Learn The Importance Of Video In Blog- Best Guide 2024

Learn The Importance Of Video In Blog

If you want to dominate the digital landscape, you have to be the best in the content because “content is the king in the digital world,” which is why every website has a section blog available for readers. But as we see, the competition is increasing day by day, and there are so many websites and a huge amount of content available on the Internet. It is very hard for businesses or websites to stand out from the crowd in content, and to be unique, you have to do something new that can attract both the audience and Google. 

One factor that can make your website attractive and get the attention of search engines is videos. You have to add videos to your blogs. It does not mean that your text content is not good; having a video with the blog is an additional benefit for your reader moreover, people are giving more preference to video content. Many surveys have proved that a video is more desirable than a text article. If you are still not convinced, let’s see the benefits of video for your blogs. 

Top 4 benefits of video in your blogs 

In today’s time, blogs with videos engage a large audience; moreover, your post will look more attractive and vibrant. Here, we have mentioned the benefits that you will get by adding videos to the blogs. Read to know. 

Vlogs can boost your ranking on search engine 

The search engine algorithm works in such a way that it ranks videos higher on the result page. Every search engine wants to show its user the content with higher engagement; if your website has a video in it, then the chances are that you will rank higher than the website that does not have a video. Video can increase the stay time of the users on the website. 

After Google, Youtube is the biggest search engine globally; moreover, it has a huge number of users. People prefer open Youtube links on the search engine results for specific searches like how-to guides or product reviews. You can upload videos on Youtube and add them to your blog post; however, you can also add a blog link in your video description and bring huge traffic to your blog. 

A video is the best way to explain any topic 

You may have seen the explainer videos on several homepages of the websites. Businesses make these videos to explain the use and benefits of their product to the customer; even if the topic is hard, you can easily explain anything with the help of video, and adding voiceovers to your explainer videos using ai text to speech tools can enhance your video quality and make your video more engaging.. 

According to data, 72% of people prefer watching videos when they want to know about any brand. Video content also helps people remember things for a long time; if your blog is about how to, then having a video along with the blog is necessary. Furthermore, the video will allow you to pause and learn things in the best possible way. With video on your blog, you can easily explain even complex things, and the audience will give attention to it. 

Increase engagement on social media 

By sharing your blog on social media, you can increase your visibility; moreover, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter prefer the post with the video, which gives more visibility. There is a huge crowd accessing the web through their smartphones, and with a video preview, they can easily play the video and get to know about the blog post. There are many effective strategies like this one that the top social media marketing agencies can easily implement for your brand

You can also do one thing to hold the audience on your video, set a video to play automatically. It will help capture users’ attention and stop them from scrolling down. But to stop the users, your video must have some quality. 

Before uploading the video, make sure you have edited it well, and also try to keep your video crisp and clear. You can use a video trimmer to trim excessive content in the video. Video trimming is a feature that you will get in every video editing software. With this, you can trim video at any point in time and can make it to the point.

Increases the retention time 

Dwell time means the amount of time a user spends on your website. This is also important for ranking websites on the search engine because, through this, Google gets to know how your users interact with your content. If the dwell time is low or some few seconds, it means the user didn’t get the relevant or useful information which is why they left the page for another source, and the Google algorithm will not reflect your page in the results.

The work of Google is simple: give the best results to its users. If your website has a high dwell time, you have relevant information. Google will notice that and rank your website higher on the search engine result page.

Video content can increase the dwell time on your website; if your post is about features of any product, you can add a video explaining the features the user will get on this and increase the dwell time.

Over to you 

The Internet is becoming more competitive with the passing days. There is a huge amount of content already existing and will come in the future. If you want to look unique in the crowd, you have to do something unique, and video can be the best option. 

If you are looking to increase the traffic to your website, then imbibe video in it. Moreover, the video will also help to boost your SEO. Whether you are a small business owner or big, video marketing is important for everyone. You don’t have to put in so much budget to shoot the video; there are so many types of videos that you can shoot at an affordable rate. We have mentioned the benefits of video in the blog, go through it and witness the growth of your blog and company.

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