How to Add Music to Google Slides from YouTube – Best Guide in 2024

How to Add Music to Google Slides from YouTube

Adding music to your Google slides presentations can be a great way to enhance your content. Whether you want to set the mood, highlight key moments, or just make things a bit more lively, music brings an extra dimension to any slide deck. In this guide, we’ll walk through the easy ways to add music from YouTube videos directly into Google Slides.

Finding the Right YouTube Audio for Google Slides

The key first step is finding the perfect audio clip on YouTube for your presentation. Here are some tips:

  • Consider the tone you want to set. Upbeat music can energize while slower instrumental music may soothe. Match the mood to your content goals.
  • Look for creative commons or copyright-free music. This gives you full legal rights to reuse it. Many YouTube creators allow reuse.
  • Pick an instrumental if there’s speaking over it. Lyrics can distract from voiceovers or narration.
  • Time length matters. Pick a song snippet that aligns with the slide timing, usually under one minute.
  • Use search filters if needed. Try using filters like “creative commons” or specify instrumental/no vocal when searching.

Once you’ve found the perfect music clip, it’s time to import it. YouTube offers a fast way to get audio straight into Google Slides.

Importing YouTube Music with the Google Slides Add-On

Here is a step-by-step method to add YouTube music using a handy Google Slides add-on:

  1. Open your Google Slide presentation and go to Add-Ons      Get add-ons. Search for and select “OBS – Online Video & Audio Downloader”. Click on the + FREE button to add it.
  2. When installed, select the slide you want the music added to. Go to Add-ons  OBS – Online Video.
  3. Copy and paste your YouTube video’s URL into the search bar. Make sure it’s the video that includes the song you want.
  4. Check the “Audio only” box then click on the Download button. This extracts just the audio to import.
  5. The audio clip will automatically get added to the selected slide. You can drag the audio object around on the slide to position it.

And that’s it! The add-on does all the heavy lifting of extracting and importing the YouTube audio for you seamlessly right in Google Slides.

Customizing the Imported Audio

Once imported, there are some additional tweaks you can make:

  • Trim the start/end points – Use the cropping handles on the audio object to shorten it up or isolated a refrain.
  • Adjust audio volume – Use the arrow volume slide to increase or decrease loudness as needed.
  • Add fades – Using the audio editing panel, you can add gentle fades in/out to smoothly transition the music.
  • Loop playback – Enable looping so the music repeats continuously as the slide plays on auto-advance.

Take advantage of these tools so the imported music fits your slide deck perfectly.

Importing Multiple Audio Tracks from YouTube

What if you want music across multiple slides? No problem! Simply repeat the import process on each slide:

  1. Select new slide → Add-Ons OBS – Online Video → Paste URL → Download audio
  2. Position clip → Customize as needed
  3. Repeat for additional slides

This makes it easy to have different music for different slide sections. You can essentially create a custom soundtrack for your whole presentation sourced straight from YouTube videos.

Fair Use Guidelines for Reused Media

When repurposing audio from YouTube for slides, be mindful of copyright. While creative commons and public domain works are 100% fair to reuse, other situations get more complex legally. We recommend considering these general guidelines:

Source music from channels that explicitly allow reuse. Many artists are fine with it when credited.

  • Avoid commercial use cases without permission. Using repurposed music in monetized content can violate rights.
  • Only use short clips (<30 seconds) and properly cite sources. These fall under fair use education exemptions in many countries.
  • Review the latest copyright provisions for educational multimedia. There are often exemptions allowing reused media under 1-2 minutes.

Ultimately, be reasonable and cite sources whenever possible. With the right selective sourcing from YouTube, you can legally enhance slides without worrying.

Fixing “Media Unsupported” Errors

In some cases, Google Slides may show errors about an “Unsupported” media file when trying to add YouTube music. Don’t worry – here is how to fix:

  1. Check that the slideshow format is set to MP4 video format, not .gslides default. Go to File > Save/Download As > MP4 video.
  2. Make sure any slide animations are disabled. Complex animations can cause playback issues with imported media.
  3. Try converting the file to a Google supported format like MP3 before importing. Sites like can assist.

Usually it’s as simple as saving to MP4 format. This resolves any playback errors so the audio saves and performs correctly.

Sharing Slide Presentations with Imported YouTube Music

A final benefit of pulling audio straight from YouTube is that the imported music tracks will save directly inside your Google Slides presentation. That makes sharing super easy:

  • Email – Simply attach the presentation with music embedded to send.
  • Google Drive – Share access for viewing or editing just like any other Google doc.
  • YouTube Stream – Use Google Slides publishing to present with music live on YouTube.
  • Present in-person – Connect your laptop to share music playback externally via projector or television.

Unlike ripping music to use externally, this method keeps audio cleanly integrated in your working slide deck document for seamless delivery. The music will play back in your slides wherever you present them.

Leverage these options to share visually engaging presentations enhanced with imported YouTube soundtracks!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about adding YouTube music to Google Slides:

Can you add mp3 files to Google Slides?

Yes, MP3 files can be directly uploaded to Google Slides as long you convert the full presentation to MP4 video file format first. Converting to MP4 allows seamless music playback.

Is music automatically copyrighted on YouTube?

No. Many YouTube creators explicitly allow reuse under creative commons licensing. Look for the creative commons icon on videos or check video descriptions for commercial usage rights.

What are the best sites for copyright free music for videos?

Great sites to explore beyond YouTube include BenSound, Audio Library, Epidemic Sound, Mixkit, and Soundsnap. Just double check their respective licensing guidelines before downloading tracks to reuse.

Can I use music from YouTube to avoid copyright?

Sometimes. Short clips under 30 seconds with credit back to the creator can often qualify as educational “fair use” exemptions depending on your country’s laws. But always check first before commercially reusing content.

Does Google Slides support audio embedding?

Yes! Google Slides has built-in support for importing audio files in both video (MP4) and standard (.gslides) formats. The key is properly preparing presentations before adding music to avoid playback issues.

Following these tips and FAQs will ensure you legally enhance presentations with custom YouTube soundtracks imported seamlessly into Google Slides!


Importing music straight from YouTube into your Google Slides deck is easy with the right tools. The add-on we covered handles conversion behind the scenes so you simply grab audio from videos in just clicks. Factor in some custom trimming and adjustments, and you’ve got a soundtrack-enhanced presentation bound to hold attention.

Just remember to source audio legally using creative commons media, credit back to creators, and keep clips short for blanket fair use. Respect content rights while taking advantage of tools empowering more engaging Google Slides.

With the ability to save music right inside your presentation files for smooth sharing across channels, everything aligns for impactful video-supported slide decks. Get creative in matching the perfect songs off YouTube to the tone and flow of your presentation content. It takes slides from bland to brilliant in no time!

Disclaimer: This article summarizes common techniques for educational usage but does not constitute formal legal guidance. Refer to your country’s copyright provisions before reusing media commercially or contact an attorney for official counsel.

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