What Is SEO “Search Engine Optimization”? Excellent Tips 2024

What Is SEO Or Search Engine Optimization?

How to make our website appear on Google? Then the answer is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means when we optimize the website it will get ranked in search engines.

SEO in the world of digital marketing plays an important role. Even it could be considered a major player, in addition to promotions using advertisements.

Today’s online marketing trends make SEO one of the most talked-about topics.

What is SEO? What are the mechanism, functions, and explanations? This article will give you an important overview of what SEO is.

SEO Or Search Engine Optimization:

SEO Or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a series of processes that are done systematically aiming to increase the number of visits or traffic on a website. Sourced from search engines or commonly called organic search results following the mechanism of the search engine algorithm system itself. The purpose of SEO is to place a website in the top position of the search page. And or, at least, the first page of search results. For certain keywords. The targeted one.

Logically, the web that occupies the top position in search results, has more opportunities for users to visit.

The use of the internet is increasing day by day in social life. In this case, everyone is running the internet to find their needs, both in the form of information, services, and products. So automatically, the use of the internet network developed into business media. The need for SEO has also increased.

In essence, who does not want to be on the page of a search engine seen by millions of eyes. That is something … You can sell products/services or publishers who take advantage of the number of visits for advertising media

Being in the top position of search results, obviously adding potential new customers. Specifically for web-based marketing companies. This opportunity is exploited by those who understand the mechanism of SEO. About the system search engine algorithm in ‘determining’ which website/content gets the page position 1. Like, Google, Bing, Yandex, and others.

The Definition Of SEO Is:

The broad definition of SEO or search engine optimization can be called an art and a science to make web pages attractive to search engines.

Narrower, SEO seeks to change certain factors. Which is known to influence search engines to make the position of certain pages, get the best ranking? Specifically, on certain keywords or phrases. Where there is fierce competition from other websites.

The Purpose Of SEO:

The purpose of SEO is to drive traffic or web page rankings in search engine engines. The better the optimization is done, the higher the ranking will be achieved in the search results list.

The SEO industry has grown rapidly, over the years. In the early days of SEO, web designers would “insert” keywords into meta tags, to improve search engine ranking – currently, Google web search ignores meta tags and keywords.

SEO Techniques:

Search engine optimization currently focuses on techniques, such as ensuring that each web page has an appropriate title tag. And that, the content is not “thin” or of low quality. High-quality content is original, authoritative, factual, grammatically correct, and attractive to users.

Poorly edited articles with spelling and grammatical errors will not be ranked by search engines. It is also important to optimize external factors. In this case, usually referred to as Off-Page SEO techniques. Like building quality backlinks. And, sharing content on social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Content that has been widely shared on social media is considered by search engines as an indication that the quality is higher. Don’t pay the link! This kind of practice can get your site blocked from Google and other search engines. If it gets caught. If not, it might stay safe.

How Does The Search Engine Index System Determine The Ranking Of A Site?

The search engine finds and catalogs web pages through a spidering tool (also known as web crawling). Spidering software “crawls” sites through the internet. Follow the built links. That is the importance of a backlink-building strategy.

Unfortunately, not all search engine spidering software works the same way, so what gives a high ranking page to one search engine may not always give a high ranking to another.

Note that instead of waiting for the search engine to find the newly created page, web developers can submit the page directly to the search engine to be indexed.

One of the things that SEO specialists do is track all changes in search engine operations, so they can optimize the pages accordingly. They also follow changes in different search engine submissions policies.

When you choose a designer to create a business site, you have to ask them about search engine optimization, because SEO must be included in your page.

Although it’s never too late to optimize or tweak a page that has been published, it’s far easier and more reasonable to include search engine optimization when the page is first written.

Search Engine Market Share:

Search Engine Market Share

According to NetMarketShare, Google is by far the dominant provider of search engines, with around 73% of the search engine market, followed by Baidu:

  • Google – 72.47%
  • Baidu – 13.47%
  • Bing – 7.64%
  • Yahoo! – 4.74%
  • Yandex – 0.86%
  • Ask – 0.30%
  • DuckDuckGo – 0.22%
  • etc.

What Is Google SEO?

What Is Google SEO

Why Google SEO? The answer, Google is the world’s largest search engine. Most people, use Google to search for their interests on the internet. The power of Google’s search engine, until now, has not been able to be defeated by other search engines. Even by a search engine, Bing which belongs to Microsoft. Which is the default in Internet Explorer? Google dominates.

In a study mentioned; Google is used by almost 74% of users on the internet.

Google’s search engine, is almost used on all types of browsers. From the Safari browser, Opera, IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome. And, from each of these browsers, Opera is number one. With usage rates reaching 95.3%. Number two, Google Chrome, 90.5%.

Hence, becoming number 1 in the google search engine, is a barometer of a website.

