AirDrop Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It- Best In 2024

Here’s How To Fix AirDrop Not Working?

Is your AirDrop not working properly? You are not alone, hundreds of iPhone users face the exact problem every day. This can be caused by a lot of reasons and it is not difficult to fix. So don’t worry! In this blog, we have shared the best solutions to fix the AirDrop not working problem.

Many people find it difficult to solve this problem and because of that, they follow stupid solutions on the Internet. But the solutions that we are going to give are not at all stupid and work completely. So if you are also facing this problem then follow this blog. Make sure that you carefully use these solutions to get the best outcome. Let’s get to the solutions!

Solutions for AirDrop Not Working Problem

There are many ways to fix this error. You should apply the given solutions one by one to get the best results. In most cases, the first solution is enough but if your problem is fixed with the first solution then apply the next solution.
So let’s start.

Solution 1- Restart Your Internet Connection and Bluetooth

The first and the most basic solution to fix the AirDrop not working problem is to restart your Wifi and Bluetooth. As AirDrop and these two settings are connected directly so in most cases, this problem can be fixed by simply restarting the Bluetooth and Wifi.

Swipe down and turn off your Wifi and Bluetooth. Then wait for a few seconds and then turn them back on. Lastly, check if the problem is fixed or not. If it is fixed good, but if not try the next solutions.

Solution 2- Reset Your Network Settings

If your problem is not fixed by restarting Wifi and Bluetooth then the next step is to reset the network settings. If you don’t know how to do it then follow these instructions.

• Open your device’s Settings and look for General.
• Then click on it and select Reset then further select Reset Wifi Settings.

This will reset your wifi setting and might also fix the AirDrop not working problem. So do try it out!

Solution 3- Try Restarting Your Device

The next solution is yet another easy way to fix this problem. If the problem is temporary due to some issue then restarting your device will fix it. So turn off your device and then turn it back on. Then check for the problem if it is not fixed then move to the next solution.

Solution 4- Update Your IOS Version

An outdated version of IOS can also cause the AirDrop not working issue. So if you have an outdated IOS, update it.
If the problem is with your system then updating the device IOS will help you to eliminate all kinds of minor and major problems. So do update your IOS before you move to the next solution.

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Solution 5- Logout and Sign in Again in iCloud

The last solution that we recommend is to log out and then log in again to your iCloud account.

• Firstly, Open your Settings.
• Then look for iCloud, click on it and sign out from it and after waiting for like a minute, sign in again.
• Lastly, check for the AirDrop not working issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the topic.

Why isn’t my AirDrop not working on Mac?

This can happen for a lot of reasons. The simplest thing that you can do to fix this issue is to restart your wifi and Bluetooth. If this doesn’t work then try resetting your network settings.

Why can’t my iPhone send but not receive an AirDrop?

This can happen if your Hotspot is on and you are trying to receive an AirDrop. So the solution is to go to Settings and then look for the Personal Hotspot option. Turn it off and then try to receive an AirDrop.

How do you reset AirDrop?

There is no specific way of resting your AirDrop. So instead you should reset your network settings. You can do it by going to your Setting and then General and then Reset. Lastly, select Reset Network Settings. This will help you in fixing your AirDrop bot working option.

Do you have to be on the same wifi to AirDrop?

No, you don’t have to be on the same wifi to send and receive an AirDrop. You can do it on different wifi.

Is AirDrop faster than Bluetooth?

Yes, AirDrop is many times faster than Bluetooth. Many people prefer AirDrop over Bluetooth as AirDrop is better in almost every way.

How many photos can I AirDrop at once?

There is no limit to AirDrop. You can AirDrop as many pictures as you want on AirDrop. There is no restriction on that.


We know that it gets very annoying when your AirDrop is not working and you have to do something important. So in this blog, we have given 5 simple solutions to fix the AirDrop not working problem. If you have any queries then do ask us in the comments!

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