iTunes not opening on PC: fix 2023

iTunes not opening on PC: fix

You can download and install iTunes through the Microsoft Store on the most recent version of Windows 10. Users of previous versions of Windows 7 or 8.1 can also acquire the same thing via Apple’s website. Though most people say that iTunes opens without a problem following a Windows 10 update, this is rare.

For those who are experiencing difficulties installing iTunes on Windows 10, iTunes not responding on Windows 10 can be caused by a number of factors, including a corrupted music collection, network drivers, the iTunes Store app cache, etc. If you are dealing with similar issues, try various methods.

When you attempt to run the software, iTunes merely displays the loading icon and does not perform a proper launch. This article will demonstrate quick fixes for this problem.

iTunes not opening on PC: fix

Why is iTunes not launching?

There are a number of reasons why the iTunes app on Windows 10 might not launch. Here are a few examples:

App flaw: The first thing to look for when the iTunes app stops operating is an app flaw. In order to do this, you must fix your installation and let Windows identify any errors.

In rare circumstances, you might not be able to open the iTunes app because you don’t have administrative rights. Run the app as an administrator to resolve this.

Launch iTunes in safe mode.

The majority of customers are unaware of this, but iTunes contains a feature called safe mode that enables you to launch an app even if it has problems. When the app is started in safe mode on your computer, it only loads the resources it needs to run correctly, so you can identify the problem and implement a long-lasting solution.

Simply double-click the programme icon on your screen while holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys to run the iTunes app in safe mode on a Windows computer. This should start the software on your PC in safe mode.

Launch Launchpad on your Mac, and look for the iTunes app there. Click the app icon while holding down the Command and Option keys on your keyboard. On your Mac, the software will start in safe mode. To run the software in the aforementioned mode, you must click Continue on the alert that appears on your screen.

iTunes not opening on PC

Restart the computer.

The problem might not be with the iTunes software but rather with your computer. Rebooting your computer is the best course of action in this situation to resolve any common problems. Simply power off your computer, allowing it to clear any temporary data, including RAM, before turning it back on. By restarting your computer, you’ll give iTunes a chance to start up once more. When you open the app, it will do so without any problems.

iTunes not opening on PC

Delete Current iTunes Library

It’s possible that the iTunes app won’t launch on your computer if the library file for the app is damaged. You can resolve the problem by deleting the current iTunes library files from your computer, which is one of the solutions.

You may find the iTunes music library files at the path, and the technique is only applicable to Windows users. C:\Users\username\ iTunes My Music Once there, pick Delete from the context menu when you right-click on the iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Libraries files.

Launch the iTunes program after the files have been erased, and it will create a brand-new library file for you.

Install iTunes again on your computer.

The best course of action for you would be to entirely remove the iTunes programme from your computer if there is a significant problem with it. Once that is finished, download and install the most recent version of the software from its official website.

This will ensure that you can open the software without any issues on your computer by rebuilding every file that iTunes uses.

You can delete the application from the Control Panel on a Windows computer. You may uninstall the iTunes app on a Mac by simply dragging it to the Trash. Then visit the iTunes website, download the programme, and install it on your computer.

Open iTunes in Administrator mode.

You might wish to open the iTunes app with administrative rights on some machines so it has access to all the files and capabilities it needs to operate properly on your system. These computers may have limits on standard user accounts.

iTunes not opening on PC On a Windows computer, all you have to do is right-click iTunes and choose “Run as administrator” to launch the iTunes app with administrative privileges. Before the software launches on your computer, you might need to enter your admin password.

We advise using AnyFix: iOS System Recovery.

AnyFix offers 4 options to fix 200+ iTunes errors, including iTunes won’t open, to help users of iTunes get out of installation, download, update, connection, backup, restore, sync, CDB errors, etc. Additionally, it can quickly restore the functionality of your Apple devices and resolve more than 130 system faults for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

Additionally, it gives you the option to enter or exit recovery mode with a single click. You also have the option of easily performing a hard reset or a one-click reset.

  1. Start AnyFix, choose iTunes Repair, then select Other iTunes Errors, and press the Scan Now button.

iTunes not opening on PC

  1. The process of analysis will then start. Errors in iTunes components will be discovered after completion. Next, select the Fix Now button.

iTunes not opening on PC

  1. After that, when a prompt on your computer asks you to grant AnyFix administrator permissions, do so. And then the restoration process will start. You will see the Repair Completed page once some time has passed.

Delete the Microsoft Store Cache.

Windows apps occasionally start acting strangely as a result of a corrupted store cache, such as freezing or not responding when launched, including iTunes (a Windows Store app). One helpful way to solve the problem is to clear the Windows Store cache.

  • As an administrator, launch the command prompt.
  • Press the enter key after typing the command wsreset.
  • Windows should display a command prompt window indicating that the Store cache is being reset.
  • The task is finished when the window closes, so open iTunes and verify that it is functioning properly.

Run Troubleshooter

If not, use the built-in store app troubleshooter to help Windows diagnose and resolve the issue.

  • By pressing Windows Key+X, choose Settings.
  • After selecting Update & Security, choose Troubleshoot.
  • Select Windows Store Apps at the bottom of the page.
  • Click run the troubleshooter.

iTunes not opening on PC

This will do a system analysis and find any issues that might be keeping Windows Store apps from functioning properly. If issues are found, the troubleshooter will attempt to fix them. Restart Windows after that, then launch iTunes; it should now function properly.


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