Best Free AI Courses 2023

Best Free AI Courses 2023


One of the most well-known and rapidly developing areas in computer science is artificial intelligence. It has long been a popular subject for research and development, and its appeal only continues to rise. There is still a long way to go before artificial intelligence reaches human-level intelligence. However, it has already made great strides, and its influence is expanding.

What does AI mean?

When we think of artificial intelligence, we frequently picture machines that resemble people, such as in the movies Ex Machina and Westworld. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is the more formal name for this highly evolved type of AI, is currently unreachable but is actively being researched.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), or AI systems specialized in specific tasks like autonomous driving, Starcraft gaming, and human debate, has seen notable advancements.

Expert in machine learning Andrew Ng explains why ANI has made more progress than AGI in his course AI for Everyone. Since nearly all online AI courses deal with limited intelligence, this article will mostly focus on ANI course recommendations.

AI Courses

AI for Everyone:

Through his well-known machine learning classes, Andrew Ng is one person who has educated millions of developers about AI and machine learning.

In addition, he is one of the creators of Coursera, the director of Google Brain, the head scientist of Baidu, and the professor of the most well-known machine learning course in the world.

More than 2.6 million students have taken the Machine Learning course on Coursera, making it a well-liked course on the subject. You can independently verify the numbers.

This course gives a thorough explanation of what artificial intelligence is and what the various terms used to describe it mean. It aids in vocabulary development so that you can talk about AI with other programmers and others, both online and offline.

By the way, this course offers a non-technical view of AI, but you may also enroll in it to learn about the business applications of AI. Join this course if you want to develop an AI strategy for your business or work with an AI team.

And if you find Coursera courses beneficial, which you should because they were developed by reputable organizations like Google, IBM, Amazon, and the greatest universities in the world, I recommend that you subscribe to Coursera Plus.

  • A quick overview of AI’s history, from its inception to more recent developments and innovations
  • Exploring basic ideas including machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.
  • A summary of well-known AI technologies, such as speech recognition, computer vision, and recommendation systems.
  • AI


Python-based Artificial Intelligence Introduction at Harvard University:

The university’s basic AI course would be the ideal choice if you are one of the 4.3 million students who have attended Harvard University’s CS50 Introduction to Computer Science course through EdX. The Harvard course Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python has as a prerequisite CS50, one of the most well-known free online courses ever.

This seven-week course covers machine translation, handwriting recognition, game engines, and AI methods. The course, which consists of practical assignments and lectures, requires students to put in between 10 and 30 hours every week. David J. Malan, a well-known computer scientist and Harvard professor, is the instructor for the course.

  • An investigation of the philosophical and moral notions of justice via the study of both classical and modern texts, taking into account topics like equality, liberty, and citizenship.
  • Students are introduced to the fundamentals of data science, such as data analysis, visualization, inference, and prediction, in this interdisciplinary course.


IBM: AI Foundations for Everyone

If you spend two hours a week on coursework, it will take you around three months to finish the entire specialization. The fundamentals of AI, as well as its uses and ethical issues, will be taught to students. Additionally, they will hear from professionals about how to start a career in AI. Rav Ahuja and Antonio Cangiano, who work at IBM’s Skills Network, are the program’s instructors. After finishing, participants receive a certificate.

Through Coursera, IBM, a well-known innovator in cutting-edge technology, provides an AI Foundations for Everyone specialization. Three courses are included in the specialization:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) overview
  • Building AI-Powered Chatbots Without Programming
  • AI


Introduction to Machine Learning Course:

A first-class ticket to today’s most fascinating career in data analysis is machine learning. One of the simplest methods to swiftly obtain insights and make predictions when data sources rise and computer capacity to handle them expands is to go straight to the data.

Machine learning integrates statistics and computer science to leverage its predictive capabilities. Whether they are aspiring data analysts, data scientists, or someone else, everyone who wants to convert all that raw data into reliable patterns and predictions must acquire this skill.


It will show you how to extract and choose relevant features that accurately reflect your data, how to judge the efficacy of your machine learning algorithms, and a few of the most important machine learning methods.


With a focus on core ideas like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks, the finest free AI courses offer a well-rounded education. Additionally, they delve into specialized fields like robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing, giving students a greater knowledge of AI’s useful applications.

Additionally, these classes frequently incorporate hands-on projects and useful exercises that let students put their knowledge to use and create practical AI solutions. By working on these projects, students can improve their problem-solving abilities and obtain useful expertise in using AI models and algorithms.

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