Free Google Analytics Course For Beginners 2024

Google Analytics Course For Beginners

Here we are giving detailed information about Google Analytics for beginners and discussing the product, what it does, what can you do with it, etc. Do you want to know about Google Analytics? If yes, then this blog is a treat for you. If you run a website or a blog then Google Analytics can help you analyze your website. Google Analytics is fundamentally a web analytics tool to analyze website traffic and other performance of your website.

If you are a beginner and looking for a little guide to help you out, then you should keep reading. In this blog we will discuss Google Analytics, what it is, what it does, what can you do with it, and all of the stuff that you need to know about. So let’s get started.

Free Analytics Course For Beginners

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an excellent product of Google to help website owners analyze their website’s performance and traffic. It is an amazing tool and many big website owners use it to analyze their website’s performance. It provides you with a lot of different features. As a beginner, you might have some problems using the tool as it is kind of boring.

By boring I mean difficult looking. This tool can be used to do different analyses. The best thing that as a beginner you should do is to learn about the tool on your own. You can open the tool and see different features and then search for them online. This is the only way to become a Google Analytics expert.

Uses of Google Analytics

As a beginner, you should know about the basic working of the tool. You can, later on, learn about the expert level things but for now, you should know about the following basic uses:

Check Traffic of Your Site

The first use of Google Analytics is to check traffic on your site. You can analyze traffic from your dashboard and keep track of it. The dashboard is simply looking and you can easily take an idea of the traffic even as a beginner.
Traffic is the main important thing. If you are not getting traffic on your website then there is no point in creating a website.

So analyzing traffic is one of the most important things to do. Even as a beginner you can get an idea of the traffic, if it is going up then your website is doing well and if not then you need some improvements and you have to work on it.

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See All Pages Feature

Other than the dashboard traffic, the other thing that you should know as a beginner is the All Pages feature. Many beginners ignore these features and just look at the dashboard only. But you should also use this feature. The All Pages option is located on the site content from the menu.

It helps you to analyze the traffic of your site’s pages. This way you can easily analyze which web page is attracting the most users and which one is attracting the lowest. This will help you improve and work on the performance of your website. It is not very difficult to understand, you can understand all of it by seeing it for the first time. You should not ignore this feature as it can help you grow your website’s traffic.

Check Out the All Traffic Option

The next feature that a beginner should know about is the All Traffic option. It is located in the Acquisition section of the menu. It can be very useful if you use it wisely. You can get traffic reports from it including Channel, Treemaps, Referral, and Source.

These reports will help you to check where the traffic is coming from to your website. This way you can work on getting more and more traffic from that source or other sources. Many people ignore this option and it is the stupidest thing that they do. As a website owner, you should keep track of all of the website’s traffic. After all, traffic on your website is going to make you money. So why not take care of it?

How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress Website?

Most website owners use WordPress so we thought why not create a small guide to install the Google Analytics tool on your website? If you already know this then skip this part, but if you don’t know the process then follow along.

  • From your Dashboard menu, click on appearance and go to your theme editor.
  • Google Analytics should be installed in a child theme. Otherwise, it will cause problems for you when you want to update the theme.
  • Navigate the theme header. It is written as <header>.
  • Now add your Google Analytics Tracking Code here, Before the header.
  • Lastly, save everything and you are good to go.
  • Make sure that you have followed the steps carefully. Because if you have done something wrong then the code will not work and you can not use the Google Analytics tool.


Google Analytics is one of the best tools to have as a website owner. But most beginners don’t know how to use it and they think it is difficult to use. So in this blog, we have created a guide discussing Google Analytics for beginners and taking advantage of it. You can check all of it above. Lastly, I hope that this blog was helpful to you. If you have any queries then do let us know in the comments!

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