Best Xbox Games 2023

Best Xbox Games 2023

Microsoft is aware that new generations of video game consoles should bring about change. Gamers want more options than having to purchase a single, expensive new box every seven years. Several creative software initiatives that were incubated during the challenging Xbox One years have resulted in a healthier and more alive Xbox ecosystem than ever.

Microsoft offers the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as its two next-generation console options. Both platforms provide experiences that are cutting-edge. You can purchase individual games or sign up for Xbox Game Pass to play a variety of titles on your Xbox, PC, or mobile device (through streaming).

Games are what actually matter, as always. The Xbox Series X and Series S have a ton of amazing games more than two years after their debuts, and there are even more blockbuster titles coming soon, including Fable and Starfield, in addition to everything Microsoft obtains from its Activision Blizzard acquisition (if it isn’t prohibited by regulators).

Best Xbox Games 2023


Halo Infinite

Due to the new grappling hook, which lets you swing across chasms and scale cliffs with ease, Halo Infinite succeeds after two prior Halo games that were a little underwhelming.

Halo Infinite, which seems to take the Silent Cartographer mission from the first game and run with it, is a semi-open-world game where you can complete a variety of missions and tasks in any order you like and in a variety of ways, such as charging in with a massive Scorpion tank or taking out enemies with a sniper rifle from a distance. More variety in the environment and a more focused narrative would be preferable.

Halo Infinite, on the other hand, is an outstanding first-person shooter for the Xbox Series X and a must-have for anyone looking for pure Halo fun and action.

  • Exploring the open environment with the grappling rifle is a lot of fun.
  • Excellent fusion of new elements in a comfortable environment
  • Stunning graphics and audio
  • Grunts are now amusing once more.

Best Xbox Games 2023

Forza Horizon 4

Compared to the real Britain, Forza Horizon 4’s version of the country is undoubtedly more attractive and more suited to street racing. The Xbox One hardware is fully utilized by this racing game, which delights in both the natural splendor of the British countryside and the glistening metropolitan streets.

But Forza Horizon 4 is more than simply a gorgeous racing game; it’s also a flexible game with an open-world setting. The game is distinguished from other racers by its vast diversity thanks to side quests, showcases, and a circuit designer in addition to the campaign and a large number of unlocked vehicles. Forza Horizon 4 is the best racing game the Xbox One has to offer if you love playing them.

Best Xbox Games 2023

Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s difficult for us to disagree with those who think Red Dead Redemption 2 is among the best video games ever created. A tale that might work well in an HBO adaptation is combined with a vast open environment set in the last days of the Wild West, when industrialization is encroaching on ranging and gun-slinging.

A single-action revolver must be cocked before it can be fired in Red Dead Redemption 2. The game not only looks amazing, but it also plays beautifully with a few small extra touches that make gunplay feel more genuine. While some of this could occasionally give the game a clunky feeling, it can also motivate you to take your time and investigate the surroundings.

There is a ton to do and see in Red Dead Redemption 2, featuring a variety of pastimes including drinking and horse grooming, as well as playing cards and going fishing. It should be played on every console.

  • Beautiful, captivating open world
  • Fascinating, complex characters
  • Countless fascinating side missions

Best Xbox Games 2023

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The most recent installment in Ubisoft’s venerable historical action/stealth franchise is Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. This time, you’ll play as the Viking warrior Eivor, who must find a new home for his clan amid the untamed countryside of mediaeval England. The typical Assassin’s Creed activities are present, such as exploring the countryside in search of quests and riches, tracking down Templar agents, amassing a collection of stealth and combat weapons, etc.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla loads swiftly and strives for a consistent 4K/60 frames per second performance on Xbox Series X. The game is not only visually stunning, but it also plays smoothly and never makes you wait long to get back into action, whether you’re quickly moving about the area or trying again in a challenging combat encounter.

Best Xbox Games 2023


Control is a unique action adventure by Remedy Entertainment. By adopting Jessie Faden’s persona, you take on the role of the newest director of the secret Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a government organization that conducts research on and ultimately seeks to regulate paranormal phenomena.

Control is a unique game made possible by the Bureau itself. As Jesse explores it, fresh doors continue to open up, giving her new abilities that enable her to access previously inaccessible areas of the maze-like structure. Finding a new oddity—like a portal to another dimension or a cursed refrigerator—and slowly piecing together what happened in the bureau before you arrived, is a lot of fun. It also feels nice to employ diverse powers to defeat cursed coworkers, in part because there isn’t much Jesse can’t damage.

  • Beautiful particle effects
  • Spirited visual direction
  • Combining voice-over work and live action in a seamless manner
  • Combines excellent psychic content with crisp gunplay.

Best Xbox Games 2023

Gear 5

One could argue that, at least in terms of single-player games, the Gears franchise was beginning to lose some steam at the time Gears of War 4 was released. However, Gears 5 marks a triumphant comeback for the series. This includes the showy sequences and bombast one would expect from a Gears game. However, it also dabbles with the horror genre, evoking a creeping dread in between bursts of fast-paced action.

The game Gear 5 is also breathtakingly beautiful, as in “bite-the-back-of-your-hand” gorgeous. The additional power of the Series X increases the level of texture and shadow detail and introduces a “lite” type of ray tracing. Basically, running at 4K with a fairly consistent 60 fps is the way to play Gear 5.

Best Xbox Games 2023

Sea of Thieves

Rare players can assume the role of pirates in Sea of Thieves and sail the waters of a magical world either by themselves or with a crew of up to four other people. You can decide whether to concentrate on trade, searching for hidden wealth, or stealing other people’s loot.

Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate? That is the appeal, after all. The game has become better and better throughout the years, and there is always something to do. It also doesn’t look that bad at all, making it an excellent game for individuals who prefer playing with others in an open-world setting. You can always find fresh content and tales in Sea of Thieves to keep you coming back for more looting.

Best Xbox Games 2023


You really can’t go wrong with any of these Xbox games if you’re looking at this list. But ultimately, whether one is best for you will depend on your personal gaming interests.

The Xbox Game Pass offers a ton of them, so if you like a range of video games, we suggest you try as many of the ones above as you can. With the exception of some downloading and storage space, picking the best Xbox game is therefore a win-win situation.


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