50+ Best Blogging Niche Or Topics For Newbie Bloggers 2024

Best Blogging Niche Or Topics For New Bloggers

This article will help you to find inspirational content in several ways. In addition, you will also get amazing and interesting blogging topics and make your blog flooded with visitors.

Easy Ways to Find Inspiration Blogging Topics

Find Inspiration Blog Topics

Inspiration can come in unexpected places. You can suddenly get an idea of the toilet or on the road to the office. It’s just that looking for inspiration in this way is often ineffective. After much study, you don’t necessarily get ideas and encouragement to write.

Therefore, try to think of a question that you want to answer in the form of content. Make the question the title of the content you want to create. That way, the content will become more focused and focused.

Now that you have the right mindset, it’s time to look for inspiration directly from the source! There are so many channels that can be used as a source of inspiration for content. Some of them are:

  • Quora and Yahoo! Answers. Both of these channels contain many questions from various fields and users. Use both to look for general ideas.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Both places are suitable for finding inspiration blogging topics that are more specific and require expertise. Use access to information in groups to get quality content inspiration in your area.
  • Instagram, Twitter, and other news portals. Use social media and other information portals to inspire trending and lively content.
  • Blog Ideas Generator. One of the features of this Hubspot will surprise you with unexpected content ideas. How it works is quite easy. You only need to enter five keywords in English into the box provided. The generator will automatically randomize the keywords and offer you the title of the content.

Collection of Interesting Blogging Topics

Collection of Interesting Blog Topics

Another way to invite lots of visitors is by writing interesting and useful blogging topics.

Take it easy, the blogging topics in question will not limit you to certain niche blogs. So, you can just use these blogging topics and adjust them to the theme of the blog you have.

Here are 50+ interesting blog content ideas or we can say blogging topics that you can use to gain blog traffic.

1. Product review

There are at least 31-42% of internet users looking for product reviews via the internet. This means that product reviews will remain the content sought.

This is among the easy to create blogging topics. You don’t need to be someone with a large following to write a convincing review. You only need accuracy, creativity, and honesty to create interesting content.

In addition to inviting visitors, this one topic also allows you to gain money into your pocket. Many brands are willing to work with bloggers so that their products can be reviewed.

2. Tutorial

The tutorial is one of the blogging topics that many people need. That’s why the tutorial is an interesting writing idea.

Compared to other blogging topics, the tutorial can be said to be low maintenance. You do not need to frequently update the content as long as there is no change in method or system.

But unfortunately, there are some unwritten rules about who has the right to make this kind of content. Tutorials are usually written by those who are considered experts in their fields.

Therefore many companies dedicate their website pages to blogs containing tutorials. Like Bloggerconcept, which features various tutorials on website settings and optimization. On the Bloggerconcept blog, you can find ways to increase traffic, how to make a website so mobile-friendly, and other tutorials including this article about best blogging topics.

3. Product comparison

This blog content idea at a glance is similar to a product review. It’s just that you need to review two or even three products with specifications that are not much different. Blogging topics like this will help readers find products that fit their needs.

4. Travel stories

At least 95% of internet users look for information about travel destinations before vacationing. This means travel stories can become content themes that bring in a lot of visitors. This can be among the best blogging topics.

Add important information such as accommodation and transportation recommendations to make it easy for visitors. Additional short photos or videos will make your content much more interesting.

5. Checklist

A checklist is among the blogging topics which are arranged so that someone does not forget certain activities or items. You can adapt the checklist for your content needs.

For example, niche parenting makes a checklist of things that must be prepared when taking your child to the cinema. For the technology niche, you can make a checklist of things you need to do before buying the latest gadget.

In addition to preparatory content, you can also create challenging content. For example, a checklist that must be done in a sports session or a checklist of books that must be read within a year.

6. Do It Yourself (DIY)

For some people, making their goods is much more fun than having to buy. In addition to saving money, of course, there is a sense of satisfaction and pride because there will be no equal goods. Especially if the goods that are made are needed and happen to be trendy.

Some DIY content that had hits included how to make slime, foundation, and lip masks.

7. Profile

Inspirational content usually brings a lot of traffic. One form is a profile.

You can just write a profile of someone successful and influential. Expose interesting facts that not many people know. That way you do not repeat the same statement on another website.

8. Interview

Interviews are another way to create quality content and are chosen for many pro bloggers among the best blogging topics.

You can interview famous figures to get a lot of clicks. But, you can also write down the results of interviews with people closest to you.

Create interesting questions that are relevant to your readers. Another way is to ask people’s opinions about the latest trends.

9. Book recommendations

If a book is a window to the world, then book recommendations are a way to introduce your world to others. Maybe that’s why content like this has never subsided enthusiasts.

Instead of randomly recommending books, try to recommend books that still fit the theme of your blog. Indirectly you will look more expert in the field that you are in.

