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How to Unblur Course Hero

How to Unblur Course Hero Documents

Course Hero is an online learning platform that provides access to study resources contributed by students and educators around the world. With over 40 million course-specific study resources, Course Hero can be an invaluable tool for students looking to supplement their learning. However, many of the materials on Course Hero are locked behind a paywall, requiring either a paid subscription or unlock credits to view in full. So is there any way to unblur Course Hero documents for free?

What is Course Hero and Why Documents Get Blurred

Founded in 2006, Course Hero aims to help students succeed by providing access to study documents, tutor support, and expert Q&A. The platform contains over 40 million course-specific study resources including textbook solutions, study guides, practice problems, sample essays, lecture notes, flashcards and more.

Much of the content on Course Hero is uploaded by students who share materials in return for the ability to unlock other documents. However, to prevent widespread sharing of copyrighted materials, Course Hero utilizes blurring on some uploaded documents. Blurring obscures part of the document, typically the middle portion.

Course Hero blurs materials for a few key reasons:

  • To prevent copyright infringement of unpublished materials
  • To encourage uploads by obscuring full documents
  • To incentivize purchases of unlock credits needed to view complete versions

So while blurring limits access to documents, it allows Course Hero to operate legally and create a sustainable business model.

Can You Unblur Course Hero for Free?

Unfortunately, there is no way to legally unblur Course Hero documents for free. The site utilizes blurring specifically to prevent unlimited access to materials and maintain copyright compliance.

To view complete, unblurred documents, you need to:

  • Purchase a subscription plan
  • Use unlock credits obtained by uploading your own documents
  • Purchase unlock credits directly

Course Hero offers three subscription tiers:

  1. Standard at $19.99 per month
  2. Premier at $39.99 per month
  3. Master at $59.99 per month

Higher tiers offer more unlocks per month, along with added benefits like faster document views and downloads.

Without a paid subscription, the only way to earn unlock credits is by uploading your own documents to share on the platform. You earn unlock credits based on factors like document length, quality, and relevance. Still, free credits earned from uploads are limited, so purchasing additional unlocks is encouraged.

There are no promo codes, vouchers, or other free workarounds to legally unlock content. Any free unblurring services you find are likely violating Course Hero’s terms of service and copyright rules.

Can You Get in Trouble for Unblurring Course Hero?

Accessing unblurred Course Hero content through unauthorized means could potentially lead to legal trouble or disciplinary action from your school. This is because it requires violating Course Hero’s terms of service and may involve copyright infringement.

According to Course Hero’s terms, blurring is intended to prevent copyrighted material from being shared without permission. Circumventing blurring measures could constitute copyright infringement.

Uploading copyrighted works like test questions or solutions without permission is also prohibited under Course Hero’s terms. If discovered, your account may be suspended and your school notified of contract violations.

Some specific legal and academic risks include:

  • Copyright strikes or DMCA takedown notices
  • Account suspension or banning
  • School disciplinary action for cheating
  • Suspension or loss of computer access privileges
  • Legal claims for copyright statutory damages

Most schools expressly prohibit uploading instructor materials to third-party sites like Course Hero. So unblurring documents could be considered cheating or sharing unauthorized copyrighted materials.

To avoid potential disciplinary action or legal claims, it’s best to utilize Course Hero as intended within their terms of service and copyright guidelines. Relying on unauthorized workarounds to unblur documents is risky.

Ethical Concerns with Unblurring Course Hero

Aside from potential legal issues, there are some ethical concerns to consider as well before attempting to unblur Course Hero.

Cheating: Unblurring materials to access test questions, exam solutions, and other restricted resources could be considered cheating. Even if you don’t directly submit the documents, utilizing them improperly to gain an academic advantage raises ethical concerns.

Plagiarism: Using unblurred Course Hero documents without proper attribution could constitute plagiarism. Passing off content as your own original work is academically dishonest, even if sourced from a public website.

Copyright: Uploading instructor materials like lecture slides to Course Hero may violate copyrights. Accessing that content by unblurring undermines copyright protections put in place by educators.

Free-Riding: Circumventing blurring to access documents others paid to unlock takes advantage of Course Hero’s contributors without participating equitably in the community.

While unlocking content may provide helpful study aids, consider whether it aligns with principles of equity, attribution, and academic integrity. Relying on properly attributed public study resources is less ethically questionable.

