30 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins 2023

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

The plugin can be defined as software code with certain functions that allow an application or program to run additional features in that application or program. WordPress is one of the programs or applications that support plugins. WordPress alone provides thousands of plugins to make it easy for users to add additional features to their blogs or websites. One of the most popular categories of WordPress plugins is the social media plugin. WordPress social media plugins are divided into five functions

  • Auto publishes: This type of plugin works to share articles or content automatically to connected social media.
  • Share icon: Adding a share button icon on WordPress makes it easier for readers to share the content on their social media accounts.
  • Social media profiles: To provide social media profiles on websites or blogs
  • Social media sign up: Provide register, sign up, and login features using social media accounts
  • Social media feeds: Display social media feeds on your website or blog

Here Is The List Of the Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

Auto Publish Social Media Plugin

1. Blog2Social


The main feature offered by Blog2Social is that it allows users to share blog articles automatically, in a customized, and scheduled manner on social media. Blog2Social offers both free and paid versions.

2. Revive Old Post


On the social media timeline, you can sometimes find Facebook tweets or posts that share old articles. Sharing old articles on social media can be done with Revive Old Post plugin.

3. NextScript

next script

NextScript is one of the popular WordPress auto-publish social media plugins with around 100 thousand active users. Besides automatically sharing blog/website content to social media, NextScript also provides a feature of importing comments on social media into WordPress.

4. Microblog Poster

micro blog poster In addition to Social Media Auto Publish and Revive Old Post, Microblog Poster also provides similar features, namely automatic posting of website content to social media. This plugin has been actively used by around 10 thousand users. Microblog will help you to share articles on social media automatically.

5. Social Media Auto Publish

social media auto publish

This plugin is only available for three social media, namely Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users can set automatic messages for each social media with different customizations.

6. WordPress to Buffer

wordpress to buffer

Buffer is a social media management service that is usually used to schedule posts. If you use the Buffer service, you can add this plugin to your website or blog. By installing the WordPress to Buffer plugin, every time you release an article on your website or blog it will automatically connect to your Buffer account and immediately share the article on the website or blog on the specified social media.

Social Media Plugin Plugin Share

7. Sassy Social Share

sassy social share

This social media plugin provides full social media sharing features, from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, to Reddit. In addition to providing sharing buttons on social media, Sassy Social Share also allows you to add a follow button to social media accounts. And most importantly, this plugin is available for free, without the need to upgrade to the premium version. You can enjoy all the features provided without paying a penny.

8. Social Pug

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

Like several WordPress social media plugins, Social Pug also provides free and paid versions. The free version allows users to provide a share button on five social media, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

9. Better Click to Tweet

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

To make it easier for readers to share highlights or important parts of the article, you can install the Better Click to Tweet plugin. All you need to do is select the important parts of the article, this plugin will display it like the image below. So the reader only needs to click on the tweet box and immediately share it to his Twitter timeline.

10. Add to Any

add to any

Add to Any is one of the oldest WordPress social media plugins. This plugin has been used by users since 2006 and until now it has gathered around 500 thousand active users. In addition to sharing on social media, Add to Any also provides a feature to track sharing activities that are integrated with Google Analytics.

11. AddThis

add this

AddThis is one of the popular social media plugins to share icon sharing on social media with around 200 thousand active users. Its main feature is the floating share buttons that allow readers to always see the sharing buttons on social media when reading articles.

12. Super Socializer

super socializer

If you manage an online store website that uses the WooCommerce platform, you can install this plugin because it has been designed to be compatible with WooCommerce. So visitors to online store websites can more easily share your products on social media.

13. Ultimate Social

ultimate social

If you want to make the article share button look more attractive, you can use this plugin. This plugin provides features from sticky buttons to social media pop-up shares. In addition, this plugin also provides social media button animation features.

14. Kiwi Social Share

kiwi social share

This plugin is quite complete because it provides features from click to tweet, floating buttons, integration with Google Analytics. For the free version, users are limited to sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and Google Plus only.

15. AccessPress Social Share

accesspress social share

This plugin provides an attractive share button so that more readers share your article. The free version allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linked In and Digg share buttons. To get more access to other social media, you have to buy the paid version.

