5 Best WIFI Breaking Applications

WIFI breaking applications

Many people are curious about how and whether it is feasible to hack Wi-Fi qualifications using Android. The simple answer is “yes.” With the right tools and tactics (apps), you can hack Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices.

We first explain some of the fundamental information regarding the type of Wi-Fi password security before moving on to our main issue, which involves the method to hack Wi-Fi passwords on Android phones.

This post will be helpful to you if you are interested in furthering your knowledge and learning the tricks and methods for hacking Wi-Fi passwords using an Android device.

WIFI password

The WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK passwords are provided by Wi-Fi Password, a specialized tool that also allows for a variety of tests. For example, password security, completely random attack combinations to prevent attacks on the device from hackers or crackers, etc.

You will get the encryption needed to connect to the wireless network using our WIFI hacking program. As with WIFI Map, WIFI Password will display the passwords you’ve previously used so you can review them.

With only one click, you can connect to a WIFI hotspot without knowing the password with this WIFI hacker programme, which searches for free WIFI connections nearby.


Steps to download the WIFI password:


  • Download the app from the Google Play Store using the link provided below.
  • After launching the app, select the “Scan” button.
  • Select the desired Wi-Fi network.
  • To display the password, click the “Show password” option.

Air Crack-ng

A team of geniuses from Android Developers and XDA Developers collaborated on developing this application. It is one of the most trusted apps in the eyes of hackers, who largely rely on it for hacking operations. This application is useful for testing network security and making sure you’re secure as well.

The programme is readily available and commonly used on PCs running Ubuntu 14/15/16 in addition to other Linux distributions.

If this version has not yet been set up on your computer, you can download the necessary version for your PC after watching one of the many effective and easy-to-understand Ubuntu videos on YouTube.

The most significant requirement for the software is that you devote time and effort to it, along with a wireless USB OTG adapter, a bit of common sense, and sharp intellectual ability.

WIFI Breaking App


  • Utilizes dictionary attacks to decrypt WPA/WPA2-PSK keys and the Fluhrer, Mantin, and Solomon (FMS) attack to decrypt WEP keys.
  • Uses a known key to decrypt WEP or WPA-encrypted capture files.
  • Various cards are put in monitor mode.


The safety of your WIFI network can be verified using this programme, and it can also be used to access other WIFI networks. The primary use of the application is to check the security of your WIFI connections, but ethical hackers must have it because of how simple it is to use

It is as straightforward as it initially seems, without any hassles, and even if the user is a novice or newbie, the likelihood of success is still great.

Since it works with numerous routers, the program increases your likelihood of getting into the bulk of other WIFI connections.

WiFi WPS Connect - Apps on Google Play

It is as straightforward as it initially seems, without any hassles, and even if the user is a beginner or newbie, the likelihood of success is still great the guide that follows explains in detail how to use the app to connect to a network.

  • These WIFI password cracking apps can be used to crack passwords for WIFI
  • target particular networks that can be broken into by using some of the pre-configured PIN combinations.
  • You can quickly gain the password and get online without a lot of trouble.
  • The WIFI password hacking tool makes use of algorithms like Zhao and Easy Box.


This tool for the operating system Android is free to download and was created by Simone Margaritelli. It is available in English and is made up of various modules with a 6.4 MB file size. To some, it is similar to the WIFI WPA WPS Testing application.

The advantage of this programme is that it can control vulnerable devices that are connected to a single WIFI network, in addition to hijacking other people’s WIFI and conducting WIFI vulnerability tests.

In addition to the two tasks mentioned above, it also does other things like:

  • Finding ports that are open on a single target is known as port scanning.
  • Network mapping: It keeps track of all the networks operating in the area, and password cracking obtains the password for several protocols, such as HTTP, IMAP, MSN, FTP, and IRC.
  • Kill connections: disable the transmission of data packets to defeat the goal of connecting to any server or website.
  • Attack by a man in the center, also called a hijacking.
  • Every message sent between the two victims is hijacked in this attack, and new messages are then inserted.

WIFI Breaking App


Wifi Hacking Using Reaver

Instead of text-based user interfaces, which require commands to be typed on a computer or smartphone keyboard, the GUI is a user interface that enables users to connect with electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Through graphical icons and an audio measure like primary notation. Additionally, it offers a monitor mode that the user can activate or deactivate based on their requirements.

It automatically recognizes wireless routers that support WPS, registers PINs, and recovers the WPA and WPA2 passwords using the brute force attack method against WPS.

  • In 2 to 5 hours, the software can gather the needed passphrases
  • External scripts are also allowed
  • The WPA/WPA2 passphrases were obtained by this WIFI hacker’s programme using a brute force attack on WPS registrar PINs
  • The Reaver WIFI hacker app has been tested on an extensive variety of devices and can obtain the target AP’s plain text WPA or WPA2 passphrase in 2–5 hours

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