10. Introduction or 101

If you have a niche blog that is quite specific or complicated, try dedicating some introductory content or 101.

This kind of content will make it easier for new visitors to understand the topic you are writing about. By providing this kind of content, there is a big possibility for you to get new visitors.

You can copy the Trash for Tossers blog by Lauren Singer. He made a special introductory part called Easy Changes which contained alternative lifestyles that were environmentally friendly. This section is, of course, useful for visitors who are confused about where to apply the lifestyle.

11. Collection of questions (FAQs)

How often do you get questions about yourself and the blog? Instead of having to repeat the same answer, you better make a special page to answer the question.

This kind of content format is commonly used on company websites. But that does not mean you can not adopt it. You can dedicate FAQs about how brands can work with you. Make no mistake, this kind of content can bring visitors back and forth to your website.

If the example above feels too formal, you can also modify it. For example, a list of frequently asked questions during job interviews. Or, a question that is often asked of vegetarians. In essence, any question that is often asked by you is you.

12. The fast way ( life hack )

Humans like practical solutions to all problems. That’s why blogging topics like this will not recede visited by visitors.

To write this topic, consider the problems your visitors might be facing. For example, how to save cell phones that get rained on, overcome clothes stained, whiten teeth, etc.

13. Latest News/topic comments

Blogging topics that are being discussed hot can you lift into the content. The focus of public attention on the topics discussed will invite visitors to add information.

Because such blogging topics quickly become stale, make sure to publish your content as soon as possible. You do not want content that is made outdated, right?

14. Film recommendations

Like books, movies are an entertainment choice for some people. So, there’s no harm in making film recommendations to watch.

Even though it looks easy, you need to be a little more creative to make this recommendation. Instead of using conventional categories such as horror, drama, comedy, and so on, try making unique recommendations. For example, a list of movies to watch after a broken heart or a movie to watch after work.

The more unique the categories you make, the greater the visitors are curious to read the recommendations that you make.

15. Guest blogging

Guest blogging allows you to publish content on other people’s blogs. This method is commonly used to attract visitors from other blogs.

Before doing guest blogging, you should look for fellow bloggers who have the appropriate niche. Because the niche is too different, the initial goal to attract new readers will also not be achieved.

16. Giveaway

Giveaway is one marketing strategy that is now often used. This strategy requires visitors to compete to get the promised prize. Brand giveaway is often used to increase the number of followers and content engagement. This way you can apply to increase the amount of traffic and followers on social media.

17. Personal story

Among the blogging topics, this topic is largely avoided by professional bloggers. The reason is none other than because this topic is damaging the professional image itself.

However, if you feel the need to show the other side of being human, personal stories can be the right form of content. This method is used to convince the reader that you are a part of the reader. That way, the reader feels closer to you. Nor do they doubt what you write.

However, for this one piece of content, you need a lot of practice so that the content doesn’t look like a curtain. Include things that can be learned from your story rather than just complaining.

18. Tips

Content in the form of tips is certainly much sought after. However, you still need to do research and include information that is not much discussed. This is to prevent your content from being read-only by visitors.

19. Difficulty in running something

If tips are a recommendation of things that need to be done, then this is the opposite.

Writing difficulties in running something can give readers another perspective. This kind of content can feel relatable and will most likely be shared by readers who agree with your thoughts.

Content which is also another form of these tips will help readers get ready for difficulties when they want to learn something.

20. Event review

Not all events are reported in the mass media. If so, not all news can present a complete story.

Here is your chance to review the event more fully. You can sort out any information that is useful and interesting for your reader segment.

Typical language and storytelling will certainly be a plus point. Compared to the rigid style of news reports, event reviews can be made more interesting. Especially if you include photographs and important points from the event.

21. Glossary of terms

If your blog’s theme is specific enough and technical, there’s no harm in creating content that contains a glossary of terms. Think of it as a dictionary or index that helps visitors understand a term. Put this content together with FAQs to make it more appropriate.

22. Download free

Make content that visitors can download for free. Put your name watermark on the material. This method can make your blog spread.

Another way is to activate the download feature while subscribing via email. With a visitor’s permission, you can send the latest content. So they will most likely become your loyal readers.

Free download content can take many forms, from checklists, free e-books, to mobile wallpapers and social media content templates.

23. Blogger recommendations

Recommending other bloggers to readers does not mean expelling readers from your blog. If you are in a fairly solid blogger community, it can be the glue to your relationship with fellow bloggers. Because you provide backlinks to recommended blogs. Not to mention if you are then invited to collaborate.

24. Things to avoid

Again, this is another form of a tip. This format creates an important impression so that visitors will be more aware of what you say.

This kind of content format is suitable for application on specific blog themes. For example for a blog about fitness, you can make “Things to Avoid When Exercising During the Fasting Month.”

