Best Alternatives to Google Docs in 2023

Alternatives to Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular online document editing and sharing platforms, providing convenient collaboration tools. However, some users may prefer alternatives that have differentiated features, pricing models, privacy policies, or compatibility. This article explores the top alternatives to Google Docs across categories.

Open Source Google Docs Alternatives

For users focused on open source options, there are a few powerful Google Docs alternatives to consider.


Alternatives to Google Docs

OnlyOffice offers a free open source online office suite similar to Google Docs. Key features include:

  • In-browser document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors
  • Real time collaboration for editing with multiple users
  • File sharing and commenting abilities
  • Document organization with folders
  • Support for all major formats like DOC, XLS, PPT plus ODF
  • Available standalone or integrated with popular web platforms

As OnlyOffice comes from open source roots, there is an emphasis on extensibility and transparency for users focused on privacy. Overall it offers a solid free alternative to Google Docs.

Ethical Office Suite

Alternatives to Google Docs

EthicalOffice Suite has an open source online office suite with all the essential features required. Key options consist of:

  • Document, spreadsheet and presentation editors
  • Live collaboration between team members
  • Robust sharing features
  • Complete editing history logs
  • Support for bulk uploads and synchronization
  • Customizable permissions for access control
  • Guaranteed privacy and data ownership

This alternative highlights strong privacy protections as well as community-driven development principles for maximum user control.

Collabora Online

Alternatives to Google Docs

Collabora offers a LibreOffice-based online editing suite that is also open source to provide greater transparency. Capabilities include:

  • Real time co-editing on documents
  • Wide range of supported file formats
  • Customization with extensions
  • Compatibility with many content management systems
  • Local data storage options available
  • Role-based access and permissions

Overall, Collabora Online delivers easy integration, great compatibility, and strong extensibility that make it an appealing open source pick.

Microsoft Office Alternatives

Many users are deeply familiar with Microsoft Office desktop and online apps. The top alternatives provide similar UIs and compatibility.

Microsoft 365

Alternatives to Google Docs

Microsoft 365 extends the trusted Office suite into software as a service cloud-based and mobile experiences. Core apps consist of:

  • Word for documents
  • Excel for spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint for presentations
  • Outlook for email
  • OneDrive for cloud storage
  • Microsoft Teams for communication

This gives a full ecosystem that many businesses already utilize and trust. Top benefits are seamless compatibility with Office plus enterprise-grade security and support.

Zoho Docs

Alternatives to Google Docs

Zoho Docs is an online office suite that closely resembles Microsoft Office while integrating value-added features. Main features include:

  • Intuitive document, spreadsheet and presentation editors
  • Real time co-editing capabilities
  • File sharing with access controls
  • 1 TB of storage in base plan
  • Full Zoho ecosystem integration including email, CRM, project tools and more
  • Support for Zia AI assistant for smart recommendations

With deep Microsoft Office compatibility and an integrated ecosystem spanning far beyond docs, Zoho Docs is a leading alternative choice.

WPS Office

Alternatives to Google Docs

WPS Office offers a freemium online office solution with a desktop-class UI for smooth onboarding. Top traits consist of:

  • High fidelity document, spreadsheet and presentation editors
  • Support for PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT formats
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • VBA macro support
  • 1 GB free cloud storage
  • Linux and mobile compatibility

This Google Docs and Microsoft Office alternative balances capabilities with accessibility via its free tier.

Apple iWork Alternatives

Many MacOS users appreciate the deep iWork integration for Pages, Numbers and Keynote. There are alternatives focused on the Apple ecosystem as well.

Hancom Office 2022

Alternatives to Google Docs

Hancom Office brings an Apple-inspired design with deep compatibility and convenience. Core features include:

  • macOS menu bar integration
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Real time collaboration abilities
  • Support for common file types beyond iWork
  • Diagramming and mind mapping
  • Premium fonts, images and templates

Altogether Hancom Office aims to provide seamless Apple environment support while exceeding iWork in some aspects like templates and diagrams.


Alternatives to Google Docs

OfficeSuite concentrates extensively on the mobile experience with robust Apple device support via iCloud and iOS design aesthetics. Main traits are:

  • App extensions for integration across Apple devices
  • Touch-optimized UX optimized for iPad and iPhone
  • Real time coediting features
  • Extensive formatting options
  • File management integrations with cloud storage providers
  • PDF signing and annotation capabilities

Those seeking an Apple-first office suite tailored to mobile needs can benefit from OfficeSuite.

SoftMaker Office

Alternatives to Google Docs

SoftMaker Office is an office suite built from the ground up with a focus on the macOS and iOS ecosystem integration. Core strengths include:

  • Comprehensive support for macOS menus and shortcuts
  • Dock integration for convenient access to documents
  • Complete Apple file format compatibility
  • Associated iPhone and iPad apps included
  • No subscription required for premium version
  • Use on 5 devices free with premium license

The deep care put into macOS and Apple environment optimization makes SoftMaker Office an ideal pick for many Apple users.

Private and Secure Alternatives

Privacy is an increasing priority for consumers which also extends to online office apps. Private providers offer enhanced security assurances.


Alternatives to Google Docs

CryptPad leverages end-to-end encryption for secured collaboration across documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, polls, and more. Key traits consist of:

  • Zero knowledge encryption without access to keys
  • Customizable permissions across roles
  • Durable file version histories
  • User identity protection options
  • Open source transparency on privacy
  • GitHub issue tracker for community insight

For office collaboration in areas like human rights, healthcare, legal and more, CryptPad warrants a close look for its security stance.


