Best Ad Blocker 2023

When browsing the internet, the top ad blockers are indispensable allies. It’s not difficult to understand why even the FBI advises using them. No matter which websites you visit, you need to take great precautions due to the sheer volume of pop-up ads, activity trackers, and malicious advertising online.

Thankfully, finding that protection is rather simple thanks to specialized ad-blocking programs and browser extensions. Ad-blockers can now be used alongside other crucial tools you may have at your disposal, such as the best antivirus program or VPN. There are so many options available that the only decision is which one to employ and whether you can live with the drawbacks.

We have a comprehensive list of top ad blockers and privacy tools, though, if you’re ready to explain that trade-off. They guarantee that you can browse the web in peace by supporting every browser and platform you can imagine.

uBlock Origin

The first item on the list, uBlock Origin, is excellent at blocking malware, web advertisements, trackers, and other unwanted software. uBlock Origin, which is free and open-source, claims to be “easy on CPU and memory” while blocking web apps. The software also comes with a number of filter lists that have been previously detected for known viruses and advertising.

Additionally, adding custom filters is rather simple. But as you proceed, memory usage will rise, which can be bad for older systems. It will nevertheless use significantly less memory than other solutions.

Users with more experience should turn on the dynamic filtering feature of uBlock Origin. By using this, you can modify the scripts and websites that a webpage can load. It’s important to distinguish uBlock Origin from uBlock. Both were founded by the same creator; however, Adblocker Plus now owns uBlock. They are two entirely distinct choices.

Best Ad Blocker

AdBlock Plus

One of the most well-known ad blockers is AdBlock Plus (ABP), which has extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera. Users may easily block the majority of advertising with ABP’s rapid setup and loading of preset filter lists. Users also have the ability to filter malware and social media buttons.

Savvy users can choose additional ban lists, set up bespoke filters, or whitelist their favourite websites to preserve their ad money. AdBlock Plus lets what it calls “non-intrusive advertising” through filters, which may annoy some users even if this function is disabled in settings.

While on iOS, the AdBlock Plus app connects with the content blocker system to effortlessly block advertising on Safari with minimal setup, the AdBlock Browser for Android offers a Firefox-based browser that blocks inbound advertising.

Ad Blocker

Privacy Badger

The non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Privacy Badger app removes trackers but not necessarily ads. Instead of employing domain blacklists like other programmes, it accomplishes this using original methods. This strategy is Privacy Badger’s attempt to distinguish between the good and the bad without interfering with the navigation of the website.

There is some possibility for modification with this approach. For instance, it’s possible that Privacy Badger is preventing the cookies that are necessary to personalize your experience on your preferred website, for whatever reason. This can be altered in a few simple steps.

Ad Blocker Overall, this might be the one for you if privacy is your top concern when choosing a blocker.

Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker (also known as Pop Up Blocker for Chrome) is not intended to replace existing adblockers; rather, it is intended to work in conjunction with them.

Poper Blocker focuses on blocking pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays, timed, and scroll pop-ups, as well as other types that may elude other ad-blocking extensions in this instance. Other than that, Poper Blocker can usually be left running in the background together with other adblocker extensions with little to no effect. You can also examine your blocking statistics.

Ad Blocker


Ghostery has a fantastic layout and a wide range of customization options. Even better, it gives you a lot more information about what is restricted and how you are tracked online. You receive a tracker and ad blocking feature as well as personalized blocking choices with Ghostery’s free version. Ghostery Plus offers extension themes, historical stats, and more for as little as $3.99 per month.

The fact that custom filters cannot be added is Ghostery’s major flaw. Therefore, you receive what you receive.

Ad Blocker


AdLock, one of the most recent options on this list, performs a fantastic job of locating and removing malware, phishing websites, and more using different browsers. The best option for getting the most out of AdLock is to purchase a yearly subscription. Its Chrome plugin, however, is free.

AdLock is a lightweight solution that is excellent at safeguarding your online privacy, which is essential for many. AdLock, though still young, is already among the top ad blockers and is worth your consideration.

On the down side, AdLock support may be improved; hopefully, this will happen over time.

Ad Blocker

Stands Fair AdBlocker

Chrome users can try Stands Fair AdBlocker for an ad-blocking plugin that is quick and lightweight. The extension delivers exactly what it says, avoiding tracking and stopping advertisements and pop-ups from clogging up your browser.

You have control over the types of ads you can block using Stand’s Fair AdBlocker, defining everything from autoplay video ads to YouTube commercials to growing ads and more. If you choose, it can even block Facebook ads.

Ad Blocker AdBlocker’s “Fair” component comes into play by enabling you to accept particular ad types or even whitelist ad-supported websites you don’t want to deny much-needed cash. One ad blocker that does not aggressively pursue its claimed goal is this one.


Ad filters come in many shapes and sizes. It can be challenging to choose a free or paid version out of the various options available. When all is said and done, we must keep in mind that pop-up blockers exist to restore consumers’ proper experiences. We must, however, strike a balance by realising that content providers who offer free content still need to generate revenue.

AdBlock Plus is the best compromise.

Adblock Plus is not only cost-free but also has respectable ads. AdBlock Plus charges big businesses who want to be members of its acceptable advertising program rather than you, the user. This helps you save money while allowing companies that depend on ad income to keep giving you free content for years to come.


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