SEO practitioners compete in seizing the position on Google’s first page. Not only that, you who are already in the best position of Google, will automatically be in the best position of other search engines. This is a fact!…

Sitting in the top 5 rankings, on page one of Google, is the best achievement of a website. Not only will this increase the number of visitors, but this can increase sales conversions. Much higher, if compared to a website that is entrenched on the 2.3rd page and so on.

All business websites, of all kinds, compete for the most significant positions. Namely page 1 Google! Not much tolerance in this matter.

Unless you can pay more by advertising on the internet.

This Type Of SEO Is Based On How To Do It:

SEO, in general, is a collection of various techniques. To fulfill the elements that allow websites to rank in search engines. The technique is broken down into three elements. Namely as follows;

3 Types Of SEO Based On The Application Technique:

There are three types of SEO that you need to increase website traffic organically. And that is known as; On-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO.

Dividing SEO techniques into these three categories, makes it easier for you to create a website optimization plan.

Of these three types of SEO, factors will need to be met. Knowing this, allows you to determine which is most likely, for you to do. And which may have to be submitted to a third party.

And what tools are needed to apply SEO to the maximum?

On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is related to the content on your website.

This includes strategies for optimizing individual pages on the website. These factors help search engine algorithms understand the topic of the content. And decide that, does your website has the valuable resources that people are looking for.

Simply put, whether the content on your website is quite important to be displayed on the best pages of search engines.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO deals with non-content elements on your website.

This includes strategies to improve the structure and foundation of the site’s backend. Technical SEO improves site readability (which makes it easy for search engines to crawl and understand sites) and provides a good user experience, which helps search engines see that the site is of high quality.

Good user experience is also important for the reader and can affect the overall level of visit and engagement.

The types of optimization included in the technical SEO category are:

  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Indexing
  • Algorithm crawling
  • Site Architecture
  • Data structure
  • And security

An easy way to check technical SEO status is to use the SEO Audit Tool. Many services provide the service online, Like Alexa, Google Tools, and others.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO techniques are strategies to help strengthen the influence and relationship of your website with other websites. This includes strategies to build the reputation and authority of the website.

These factors help search engines see whether your website is reliable and trustworthy. Several SEO metrics must be met to make your website considered to have a good reputation.

Most Off-Page SEO is related to the quantity and quality of backlinks. If you just heard the term backlink, you can visit the page; what is backlink. Good about how to get backlinks, backlink functions, and examples.

Backlinking simply serves to give signals to search engines. It’s like a kind of recommendation from another site. In this case, the value of the backlink will be measured by the relevance, authority, and credibility of the site that gives the backlink.

Types Of SEO Terms Based On Their Implementation Behavior:

There are 4 types of SEO based on your behavior in doing them. Whatever it is, all our efforts to improve your website’s ranking.

Here are the types of SEO terms that are often used to define the behavior of their application;

  • White hat; (White Hat SEO)
  • Black hat; (Black Hat SEO)
  • Grey Hat; (Grey Hat SEO) and
  • Negative SEO; SEO negative).

These terms define the ways related to how closely your SEO tactics follow Google’s guidelines.

Google’s guidelines ( Google Webmaster Guidelines ) outline, what Google considers SEO good (white hat) and bad (black hat). This is intended to help you, understand what can help and destroy your rank.

Although this guideline is not a law with legal consequences, it must be taken seriously if your orientation is to build a website for the long term.

Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO; will get you where you want faster and usually cheaper because you took a shortcut to the top by opposing Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Many black hat SEO tactics, specifically spelled out in the guidelines, are things you should NOT do.

Thus, there must be a risk. That, sooner or later, it will be known by Google through its improved algorithmic system. Where in time, it will lead you to a lower rank, could even get a manual action penalty. That makes your website disappear from search pages.

As we have discussed, Google updates its algorithm hundreds of times a year.

White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO techniques are techniques that adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. But it usually takes longer and costs more. White hat SEO has a much smaller risk. And tend to provide value that lasts from time to time.

You will find the greatest SEO and content marketing companies, such as Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, the SEM Post, Roundtable Search Engine, Philadelphia-area Seer Interactive, GSQI, Stone Temple, and SEMRush, all use and recommend white hat SEO tools and techniques.

Grey Hat SEO:

This illustrates the SEO techniques that play in the middle. Because this tactic is not specifically mentioned in the Google Guidelines. You must be careful in taking this path. Because, it is not safe to assume that, just because certain techniques are not labeled, or are referred to as cheats.

And one that will get you into trouble, that, that won’t negatively interfere with your ranking.

Google says:

Webmasters who spend their energy on upholding the spirit of basic principles in providing a much better user experience, will enjoy a better ranking. Instead of those who spend time, looking for gaps that they can use.

SEO Facts; About Searching On Search Engines!

75% of users access the website found on page one of the search engine. In other words, they will ignore the 2nd, 3rd page, and so on. It is proven that sites that occupy the top 5 positions get 75% of total search clicks. In other words, if there are 10,000 searches, the top 5 websites have the potential to be accessed by 7500 users.