Tips for Using Course Hero Ethically

Here are some tips for utilizing Course Hero in an ethical and academically honest way:

  1. Only upload your own work like personal study guides or notes. Do not upload instructor materials or assessments without permission.
  2. Attribute any content you incorporate into your own work. Cite Course Hero documents appropriately to avoid plagiarism.
  3. Use Course Hero to supplement your learning with study aids and extra materials. Do not rely on it in place of completing your own work.
  4. Double check your school and instructor’s policies on sharing class materials and utilizing third-party study platforms.
  5. Consider the intended use and audience for a document. Instructor materials and solutions are not meant to be shared publicly in most cases.
  6. Focus on utilizing documents that are openly accessible and not restricted. Blurred materials are typically restricted for a reason.
  7. Use search filters like “student uploaded” or “open access” to find documents intended for public use rather than those with sharing limitations.

Exercising caution and skepticism can maximize the learning benefits of Course Hero while minimizing ethical, academic integrity, and legal risks.

Alternatives to Get Course Hero Unlocks for Free

Since directly unblurring Course Hero documents is prohibited, what are some alternatives to access documents ethically? Here are a few options:

Use the free preview: Course Hero allows non-subscribers to access a small preview portion of each document without unlocking the full version. This will give you an idea of the content to determine if it’s worth using the credits to fully unlock.

Access to open materials: Not all Course Hero documents are blurred. Look for openly accessible resources marked “open access,” “previews available,” or “student uploaded” which can be viewed in entirety free of charge.

Upload your own documents: Earn a limited number of free unlocks by contributing your own study materials to the platform. However, make sure you have the rights to share anything you upload.

Search for related free resources: Rather than pay to unblur a document, look for free alternatives on open education platforms like MIT OpenCourseWare, Merlot, OER Commons, etc.

Make a documentation request: If you need a particular document for research purposes that is only available behind a paywall on Course Hero, you can make a request for them to consider providing access.

Pool credits with classmates: If your whole study group chips in credits, you can unlock documents together at a lower individual cost by sharing the materials you purchased access to.

With some strategic searching and a bit of legwork, you can access many useful study resources without having to pay continually to unblur Course Hero content.


Course Hero provides valuable supplemental study resources to help students learn. But their blurring system aims to limit sharing of copyrighted materials, encourage paid access, and reduce cheating.

While unlocking documents could provide helpful studying aids in some cases, doing so through unauthorized workarounds raises legal, academic, and ethical concerns. Students are best served using open educational resources and properly attributed materials to support learning without turning to cheating shortcuts or copyright violations.

With a balanced approach, Course Hero can be integrated into your learning toolbox without replacing diligent studying or compromising your academic integrity. Resources are available to aid struggling students without promoting unethical behavior – unlocking obscured documents through questionable means is unnecessary. Maintain your ethics and develop true comprehension and skills through dedicated learning rather than shortcuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about accessing unblurred documents on Course Hero.

Can you get a free Course Hero account?

Unfortunately, Course Hero does not offer any free account tiers. The minimum paid subscription starts at $19.99 per month for their Standard plan. They do not provide free access to blurred documents.

Does unlocking Course Hero documents help you in school?

Unlocking Course Hero documents can provide helpful supplemental study resources. However, solely relying on them is not a substitute for diligent coursework. Make sure to use them ethically as a learning aid rather than an easy fix.

Can you get caught using unlocked Course Hero documents?

If you share or submit unlocked Course Hero documents improperly, it could potentially be detected via plagiarism checkers. Use the materials as study aids, but do your own work. Do not simply copy the answers.

Can professors tell if you are using Course Hero?

Instructors cannot directly detect Course Hero use. However, if you submit answers copied from unlocked documents without citations or attribution, plagiarism may be discovered. Use Course Hero as a resource, not as a way to cheat.

Is getting answers from Course Hero considered cheating?

It depends on how you utilize the documents. Unlocking test questions and exam solutions specifically to avoid doing your own work could constitute cheating. But using unlocked documents to supplement your learning is perfectly valid.

Can Course Hero tell your school if you cheat?

Course Hero will not proactively reach out to your school if you violate policies around proper document use. But if contacted as part of an investigation, they may cooperate and provide access logs or other records if subpoenaed.

Can Course Hero get you expelled if caught cheating?

Academic disciplinary actions are issued at the discretion of your individual school and instructors. But using Course Hero to gain an unfair advantage could warrant punishments like failing grades, suspension, or in severe cases potential expulsion.

Is Course Hero Legal?

Yes, Course Hero operates legally by obtaining non-exclusive licenses to redistribute educational materials contributed by students. Blurring documents enables compliance with copyright law. Circumventing blurring protections would be considered unauthorized access.

Is unlocking documents on Course Hero illegal?

Unblurring Course Hero documents through unauthorized means like scripts, bots, or exploits would violate their terms and potentially constitute copyright infringement. Use only officially approved unlocking methods.



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