Best Gaming Headphones 2023

Best Gaming Headphones 2023

When playing games, a decent headset can really help. Choosing the best headphones for you can be a challenge, depending on whether you like to be fully engaged in the game by listening to the music or sound effects or need to hear every adversary step. If you don’t require a microphone, the majority of wired audiophile headphones are excellent choices.

One of the finest ways to enhance your gaming experience is with a better set of headphones. Thoughtful sound design is a cornerstone of contemporary gaming. There are many headsets available with mics for team talk, wired and wireless alternatives, and comfy designs for hours of play that are made specifically for this purpose.

Razer BlackShark V2

The BlackShark V2 is regarded as one of the best in this category for audio quality. The bass, mids, and treble are well separated to prevent the tones from blending together, and the audio quality is excellent. That’s amazing, because this is especially surprising for a $100 headset. The ability to fine-tune the audio quality of this particular headset using Razer’s Synapse programme is one of its best features.

The design of the Razer BlackShark v2 is simple and understated. Its foam pads make it comfortable to use for extended gaming periods, and it is lighter than many other gaming headsets on the market. It’s crucial to purchase a set of comfortable headsets for extended gaming sessions.

  • Response to Frequency: 12 Hz–28 kHz
  • Impedance: 1 kHz, 32
  • 100 dB of sensitivity (1 kHz)
  • Specifications for Driver 50 mm

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Sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser’s GSP 670 is the pinnacle of PC gaming headphones. Although this headset is pricey, Sennheiser is a master of audio, and it is fantastic. The microphone is perhaps the best component. The simplest approach to muting oneself in chat is to use the swivel motion that enables you to turn it up to mute the microphone. Period. The headset is also incredibly comfy, so you can play video games all day long without feeling uncomfortable.

The mic has noise cancellation as well. Additionally, the conversation audio and ordinary game audio have separate volume sliders. allowing you to make the ideal adjustments.

  • Price: $277.36 USD
  • Weight: 522 g
  • Model Number: GSP 670
  • Waterproof: No

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HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core headset is still a terrific choice, even though you won’t normally save as much on a wireless gaming headset as you would on a worn-out one. When compared to other wireless gaming headphones, its price range of $60–$80 is relatively reasonable. Although it isn’t the most feature-rich gaming headset available, it is a solid choice for a lot of money.

Similar to its wired predecessor, the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is visually identical. It appears as though HyperX severed the cables on a set of wired Cloud Stinger headsets. However, it’s not always a terrible thing. Mesh ear cups with a small amount of movement are a characteristic of the Stinger Core headset.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core has a battery life of 17 hours or so on a single charge. The headset’s ability to be charged via a USB Type-C connector is one of its better features.

  • 50mm directional drivers
  • Weight: 275 grams
  • Volume control on the headset

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SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset from SteelSeries isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it. With so many capabilities in this fashionable headset, it’s difficult to know where to start. However, let’s start with the gaming features: Multi-system communication is provided by the wireless base station of the headset, and other features include a highly adjustable design that is so light and comfy you won’t even notice it’s on your head. The battery life is also technically “infinite” thanks to a swappable battery system.

The 40mm speakers on the Nova Pro Wireless are custom-designed and capable of high-fidelity playback, but you’ll need a wired connection and a DAC to experience the headset’s 10-40,000 Hz frequency range. This headset does an excellent job with various types of audios, so the immersive and layered sound doesn’t simply apply to game audio.

  • Dual USB connections
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 360 Spatial Audio for PC

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Corsair HS65 Surround

Given all of the benefits you receive from the Corsair HS65, it is difficult to believe how much it costs. This really stunning gaming headset outperforms its price range in terms of both functionality and sound quality, making it a necessity for almost everyone, even those who can afford the more expensive options on this list.

With Corsair’s new elegant design, an easy-to-use flip-to-mute mic, plush memory foam leatherette ear pads, a lightweight design, and a 3.5mm connection that can be converted to a USB connection using the included 7.1 surround sound USB adapter, this is one of the best wired gaming headsets available right now.

  • Headset: 190 x 210mm
  • Ear pad interior: 50 x 85mm, TRRS cable: 1.8m
  • Weight: 282g (9.9oz)
  • Model Number: CA-9011270-NA

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Audeze LCD-GX

Audeze’s LCD-GX has you covered if you’re searching for an audiophile experience that doubles as a gaming headset. This open-back, over-ear planar magnetic gaming headset has a magnesium frame that is lightweight and has a look that matches the rest of the company’s LCD lineup. However, it is not inexpensive; in fact, at $899, it more than justifies the moniker “Best Gaming Headset Splurge.”

Particularly in comparison to other gaming headsets, the LCD-GX offers outstanding audio quality. It leans slightly warm overall, but it has excellent dynamics and multi-layered mid-tones that provide for a really pleasurable listening experience.

Large, circular over-ear earcups and a cozy suspension headband are two highlights of the LCD-GX. It has a boom microphone wire and a regular cord, so you may use it as a pair of headphones or a gaming headset, depending on your needs.

  • Transducer type: Planar Magnetic
  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 50kHz
  • Style: Over-ear, open-back
  • Maximum power handling: 5W RMS

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Sony Inzone H9

The Sony Inzone H9 is a great pair of headphones and a microphone for the PlayStation 5, even though Sony has a headset specifically designed for the PS5 called the PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. And the black-and-white coloring of the headset makes it compatible with the PS5. The addition of more immersive directional audio is made possible by support for Sony’s Temped 3D Audio. In terms of overall sound quality, we even contend that the Inzone H9 headset surpasses the Plus model.

However, the Inzone H9 may also be used with PCs, albeit with very limited desktop software. And for the price, the microphone leaves us wanting more.

  • Effective frequency of the microphone: 100Hz-8,000Hz
  • Bluetooth® version: Version 5.0
  • Effective Range: Approx.10m
  • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz band

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The greatest gaming headset is determined by a number of distinct factors. The headset must always be comfy and offer high-quality audio for gaming. In fact, I contend that the first is more significant than the second. You’ll be able to hear what’s happening in your game even if your headset doesn’t offer high-quality sound. But even if it’s somewhat uncomfortable, after about 30 minutes you’ll want to rip it off, and that’s not good for playing any kind of game.

The choice between a wired and a wireless model should come next. Almost always, wireless models are more expensive, but the comfort of living without wires could make them worthwhile. A headset with 3.5 mm connectivity may be useful in this situation because, generally speaking, wireless headsets that are compatible with PCs and PS5 are not compatible with Xbox Series X or S, and vice versa.



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