And it turns out, 70% -80%, of all information seekers on the internet, instead of avoiding clicking paid ads. They instead access websites that sit on organic search.

Keywords In The History Of SEO:

When you already know what SEO is or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is every effort to place a website page in the top ranks, in the search results for the desired keywords. Now we are talking about  “keywords”. Usually called a keyword. And what is that?

Ask yourself, when was the last time, something occurred to you in your head. And you use Google to look for something. Where is expected to get the answer? In this case, you speak/write the phrase ‘word’  in the search engine. And the ‘word’ is called a keyword. Or keywords.

Then a few links appear on the search page. Consists of the title, and a very short description. You then decide to click, one or more of these links, so that you find what you are looking for. There is a system that is so complicated behind the scenes. This occurs in the search engine algorithm system. Like Google. What happens in this case?

What happens is that Google processes sound into text. And the text becomes a kind of command. Where then, automatically processed in their database. Where there are already several options, including which website for what keywords. Then, it is moved into a textual search.

The texts make up one word or sentence, the only format that can be processed is Google’s search engine. From the beginning until now. The texts that become an order for the search engine, we call the keywords.

SEO Starts With Keywords:

Speaking of keywords, it is a term that reflects; How is it typed by the user/user into the search box. This is known as a “search query”  or  “search term”.

Lay users, just know by typing something in the search engine, a website will appear. Contains content / articles / products. Internet users write keywords in the form of style and language, respectively. And in this case, it is the marketers and SEOs who will deal with these keywords. To understand the characteristics at the psychological grassroots level of the user. Which incidentally is the actual target market.

Meanwhile, the search engine uses an algorithm mechanism. To define, determine, and classify, website content that will be placed in search results. SEO practitioners must understand human tendencies in typing keywords. While understanding how the search engine works.

So, you can plan / design / create content on a website. To be read by search engines and considered important to be placed on search pages.

And not only that, but it also prepares/does/acts to fulfill all the elements, thus allowing search engines to decide, as something that is considered important, to be placed on the best pages of organic search.

Who Needs SEO?

I guess, don’t ask that. Every business person in the internet market uses the internet for business, through the website, clearly concerned with SEO. Nowadays, the internet is not only for business purposes. Everything has happened online. So it is certain, that SEO becomes an important requirement that can not be avoided.

Companies, SMEs, online shops, politicians, and even personal needs SEO. If you sell Muslim clothing, of course, you want your website to position #1, when millions of people type the keyword  ‘Muslim fashion’ on Google. And that will happen when SEO works perfectly.

SEO Service Fees:

If everyone needs SEO, including those who do not understand how SEO works, will surely make use of professional SEO services. Well .. in this case, clearly talking about how much it costs Professional SEO services? The answer is very relative. It depends on the keywords that are targeted.

Yes … the type of keywords, obviously will determine the price. Some keywords with a high level of competition, require substantial investment costs. However, if you understand how to utilize SEO functions in digital marketing strategies, the results obtained will be directly proportional. It can even be many times more than you ever imagined.

Several factors determine the price of professional SEO services. Among them; are the number and type of keywords, website conditions, duration of work, the level of competition of keywords that are targeted, etc.

The most popular and most searched keywords, it’s clearly at a high level of competition. Thus, the level of difficulty will increase. Then, the price follows …

Calculate The Potential Of Professional SEO Services:

But, in my opinion, the price of professional SEO services, is still quite cheap if you imagine conventional business investment. Okay .. now imagine, if you want to sell products conventionally. And, you want to be in an area where visitors are crowded, so you have to find a strategic place. There are two alternatives in this regard. You buy or you rent a place.

Well … there is a little different here!. In conventional business, thousands of pairs of eyes that see it, do not necessarily need what you sell. If you choose to sell products in the market / at the mall, not everyone who is there, looking for what you sell. Most of them are even just walking around.

In contrast to the results of SEO! .. When people type a word or sentence in a search engine, it is certain, that what is typed is what he needs. And when you show up there, then the possibility for the conversion is likely to occur. All that’s left is how you package the marketing language.

FAQs; What Is SEO?

What is meant by SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Strategies for increasing organic traffic on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Organic traffic means no pay. Alias ​​free!

So, whatever actions allow your website to rank in search engines, that’s SEO!

What are SEO and its functions?

Already answered above. The function of SEO is to make a website on page 1 of Google and other search engines, period! Not pages 2, 3, 4, and so on.

What are SEO, SEM, SMM, and SMO?

SEO is Organic Marketing. SEM is Marketing with Paid Advertising. SMO is Marketing on Social Media the Organic Way. SMM is Marketing with paid advertising on Social Media.

What are the types of SEO?

There are not many types of SEO. There are only 3 types of SEO, On-Page, Technical, and Off-Page SEO. So many factors or components of these 3 types. Very much, not standard, and all of them are limited to the prediction of search engine algorithm trends.

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