How to fix Instagram crash issue 2023

Instagram crashes may be rather unpleasant, whether they happen when you want to post, make reels, open the app, send DMs, or boost your posts. It is considerably less annoying than Instagram blocking your posts or abruptly deactivating your account, though.

There are a few possible methods you can take in an effort to fix crashes if they occur frequently when you try to use Instagram. And perhaps soon you’ll be back in the thick of things.

Fixing Instagram crashes

Perhaps you’re attempting to keep up with world events. Perhaps you’re an influencer looking to grow your fan base. You might also just want to enjoy amusing videos of people tripping. It truly doesn’t matter. Regardless of who you are, the issue remains the same. The good news is that by using the advice provided below, you can quickly fix the Instagram crash problem.

Instagram crash


Restart your mobile device.

Restarting your phone is one simple way to fix Android app crashes. When Instagram continues to crash when you open it on your phone, this simple but effective action should be taken.

Press the power button once to turn off the device. After a minute, you can put it back on. On the screen of some devices, there may be a prompt with the following two choices:

Restart: Restarting will instantly and automatically turn the device on and off.

Power Off: Until you manually turn the device back on, it will turn off.

Restarting your smartphone may seem easy, but it can do wonders for getting rid of slowness, fixing bugs, and resetting system errors.

Instagram crash

Verify to see whether Instagram is unavailable.

The first thing you should do if Instagram is crashing for you is go to DownDetector and see whether other users have reported the same issue. If so, Instagram’s servers are probably down. To verify this, go to Instagram’s official PR Twitter feed.

Instagram crash

Download and install the most recent Instagram app.

If the old installation has become incompatible with the phone’s operating system, the Instagram app may continue to crash. In this case, updating the Instagram app to the most recent build might fix the crashing issue. Although the method is the same, the process may vary slightly in the Apple version of the Instagram app.

Open the Google Play Store, then look up Instagram. Now see if there is an Instagram app update available. If so, press Open after tapping the Update button.

Instagram crash

Reinstall the application.

This step might have already been finished if you used the preceding advice if you have an iPhone. However, removing the app and then reinstalling it is another option if you haven’t previously done so or if you don’t have an iPhone.

If nothing appears to be working, it could be worthwhile to check Instagram’s official Twitter account, where they’ll inform you of any problems that might be preventing the app from functioning. For instance, there can be server issues here.

Instagram crash

Check the amount of available device storage.

Making sure your device has enough storage is yet another of the seven simple fixes for Instagram crashing on Android. For Instagram and other phone apps to function properly, you should have at least 15% of your storage space free.

You won’t be able to re-download or upgrade the Instagram app if your phone’s storage is limited. The app will also close when you open it if you already have it. A low amount of device memory may prevent some app features from functioning.

Instagram crash

Grant the Instagram app the necessary access rights.

If any necessary permissions (such as file-writing permission) are missing, the Instagram app could collapse immediately. Giving the Instagram app the necessary permissions in this case can help address the problem.

  • In the phone’s settings, launch apps.
  • Next, find and choose the Instagram app.
  • Then, open Permissions and confirm that the Instagram app has been granted the necessary permissions.
  • Enable the Instagram app’s necessary permissions.
  • Restart your phone now, then open Instagram to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Instagram crash

Empty your cache.

Apps on your phone will cache data in an effort to speed up loading as you use them. This can accumulate over time and ultimately start to cause issues. Especially if any corrupted data from the cache has been used. So, you might consider emptying your cache as a possible solution to this problem.

  • Launch Settings. On the heading, tap Storage.
  • To view a complete list of installed programmes, choose other programmes.
  • Locate Instagram and choose it.
  • Instagram crash Select Clear Cache from the menu.


If the problem continues, you can try using Instagram Lite (available only for Android devices) or the browser version of the app until the problem is fixed. If you are one of the unlucky people who cannot get Instagram to load with a browser like Firefox, you can try Edge to solve the issue.

If you absolutely must use the Instagram app, you can attempt an older version of the app (strongly not advised, as you will be downloading an older version from an unreliable third-party website).

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