Free FTP for Mac 2023

Free FTP for Mac

The file transfer protocol (FTP) is a network protocol that enables you to share files, upload files, download files, and perform a variety of other functions between two desktop computers.

And what do you know? Wi-Fi allows you to do all of this! Additionally, you can use it to download files from a server to your PC.

In this post, we’ll talk about FTP, its applications, how it functions, what features to look for in an FTP, and some of the best FTPs available.

Free FTP for Mac

What is FTP, and What’s It Used For?

Over the internet, computers communicate and exchange files using the file transfer protocol (FTP). Within the FTP server, users with authority can receive and send files. Simply explained, FTP is a practical way to transmit files over the internet.

Additionally, it includes a user-friendly interface for doing common FTP tasks like copying, uploading, renaming, editing, and deleting folders and files, as well as the ability to transfer files from your PC to a WordPress website.

An FTP client, for instance, can be used to create a web page and upload the website to the server. The most typical WordPress difficulties that you can’t resolve in the admin area can also be resolved through FTPs.

The dreaded white screen might arise as a result of issues like poorly developed WordPress themes and incompatible plugins, making your dashboard worthless.

To connect your Mac to your WordPress hosting account, use an FTP client. Additionally, you’ll be able to transfer a lot of files at once, which will enable you to quickly relaunch your website if something goes wrong.

FTP is most typically used in the following ways:

  • Moving huge FTP server files inside an organization is a common choice among IT professionals.
  • Teaching and hobbies: Before learning more advanced versions, FTP is helpful in teaching newcomers a variety of internet protocols.

Free FTP for Mac


How does an FTP Work?

In our scenario, two MacBook’s serve as the two desktops for the FTP connection. These two Macs require a network that allows for internet communication. As a user, you have the option of using an anonymous FTP or giving an FTP your credentials to obtain transfer authority. Let’s now define the terms command and data channels.

The command channel and the data channel are the two communication channels that are created when an FTP connection is made. The transmission of commands and answers between a client and server is handled by the command channel. A data channel aids in the transmission of data between a client and a server, as the name suggests.

Here is an illustration of how FTPs operate:

Free FTP for Mac




The most well-known open-source FTP, FileZilla, supports all of the main operating systems, including Mac. It has a very user-friendly design and comprehensive documentation that answers all of your questions about using this FTP client.

You can see the complete file structure of the website or server you’re working on using FileZilla. Users can store login information and connection preferences in the built-in Site Manager to access servers more quickly.

The software can also textually display the commands, statuses, and responses. It provides all the essential, fundamental, and sophisticated capabilities a Mac user would anticipate from FTP software.

Free FTP for Mac

Commander One

It was created by the Eltima company, which is well known for its Mac and Android products. With the aid of this program, you may send and receive files fast and securely over FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.

It includes a built-in process manager, the ability to mount MTP devices or cloud storage, extract archives, grant root access, and expose hidden files, in addition to its file and server browsing capabilities.

There are free and paid versions of Commander One. While the premium edition has some more capabilities, the free version can accomplish just as much. The program enables simultaneous connections to several servers and allows you to open distinct tabs for distinct directories.

Free FTP for Mac

Cyber Duck

The open-source, free file-sharing programme Cyber duck is designed specifically for accessing cloud drives and FTP services. With the help of the integrated file browser in this FTP, you can quickly locate any file or folder on your Mac.

Its features include connection shortcuts, a history of connections, and an operations queue. Cyber duck supports Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Dropbox in addition to SFTP and FTP.

To keep the FTP client competitive with competing products on the market, there are frequent upgrades and bug fixes each month.

Free FTP for Mac


Because of its smooth integration into Finder and ability to deal with Internet files as if they were on your computer, CloudMounter is recognized as one of the best FTP clients for Mac users. The app’s simplistic UI makes it simple for both new and experienced users to use.

The most well-known cloud computing services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, OpenStack, and Backblaze B2, are supported by CloudMounter in addition to functioning with FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.

With CloudMounter, you can easily create, view, modify, and remove files, as well as upload and download data from distant servers and cloud storage. Additionally, the software encrypts all of your data, regardless of where it is kept.

Free FTP for Mac

Transmit 5

Panic, Inc. developed the Transmit 5 FTP client specifically for Mac users. As a result, it is frequently used by Mac users, particularly web developers. This gadget is incredibly dependable, has lightning-fast speeds, and is packed with useful functions. You are able to download, upload, and manage files on numerous servers thanks to their robust, user-friendly interface.

It continues to support FTP, SFTP, S3, and WebDAV while also supporting Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Box, Dropbox, Rackspace, OneDrive, and Microsoft Azure.

The speed of downloads and uploads has been enhanced, and multithreading has also been increased so that users may check the status of any transfer using the new interface.

Free FTP for Mac

Forklift 3

Forklift 3 is a high-end option that is accessible to Mac users. This one is so well-liked for a variety of reasons, including its file transmission speed. This is one of the top Mac FTP clients thanks to a number of features, like their quick file encryption, ability to sync with external services, and high-quality zip archiving.

The Mac client for ForkLift’s FTP software simplifies and streamlines file handling. The programme allows users to connect via FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, NFS, Backblaze B2, SMB, Amazon S3, and AFP.

Users can also connect to numerous servers at once to increase the effectiveness of file transfers. With the click of a button, two-way synchronization is possible with Forklift 3.

Free FTP for Mac


One of the best methods for transferring files between Macs is by using an FTP client. You can receive and send files over the internet using the aforementioned tools. Fortunately, there are numerous tutorials available that explain how to set up and operate these tools. FTP clients will make your file transfers considerably easier if you construct and maintain websites.


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