How to Fix a Broken Phone 2023

How to Fix a Broken Phone

Your smartphone is in your hand one second, and the next thing you know, it’s taking a nosedive towards the ground. It almost seems like it’s occurring in slow motion. Although layers of glass and plastic may occasionally hold up, these circumstances far too frequently lead to a phone screen that is chipped, fractured, or otherwise damaged. Alternatives for repairing a cracked phone screen have increased as a result of the right-to-repair movement.

Everyone has a choice between straightforward DIY fixes, independent repair facilities, and even manufacturer-sponsored mail-in programmes. So, before you pick up your cracked phone to look at it, take a long breath. There is a cure available, even if the cracks spread out like a spiderweb.

How to Fix a Broken Phone

On a cracked screen, use a screen protector.

A screen protector is useless for screens with chips and missing or loose pieces of glass. As the glass moves, it won’t be able to adhere correctly. You wasted money on a screen protector as a result. Nevertheless, in cases where the break is minor, protecting a broken screen with a screen protector may stop further glass cracking. It could perhaps stop more spidering.

Clean and Scrub With toothpaste.

It may sound strange to use toothpaste to clean your phone’s screen, but it works. It has been standard procedure for ages to repair a damaged phone screen at home. You might not be aware that toothpaste has a lot more uses outside of cleaning teeth; for example, it works well to repair damaged phone screens.

Although toothpaste was originally designed to be used for personal oral hygiene at home, it has since developed the strength to repair damaged iPhone and Android screens. Cost-effective and simple to use. You don’t require detailed instructions or advice from a third party to use it.

If you are interested in learning how to use toothpaste to scrub a cracked phone screen at home, check out the tutorials below to learn how to use toothpaste to restore a broken phone screen.

  • Apply the toothpaste to the shattered portion of the screen.
  • Rub it gently, and then wait.
  • After a short while, remove it with some fresh cotton.

How to Fix a Broken Phone

However, even though using toothpaste to clean your phone screen might not completely remove the smudges, it does work to fix the damaged area.


Replace the Screen yourself.

For a fantastic, illustrated, step-by-step guide, we recommend iFixit. Here are some important points to keep in mind: Consider the price of a replacement screen before deciding to go down this path.

How to Fix a Broken Phone

The screens on today’s phones, which feature touch interfaces and maybe biometric sensors, are expensive. Investigate the warranty issue as well. If you’re the type of person who will attempt to repair a phone on their own, you probably aren’t too concerned about keeping your warranty intact, but it still can’t hurt to be aware of the potential consequences.

Apply Nail Polish

Applying nail polish is a similar method for fixing a damaged phone screen at home. Most homes include nail polish as a regular accessory. Afterward, you might need to borrow from a neighbor if you don’t have one. You might want to purchase

However, it is not expensive. Beyond just painting nails, your nail polish has been further used. Additionally, it works wonders to repair a broken phone screen. Would you like to discover its history?

  • Nail polish should be applied to the cracked region.
  • Let it dry.
  • Utilizing a razor blade, scrape off the dried finish.
  • Repetition is required.

How to Fix a Broken Phone

Sell Your Phone to Pay for a New One.

Consider raising money to buy a replacement. Many websites will pay for a broken phone and even buy one that is cracked. These websites comprise:

Even broken items can be sold on eBay, right? You most likely won’t get much money for it, but you can use what you do make to get a new phone.

When you trade in your phone, several websites will also provide you credit for purchasing a used one. Keep in mind that if you pay with credit rather than cash, you’ll likely get a better bargain.

When you have the money, look for a replacement at the most well-liked online retailers on the internet, such as eBay and Amazon. You can even come across the same phone that has been used but is still in decent shape.

What needs to be checked?

The specifics should reveal the following:

  • if the phone is functional
  • Has it got a working screen?
  • If there are any scuffs

Purchasing a like-for-like, used replacement can be more advantageous than purchasing a new phone if the pricing is correct.

How to Fix a Broken Phone

Broken phone screen? Just purchase a new device!

The most obvious choice is, of course, to buy a new phone. Sometimes you simply have to give up and replace your broken device with a new one. It may hurt to spend that much money, for sure.

However, it can still be less expensive than purchasing a replacement and updating a few months later. It could be advisable to upgrade right now rather than wait until later.

How to Fix a Broken Phone Don’t automatically purchase a new phone from your carrier if you do decide to get one. Instead, purchase the unlocked version; even though it initially seems more expensive, you’ll save a ton of money.


Just Accept your Broken Phone screen.

Do you lack funds? Not a fan of making your own repairs or paying for them? Why not just keep using your phone if it still functions and the screen doesn’t seem to be at risk of collapsing completely? Yes, it will initially irritate you to look at it, but you’ll get used to it.

Saving the cash necessary for a new phone is usually pleasant. This is your best choice if your contract is about to expire. You can always cover the screen crack with some adhesive tape. You should be able to use your phone until the next upgrade as long as you keep it otherwise covered with a protective case.

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