Best Tablets in 2023

The best tablets in 2023

Finding the ideal tablet can be challenging, whether your goal is to get the kids affordable, reliable tablets for school or you simply want a lovely second screen to put next to the sofa.

For instance, although Apple’s iPads are the best for students and creative professionals, Amazon tablets are typically perfect for youngsters and anyone on a small budget. These tablets are the top ones available right now, according to our recommendations based on years of research and reviews.

best tablets in 2023

iPad Pro 12.9

As of 2023, the iPad Pro 12.9 is Apple’s top tablet and has laptop-class power thanks to an M2 CPU. Although this may seem overkill given that a tablet can hardly tax the M1 from the previous generation, it makes the gadget future-proof.

This tablet is similar to the iPad Pro 12.9 in most other ways, including having a big 12.9-inch screen that uses mini-LED to generate sharper graphics than those seen on less expensive iPads. It boasts useful features like Face ID, powerful cameras, and, of course, support for accessories like Apple’s Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil 2. It is also amazingly small and light for all the technology it offers.

best tablets in 2023

  • Weight: 688g
  • Dimensions: 280.6 x 214.9 x 6.4mm
  • OS: iPadOS 16
  • Screen size: 12.9-inch
  • Resolution: 2048 x 2732 pixels
  • CPU: Apple M2
  • Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB

OnePlus Pad

Consider the OnePlus Pad if you’re looking for a tablet that can occasionally take the place of your laptop, one that still excels as an entertainment slate, and is not an iPad. Given that it is the company’s first tablet and that Android 13 is installed right out of the box, there have been many enhancements made to make using Android on a tablet a fantastic experience.

With the help of the company’s peripherals, a magnetic keyboard cover, and a stylus, multitasking is noticeably effective in this situation. It was the first time I felt at ease spending extended periods of time working on an Android tablet.

Performance is rather slick; the 11.61-inch LCD 144-Hz display is clear, fluid, and colorful; the battery has outstanding standby life; and it can last almost a whole workday. It will receive four years of security patches in addition to three years of OS updates. It is unfortunate that there is no headphone jack, microSD slot, or biometric authentication.

best tablets in 2023

  • 11.61″
  • 2000×2800 pixels
  • 13MP
  • 2160p
  • 8/12GB RAM
  • Dimensity 9000
  • 9510mAh


Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

For those who must have a huge tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is the best tablet available.

This year’s edition, like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, has a stunning 14.6-inch OLED display, an incredibly compact and slender design, and plenty of power thanks to its quick Snapdragon 8 engine. The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra should work well for you if you’re already a part of the Samsung ecosystem and need a tablet with laptop-like features.

Naturally, Samsung’s enormous tablet isn’t perfect. Although it may function as a laptop when linked with the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard, the accessory raises the price of the $1,200 device by $349. The Tab S9 Ultra weighs only 1.6 pounds.

best tablets in 2023

  • CPU: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • Camera Resolution: 12MP + 12MP UW (front), 13MP AF + 6MP UW (back)
  • Display: 14.6-inch, 2,960 x 1,848-pixel
  • Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel Tablet runs Android 13, Google’s tablet-optimized version of the operating system, which first appeared on Android 12L. The Google Suite of apps, its entertainment apps like YouTube, Google Play apps, and more have all been developed by the firm and are now compatible with tablets and large-screen devices, making the Pixel Tablet a genuine delight to use.

But this tablet isn’t designed for work. The Pixel Tablet doesn’t quite reach the top of this list, but it more than deserves its spot there given that many people choose to use their tablets as productivity boosters and that the iPad and Tab S-series play to their strengths.


best tablets in 2023

  • Weight: 493g
  • Dimensions: 258 x 169 x 8.1mm
  • OS: Android 13
  • Screen size: 10.95-inch
  • Resolution: 1600 x 2560 pixels

Amazon Fire HD 10

Fire tablets from Amazon aren’t for everyone. Although they heavily promote Amazon Prime, these services and applications are fantastic for relaxing activities like playing games and watching films. The Google Play Store does not exist, and not all Android apps are easily accessible.

Our favorite Fire Tablet, the 2021 Fire HD 10, is still difficult to beat for $150. If you couple it with a Bluetooth keyboard, it provides enough power for the majority of tasks, including some light work. It features a USB-C port, so you can use the same connection to charge it as your laptop or Android phone, and it supports hands-free Alexa, so it can also function as an Echo Show.

best tablets in 2023

  • 10.1″
  • 1920×1200 pixels
  • 5MP
  • 720p
  • 3GB RAM

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro 8 are nearly identical. Although we have no issues with iterative releases, we had anticipated that Microsoft would take some action to improve the current version of their popular Windows 11 2-in-1. That’s regrettably not the case. The Surface Pro 9’s availability in two different flavors is its most intriguing feature.

There are two versions available: one with the new Microsoft SQ3 ARM processor and the other with a 12th-generation Intel Core CPU. Additionally, that latest model provides 5G connectivity, a first for the Surface range. The 5G model is the only one that makes use of the new neural processing unit, at least based on what Microsoft demonstrated at its Microsoft Surface event.

best tablets in 2023

  • Display: 13-inch screen (2880 x 1920)
  • CPU: Intel Evo 12th Gen Core i7
  • GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • RAM: 8GB – 32GB
  • Storage: 128GB – 1TB

iPad Air

Apple’s most recent iPad Air is far more similar to the iPad Pro than to its entry-level tablets. Additionally, we had to repeatedly confirm which tablet it was when we tested the item.

The iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra are among the best tablets we’ve tested, and they only surpass them in a few areas, such as with their larger screens, more storage, and higher-resolution displays.

best tablets in 2023

  • Weight: 461g
  • Dimensions: 247.6 x 178.5 x 6.1mm
  • OS: iPadOS 16
  • Screen size: 10.9-inch
  • Resolution: 1640 x 2360 pixels
  • CPU: Apple M1
  • Storage: 64GB/256GB

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen)

If you want an Android tablet with minimal lag, you only need Lenovo’s Tab P11 Pro. Even after working for a few days in Lenovo’s Productivity Mode, which activates when a Bluetooth keyboard is connected, the MediaTek 1300T processor inside did a great job juggling a variety of programmes and games. The UI changes to a setting resembling a laptop with resizable app windows.

However, it’s not quite as pleasant to use for work as the OnePlus Pad. The version with six gigabytes of RAM that I tested performed better than the 4-GB variant, which is less expensive but probably slower. If you want to get some work done, I strongly advise utilizing Lenovo’s keyboard and kickstand because they attach via pogo pins and don’t require any power or Bluetooth fumbling.

best tablets in 2023

  • 11.2″
  • 1536×2560 pixels
  • 13MP
  • 1080p
  • 4-8GB RAM
  • Kompanio 1300T
  • 8200mAh


The first thing you must decide when selecting a tablet is how much you intend to use it for. Will it take the place of a laptop as the primary computing device, or will it serve as an additional tool for productivity and entertainment? Tablet computers of today are more than capable of performing all fundamental laptop activities.

The next step is to choose your pricing range. Tablets can range from low-cost, budgetary gadgets to extremely expensive, cutting-edge portables, which are far more expensive than the laptops they replace. Finally, it would be beneficial to decide between an Android and an Apple iPadOS tablet based on your preferred services and applications.


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