16. Social Warfare

social warfare

The Social Warfare plugin has been actively used by around 60 thousand users. What’s interesting about this plugin is that it allows users to categorize content based on its popularity on social media.

17.  MashShare

mash share

MashShare provides a sharing icon feature on social media that already supports the Shorten URL and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugins. You can also display the number of article shares in your WordPress dashboard.

18. Social Media Builder

social media builder

The Social Media Builder Plugin is a provider of social media share icons available in free and paid versions. For the free version, users can connect websites with seven social media and 12 themes. As for the paid version, users can connect websites with 13 social media and 16 themes.

Profile Social Media Plugin

19. Simple Social Icons

simple social icon

Simple Social Icons provides icons for social media profiles on your website or blog. This plugin allows you to promote social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Google Plus, Github, Flickr, Snapchat, Medium, and many more. This plugin has been actively used by more than 200 thousand WordPress users and has received many positive reviews.

20. AddThis Follow Button

addthis follow button

AddThis Follow Buttons provides social media profile icons for up to 65 different social media, from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Messenger, Instagram, and others. This plugin is produced by the same developer as AddThis Social Share.

21. Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM

social icon widget by wpzoom

If you are bored with social media icons in general, you can install the Social Icons Widget with the WPZOOM plugin. This social media plugin provides a variety of social media icons for social media profiles on your website or blog. This plugin has been actively used by more than 60 thousand WordPress users.

22. AccessPress Social Counter

accesspress social counter

Still from the same plugin maker, AccessPress also provides plugins to display social media profiles. Just like AP Social Share, the AP Social Counter plugin is also available in free and paid versions. The free version allows users to display social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Dribbble.

23. Contact Widget

contact widget

This plugin is quite popular because it already has around 500 thousand active users. The feature provided is displaying contact information from emails, telephone numbers, and social media profiles with an attractive appearance.

24. Fuse Social Floating Sidebar

fuse social floating sidebar

This plugin provides a feature to display your social media profiles in the sidebar so that readers can continue to see your social media profiles when reading articles. Fuse Social Floating Sidebar has been actively used by around 20 thousand users.

25. Social Media Follow Button Bar

social media follow button bar

If you only need the plugin to add a social media profile on your website or blog, this plugin can be selected. The Social Media Follow Button Bar is only designed to provide a social media profile with fairly complete features. You can put your social media profile according to your taste.

26. Social Media Widget by Acurax

social media widget by acurax

This plugin made by Acurax provides 30 social media profile themes to display on your website or blog. You can set different themes and sizes for each social media icon.

Social Media Sign Up Plugin

27. WordPress Social Login

wordpress social login

You might manage a website that asks visitors to register or sign up. Sometimes visitors are lazy to fill in registration forms that are too long. To make it easier for them to register or sign up, you can give them the option to sign up or register using their social media accounts. You can install the WordPress Social Login plugin to accommodate the feature.

Social Media Feed Plugin

28. Instagram Feeds

instagram feeds

If you want to connect an Instagram feed to your website or blog, you can use the WordPress Instagram Feed social media plugin. This plugin provides various themes for Instagram feeds that appear on your blog or website.

29. Juicer


The main function of this plugin is to display your social media feeds to your blog or website so that blog/website visitors can see your activities on social media. Some social media that can be connected to Juicer are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, Slack, Linked In, and Vimeo.

30. Social Them Feeds

social them feeds

By installing this plugin, you can display your social media feeds on the website. You can put social media feeds in blog content or the sidebar. In addition, you can also add a like or follow button above or below social media feeds.


For social media plugins only, WordPress provides a variety of choices with various main functions and features. The plugins above are just a few of the thousands of social media plugins available on WordPress.

You need to know what plugin functions you need. As mentioned before there are five main functions of the social media plugin, namely auto-publish, share icons, social media profiles, social media sign-ups, and social media feeds.

I hope you find this article helpful for you if you have any doubts or queries related to this article or any other queries on blogging topics you can comment below we will get back to you with the solution.

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