance of other websites.
  • You don’t need to guess the font type anymore.
  • Make it easy to implement your favorite fonts on the web.


12. Feedly: Extension Research Content


Feedly is one of the Google Chrome Extensions that displays the latest updates from feeds, blogs, and sites like Facebook and Twitter, and other sites. It integrates with Google Reader, Delicious, Amazon.com, YouTube, and other sites.

Feedly helps you in research content activities to provide inspiration and new knowledge when you create your content.

To use the Feedly feature you must first log in with a google account. Feedly is very easy to access, all the content and contents of the blog can be seen through Feedly. You can bookmark, share to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social networking sites.

Feedly provides a free trial for those of you who want to try first before deciding to upgrade your account.

Pricing? Divided into 3 categories, namely basic (free), Pro ($ 5.41 / month), and Team ($ 18 / month). You can find out more here.

No need to hesitate to try Feedly, because:

  • Make it easy for you to migrate to all interesting content channels.
  • Integrates with Buffer.
  • Feedly keeps track of what you have read.
  • And then, suggest a new blog for your research.


13. Trello: Board to manage your project


Many people feel confused because of the amount of work that must be done and completed because it comes from the left and right.

They do everything and cannot determine which should be prioritized. As the result, all work is complete but not optimal.

Trello will help you to overcome this. This is an easy, free, and flexible way to manage your projects and manage them all.

Trello as Google Chrome Extension looks like a to-do list, but with more complete features and is used to work collaboratively or for a team that does not have to meet each other in one place or room.

There are 3 categories for pricing, if you use Trello for personal use, you can choose the free one. But if you have a small or large team, you can upgrade it to business class ($ 9.99 / month) and enterprise ($ 20.83 / month).

See the facilities offered based on pricing here.

Why Trello? Because you can:

  • Manage projects and collaborate with teams.
  • Become a to-do list that will remind you every day.
  • Ease of access (other than via a PC, you can also use Trello via tablets and mobile).


14. Evernote Clipper: Saves the Web Pages You Want.


Maybe you often find an interesting page and then read it, but suddenly your attention is diverted to something else because it finds a more interesting page and postpones the first page.

The most annoying is when you intend to save some interesting sentences from the page but you can’t copy them.

If not, you need to bookmark, but the problem is that if you want to save a lot of pages, do you have to bookmark everything? You only stack pages that are bookmarked!

To overcome this, Google Chrome Extension works with Evernote by presenting a feature to mark or save the page you want, the web clipper.

You can save pages or sections that you like from a page in your Evernote account.

Speaking of pricing, there’s no need to worry. You only need to create an account on Evernote to use the web clipper extension on Google Chrome. There are 3 types of accounts namely basic (free), Plus ($ 3.99 / month), and Premium ($ 7.99 / month).

What are the reasons for using Evernote Clipper?

  • Great for research, you can clip articles or web pages.
  • You can share email clips or create URL links.
  • The clip can be adjusted as you wish (whole pages, portions, or simplified articles).



You’re now at the end of the article, and congratulations! Your insights are growing.

These Google Chrome Extension helps you to be more productive and focused at work, maybe not all of these extensions suit you but it doesn’t hurt to try right?

When you are productive and focused on your work, the result of your work will increase and get better.

Hope you find the article helpful for you if you have any doubts or queries related to this article or any other things you can comment below, we will get back to you with the solution.

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