Because of their specific nature, make sure you combine general explanations with your experience. That way, you can create original content.

25. Educational forums and sources of inspiration

The internet is indeed a storehouse of all science and information. But it must be admitted, it will be easier if we can get educational and other inspirational content in one place. This is what you can use to develop forum recommendations and sources of inspiration.

If you are observant enough, you can get a commission from the platform that you recommend.

26. Experiments

Experiments are practical content formats that gain lots of visitors. Great curiosity to hold visitors for long on your blog.

Don’t imagine experiments in the laboratory. This content format can be adapted in various forms according to the theme of the blog. Try to experiment to answer a specific question.

27. Video content

Adding video content to a blog is not a bad idea. According to Hubspot, video content can attract the attention of visitors and make them stay longer on your blog. In an experiment video content called 55% more attention compared to article content which is only 29%.

Not only that but video content is also said to increase blog backlinks. Of course, this is very useful for the reputation of the blog as well as increasing the ranking of blogs in search engines.

If you have free time, skills, and equipment, adding videos to your blog is something that needs to be tested. Even though it is a bit complicated, the output obtained is worth it.

28. Recommended prizes

In Indonesia, the culture of giving gifts may not be as big as abroad. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the hype.

Make a gift recommendation towards the end of the year, around November or December. In this period, usually many people are looking for gift recommendations for Christmas celebrations.

Also, you can create several versions of content that are appropriate for a particular moment. For example, recommendations for birthday gifts, valentine gifts, new school year gifts, wedding gifts, etc. It would be better if the recommendation was made by the theme of your blog.

29. Recipe

Food recipes are interesting blogging topics/content ideas for millennials (ages 25-34 years) who like cooking experiences. A survey said 59% of millennials cook by bringing a smartphone or tablet to the kitchen. It was from the internet that they found a recipe and intended to try cooking it.

It’s a good idea if you start adding recipe content to your blog. To make recipes specifically for millennial audiences, try making recipes with ingredients that are easy to get and easy to cook.

30. Inspiring social media account recommendations

You’re what you follow shows who you are.

Writing inspiring social media accounts can be a strategy while diving into drinking water. On the one hand, you can strengthen your persona. Following a social media account with a similar theme will show how much you have attention on that theme. Plus points, if you have a close relationship with the recommended account owner. That will show how much you are part of the same community.

On the other hand, you help visitors find inspiring social media accounts. Returning to the opening sentence of this section, let’s say you helped redefine your visitor’s identity.

31. Myth vs. Fact

Myth vs. Facts is the right form of content if you intend to set a topic straight. This kind of content will disturb the curiosity of the reader and invite them to re-examine what they have known.

32. Communities and forums

Information about online communities and forums is quite sought after. Online communities help you and your readers network and develop interesting blogs. That’s where bloggers get loyal readers. Likewise with the latest information and other important things.

33. the First experience doing something

Most people don’t like unfamiliar feelings. That is why most do not try new things. With this kind of typical content, you are helping readers take the courage to try new experiences.

34. Reviews of services or services

There are times when we need to use services. Whether it’s private or business in government offices. Starting from repairing a broken cellphone to taking care of an extension of a Driving License.

Because things like this are inevitable, it’s good that you make a review of these services.

35. Prediction

Many things cannot be predicted in the world. But that does not prevent us from guessing what happens next. A prediction is a form of content that fits all.

However, the content contains not only the predictive smell of heresy. You can make predictions for popular things around, such as fashion trend predictions, sports match predictions, etc.

36. Challenges

The challenge or challenge starts to be enjoyed by the content.

If you pay attention, there are new challenges that emerge and go viral every month. Maybe you still remember the Ice Bucket ChallengeMannequin Challenge, or Kiki Challenge. All three are quite viral challenges on the internet.

If you have a lot of followers and are quite loyal, there is no harm in enlivening the internet universe by making challenges.

37. App recommendations according to niche

Apps on smartphones make things easy. But, it will be much easier if you can recommend applications that are useful for readers. In this way, there is no longer a story of wasting time just trying out applications on mobile phones.

38. Quiz

If you used Facebook in 2007-2009, you must be familiar with the quizzes in it. The quiz has nothing to do with prizes or ratings. On the contrary, the quiz, which is mostly in the form of a personality quiz, was made for fun.

Even so, once in a while you can also apply it on a blog. Create unique personality quizzes. This method can also be used to see the typical visitors to your blog.

39. Productivity tips

Tips for productive and efficient work are what your readers need. Because that way, they can continue with other activities.

If you are a typical productive blogger, this content idea is suitable for you to write. You can combine various things to write this content. Starting from statistics, experimental results, application recommendations, and your own experience.

40. List of citations

If you notice, a lot of people use quotes from famous figures for Instagram captions. So making a list of quotes on a blog can be a not too bad blog content idea.

