Best PC Part Picker Websites 2023

Best PC Part Picker Websites 2023

The greatest PC part picker websites are available to assist you if you are worried about how to arrange components for your custom computer that you intend to create. You may find a sizable selection of branded and non-branded goods as well as PC components from all around the world on these cutting-edge custom PC builder websites. To ensure a seamless user experience, these sophisticated PC part pickers offer warranties on their products and round-the-clock customer service.

Which website will offer the best PC part selection in 2023?

When trying to build your own custom PC, you can try PCPartPicker, BuildMyPC, and PBTech, among other good PC part pickers. It offers a global supply option and has components for all consumers with different budgets. They also receive higher user evaluations.

You can choose from a sizable selection of pre-configured PCs and branded and non-branded components on these websites. To make payments, they provide a secure payment gateway. These websites even provide warranties for your products to protect them from breakdowns.


PCPartPicker ought to be your first internet stop for advice on part selection, compatibility, and cost if you build computers yourself. To put together your virtual part lists and get compatibility advice, try this potent online tool. It delivers current pricing data from dozens of the most well-known online merchants to assist you in making judgements.

Along with a number of retailers, it supports the interoperability of both older and more modern products. The only website with more than 30,000 computer components is this one.

Philip Carmichael launched the website back in 2011, and it quickly rose to become one of the most widely used tools on the market, with more than a million daily visitors. When compared to websites for novices, this one excels for sophisticated users who have a thorough understanding of PC construction.

PCPartPicker’s features

  • You can use it to filter categories to get the best components for your upcoming computer and make sure they have everything you need.
  • It warns you when you choose incompatible parts for your PC through automatic compatibility counselling.
  • It provides current price lists from dozens of well-known internet merchants for simple comparison.
  • When a store offers a price that is less than the amount you have selected, you will be notified. You can create price alerts.


  • Filters and simple navigation streamline your search.
  • You may find advice on the best goods for your PC on community forums.
  • For convenient comparison, it provides online pricing trends.

PC part picker


Logical Increments

One of the top websites for choosing PC components, Logical Increments, provides comprehensive information to make it simple for you to create your future computer. You may find information about various parts, build manuals, game builds, and more right here.

Whether you’re attempting to build a home theatre, a gaming console for your living room, a personal computer, or anything else, Logical Increments has a solution for you. It supports all types of buyers with various price ranges and budgets with equipment and parts.

Logical Increments features

  • It provides the broadest selection of components and tools you could possibly need to construct a PC or any other computer.
  • To accommodate all budget customers, it has a variety of price points.
  • When you purchase components from a single tier (Destitute, Superb, etc.), it ensures more compatibility.


  • It provides simple price-based part selection with many tiers, like destitute, minimum, etc.
  • Greater part compatibility with your machine is offered, helping you save needless bother.
  • It provides country-specific stores and prices to aid in your decision-making.

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BuildMyPC contains everything you need if you want to build a high-end gaming PC or a custom-designed PC. You may find excellent discounts for all of your PC construction needs here. Additionally, it aids in your exploration of the available pre-built, bespoke PCs.

It is advantageous to avoid the difficulty of selecting compatible parts after visiting dozens of website pages. The performance and compatibility of the pre-built PCs are better.

With more than 10,000 visitors every day from around the world, the website was established in 2018 and is currently one of the most popular products on the market.

This utility includes several computer parts from Amazon and a number of other retailers. It assists you in creating a custom computer for all purposes, including gaming, by doing proper compatibility and bottleneck checks. But when compared to PC Builder, the tool is less sophisticated and falls short in a number of areas.

BuildMyPC features

  • Both pre-built PCs and the ability to build a custom PC are available.
  • There is a considerable selection available for both custom PC and gaming PC needs.
  • To meet all of your demands, it provides a variety of components, pre-built PCs, custom PC designs, and affordable gaming systems.


  • For PC shoppers on a budget, it is a terrific website.
  • Your search is smooth because of the variety of prebuilt PC possibilities.
  • It provides the greatest bargain for your money using a simple comparison algorithm.