Alternatives to Google Docs

Tresorit focuses on encrypted content collaboration across files stored in the cloud. Core privacy tools provided:

  • End-to-end and client-side encryption
  • Support for strict data residency needs
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliance adherence
  • Rigorous 3rd party auditing and transparency
  • Role restriction flexibility with access control
  • Dashboard for auditing file actions

The “privacy by design” approach strives to balance productivity with ironclad security.


Alternatives to Google Docs

Etherpad delivers open source real-time document editing. However, customized packaging or managed solutions layer on privacy enhancing features including:

  • Configurable encryption both in transit and at rest
  • On premise deployment options with enterprise firewalls
  • Data center selections based on jurisdiction
  • Ability to retain encryption keys
  • Support for GDPR and data sovereignty regulation
  • Role-based authentication protocols

For sensitive collaboration use cases, tailored Etherpad solutions emphasize security.

Apple iWork

Alternatives to Google Docs

Although Apple iWork does not market itself as an ultra-secure suite, its alignment with Apple ecosystem privacy does enhance protections. Key items:

  • Utilization of end-to-end iCloud encryption
  • Commitment to zero knowledge of customer data access
  • Locked down iOS environment reducing vulnerabilities
  • Stance against targeted advertising limiting data sharing

Those invested heavily in Apple hardware and services gain baseline privacy advantages.

Specialized Google Docs Alternatives

Some alternatives place extra emphasis on performance for documents, speed, specific collaborator roles, automation, and other differentiated areas.

CKEditor 5

CKEditor 5 provides a highly modularized, customizable and streamlined browser-based rich text editing experience specialized for productivity. Benefits include:

  • Lightweight and fast from ground up optimization
  • Collaborative editing in real time
  • Responsive support for mobile and touch devices
  • Extensible via JavaScript APIs
  • Content quality assurance integrations
  • Accessibility capabilities compliance

For nimble and speedy documentation editing at scale, CKEditor 5 warrants a closer look.


While Draftable may not deliver a full office suite, its honed emphasis on comparison differentiation can prove invaluable for productivity. Core activities enabled:

  • Compare document draft iterations and changes
  • Review sheets side by side for spreadsheet analysis
  • Run presentations against each other for impact
  • Apply annotations and feedback atop versions
  • Configure management permissions based on role

For team alignment cutting through multiple drafts and revisions, Draftable solves a distinct pain point.


Airtable combines structured data capabilities akin to spreadsheets with enhanced content authoring features. Benefits include:

  • Familiar spreadsheet-like base ability
  • Visual view building for bespoke needs
  • Custom fields, forms and tables
  • Relation linking across bases
  • File attachment support
  • Automation triggers

Particularly useful for hybrid content/data scenarios, Airtable provides unique advantages.


Figma concentrates as an interface design, whiteboard and prototyping editor for streamlined ideation and mocking. Core offerings:

  • Multi-page web and app prototyping
  • Vector design tools for precise imagery
  • Smart shapes, grids, templates and libraries
  • Style guides to align UI development
  • Comment and edit with developers concurrently live
  • Inspect code output anytime

For designers, product managers and developers collaborating, Figma can excel for productivity.


Google Docs delivers a capable document creation and editing experience amplified by the convenience of cloud access. However, alternatives can exceed Google Docs around open source flexibility, Microsoft Office familiarity, Apple device integration, privacy control, self-hosting customization and specialty use case optimization like prototyping.

Carefully weighting feature priorities and limitations across diverse alternatives allows matching to individual or organizational preferences. Astute self-reflection clarifies which alignment and trade-offs best enable productivity for cloud office needs against reliance solely on Google Docs. No universal best solution rises above all. But exploring the capabilities landscape covered here showcases where alternatives can synthesize potent productivity.


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FAQ About Google Docs Alternatives

What is the best free alternative to Google Docs?

The best free Google Doc alternative depends on user priorities. Top considerations include Open source merits, Microsoft Office capabilities or Apple ecosystem cohesion. Based on these criteria, some of the best free options are OnlyOffice, Zoho Docs or Apple iWork.

What is the most secure and private Google Docs alternative?

The most secure and private alternatives leverage end-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption coupled with access controls. Based on these measures, CryptPad, Tresorit and to a degree Collabora Online provide leading privacy enhancing capabilities.

What Google Docs alternatives support offline editing?

The Microsoft 365 and Apple iWork alternatives focus heavily on combined offline/online editing support across desktop, mobile and web experiences. Open source options like LibreOffice also enable offline editing but may not synchronize seamlessly upon reconnect.

Is Zoho Docs the best Google Docs alternative?

Zoho Docs is considered one of the top Google Docs alternatives for its Microsoft Office design familiarity, ecosystem integrations, AI capabilities and value pricing. However “best” can be related to user priorities around features, device usage or privacy perspectives across good choices like OnlyOffice, CryptPad or Microsoft 365.

Which self-hosted Google Docs alternatives have collaboration features?

Self-hosted alternatives like Collabora Online, Nextcloud Documents and Etherpad have real-time co-editing abilities. They enable document collaboration while prioritizing data control via on-premise deployment flexibility over reliance on external vendor cloud platforms.

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