Try creating categories or keywords for each list of citations that you display. That way, visitors will be easier to find quotes that match the photo

41. Past mistakes

We learn from the mistakes of the past. But it would be easier if we could learn from the mistakes of others. That way we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

This content idea is suitable for you who have enough experience in your field. Certainly, blog visitors will thank you for writing this content.

42. Open letter

An open letter is an interesting content idea. You can show your side in commenting on a problem.

With this format, you can keep your writing warm. Even though you are criticizing or asking for someone’s attention.

43. Kaleidoscope or summary of events by a year

A kaleidoscope or summary of events generally appears at the end of the year. If you notice, in those moments too, this kind of content is quite viral.

You can duplicate a similar format for your blog. No need to be hung up with content that discusses the lives of artists or national phenomena. You can just make a kaleidoscope about achievements for a year or interesting things in your community.

44. Podcast

Podcasts began to mushroom in Indonesia. Nothing wrong if you want to expand into this content format because it’s also popular among blogging topics.

Some podcast plugins on WordPress automatically insert podcasts into applications such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and other RSS-based directories. A way to consider introducing your blog to a wider audience.

45. Misconceptions about niche

Trends adopted from abroad usually often lead to misunderstandings. For example, yoga, keto diet, or alternative lifestyles.

Correcting misconceptions about your niche might be more effective. Especially when compared to having to explain everything from the beginning. Because readers may not necessarily be interested in knowing more about the topics you write about.

You can write down misunderstandings that often appear in one sentence. Then, refute the statement with an explanation. This method makes your writing more structured and easy to remember.

46. ​​Serial articles

Serial articles help you create content in the long run.

This kind of content format does require that you plan whatever content you want to write. At first, glance sounds a bit complicated indeed. However, this makes the content you write more structured. Readers will also be facilitated with focused topics and rich data.

Technically, this content format helps you build relationships between content in blogs. Visitors will most likely return to your blog to read the next article. An example of a serial article content that is quite interesting is the series The Book of Life from the School of Life.

47. Premium content

Opening a donation is generally done by content creators and bloggers through Patreon. This method is used so that content creators can continue working.

If you are one of them, it’s a good idea to dedicate premium content to your loyal followers. Only donating visitors can open the content that you created. The form of the content is free. You can create articles, podcasts, provide e-books, exclusive Facebook groups, and even create an online discussion session.

48. Flip the screen

If you have trouble sharing personal stories, behind the scenes is another way to show your personality. This method is much easier and more aesthetic than the method mentioned earlier.

You can take a picture of your desk, the research and writing process, a coffee on the table, or whatever. You can also talk about the habit of creating content and its difficulties.

49. Illustrations and graphics

Content is not merely a matter of writing. If you like the world of design and illustration, just make it your content.

So far there are two categories of illustrations that are commonly displayed. First, the illustrations are decorative and easy to share. This kind of content is usually in the form of wallpaper or typography. This type of content is also easy to download and use independently. If you want to make this kind of illustration, make sure you make it in a resolution suitable for mobile and laptop screens.

Second, it is an illustration that is only ‘just’ enjoyed. This form of content is widely shared and commented on because it is less flexible. However, that does not mean this content is not good. You can see Instagram’s Boggerconcept to find out more about the content in question.

50. Things that can be learned from something

If you find a book or movie review a little boring, this one content format is worth a try.

Instead of telling all the details in writing, this format underlines the important things for the reader. Writing down what you learn gives you the freedom to tell important moments in a book or film. In other words, you don’t spoiler readers much if they haven’t read a book or watched a movie.

51. Inspiration for holiday activities

Not everyone likes to vacation outside the area. Even so, they still need ideas to spend their vacation time.

From here you can arrange ideas for activities during the holidays. Again, adjust your ideas to the theme they work on. This will make it easier for your followers, as well as maintain their expectations about your vacation ideas.

You can also arrange vacation plans in the form of challenges or challenges. This method feels more challenging and increases visitor engagement towards your content.

52. Thank you

The author would be meaningless without the reader. So, don’t forget to say thank you to your loyal readers always try to get engage with your readers by any mode of communication like replying to their comments.

Dedicate one thank you content each time you reach your target audience. If possible, share resources that are useful for your followers. Among other promo coupons, free e-books, checklists, or free trial features of certain services.

Not only fun for readers, but this method will also increase visitors to your blog. Again, a strategy while diving drinking water.


You can get a lot of inspiration for writing through the internet. From there too, you can also get lots of blog topics to write on the blog. Blogging topics are not something that is hidden or you need to pay for it

However, you still need to be consistent with the theme of the blog that you write. That way personal branding will be strong and can attract visitors to your blog.

Hopefully, the above blogging topics can help you be more productive. So what are you waiting for? Come on, work! You can also let us know what you think about these blogging topics or you can tip us if you have other blogging topics you want to share.

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