  • This website could become a complete PC part picker online tool by including software solutions for your unique PC needs.

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Users can shop extensively on NewEgg. There are options for anything from clothing and accessories to computer systems and components. To choose parts for all-in-one computers, gaming desktops, corporate desktops, bespoke computers, laptops, and more, check out NewEgg. It has everything, whether you’re looking for pre-built PC alternatives or parts for a bespoke PC.

NewEgg features

  • There are options for both new and used things.
  • It provides the finest deals to facilitate speedy choice.
  • Computer systems, parts, electronics, games, networking, office solutions, and much more are available for selection.


  • For users on a tight budget, it is a wonderful PC part-finding site.
  • You have the choice of 20 million+ top-selling items from 2.7K+ well-known companies.
  • It is one of the biggest marketplaces for buying stuff online.


  • lack of pricing and offers that are country-specific.

PC part


PBTech, one of the top PC part selectors, sells parts and components from all major producers. It delivers a seamless user experience along with a global supply of goods. You may find PC parts, pre-built computers, peripherals, PC components, printing and office supplies, and more right here. In order to assist you in creating your personalized computer, it provides clutter-free searching on its website.

PBTech features

  • It provides goods made by renowned global producers.
  • It offers options for any user’s budget.
  • To provide a seamless user experience, it offers a simple return and warranty policy.


  • There is a sizable selection of products available.
  • To ensure customer pleasure, it offers customer service around the clock.
  • Along with a site for users worldwide, it also includes a site specifically for users in New Zealand and Australia.


  • The website’s navigation might be made easier.

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PCSpecialist is one of the greatest PC part picker websites that helps you construct a custom PC, configure a laptop, all-in-one PC, tiny PC, gaming PC, and more. Here, you will find parts and components for all your PC building needs. PCSpecialist delivers services in the United Kingdom and several European countries.

PCSpecialist features

  • It allows you to design a unique PC or modify your gaming desktop around your favourite game’s needs.
  • It offers a jargon-free configurator to make the configuration procedure straightforward.
  • It offers exceptional customer service to ensure a better user experience.


  • It offers an enormous range of parts and components to choose from.
  • It offers protection and up to 3 years of warranty duration to keep your system safe.
  • You can verify and consult its products on its forums.


  • It has services in limited regions.

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Dream PC

Advanced PC part selector Dream PC is an Australian website. This cutting-edge custom PC maker in Australia uses cutting-edge techniques to create the greatest computers in the industry. To provide you with the unique customization tools you want, it has partnered with Resistance Laptops. To create the best-in-class PCs, you can locate all the top brands and products right here.

Dream PC features

  • Each order is subjected to a compatibility check to protect users from problems.
  • It serves as a one-stop shop for all your computer-related needs.
  • When it comes to custom-built PCs, they run stress tests to make sure you get the best product.


  • It provides a custom-built solution to assist even new users in creating their own PC.
  • It adheres to all industry requirements because it is an expert custom PC builder and produces excellent results.
  • To consistently produce higher-quality items, it puts them through rigorous testing before delivery.

PC part



DinoPC assists you in creating robust computers that are designed for the worst conditions and are long-lasting. For a seamless user experience, it provides unsurpassed build quality, dependability, and post-sale support. You can discover all the most recent parts for your gaming and desktop computer needs right here. For those who enjoy gaming and wish to assemble powerful gaming PCs, there is a cutting-edge platform available.

DinoPC features

  • It provides a selection of pre-configured systems and parts.
  • To provide speedy service, all purchases are shipped within one to two weeks.
  • In order to supply pre-configured systems, it uses high-quality components.


  • It provides quick warranty services, including warranty repairs within ten days.
  • It offers affordable prices so that you can get the best bargains and save money.
  • It provides top-notch customer assistance and service.

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So, these are the top websites to use when choosing PC parts for your own computer. These websites provide a huge selection of items and PC components. To purchase PC parts and components for your custom PC, visit these websites.

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