How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable In Windows 10/11?- Best Ways To Fix In 2023

Fix DNS Server Unavailable In Windows 10

“DNS server unavailable” Errors are associated with poor internet connection or server errors. When a DNS server faces an issue or temporary outage, users encounter this error while accessing the internet. Multiple reasons can cause this error, but we can fix it with a few simple methods. If you are facing such issues, we have elaborated on some reliable methods to fix DNS server unavailable errors in windows.

What is “DNS Server Unavailable” in Windows?

In case, if DNS doesn’t receive any signal or servers are down then this error occurs. DNS or domain name system is an integral part of the Windows operating system and the internet. When we use the internet to access any website, DNS changes the URL to an IP address. The DNS server in Windows saves all the IP addresses of the website that we have visited to load it faster. When we run “Network Troubleshooter” in our system, we find the problem as “DNS server unavailable”. Here is the guide on how to fix it.

How to Fix “DNS Server Unavailable” in Windows?

Let’s start with some of the easy methods that could be helpful to resolve this issue.

  1. Change Your Browser

Try another browser to check the issue status. When we use our default browser and face the issue repeatedly, it could be a wrong setting or some internal issue with the browser. Changing the browser will eliminate the possibility that it’s an internet problem or website issue. Make sure to update your browser, however, if you still encounter the error, try changing the device.

  1. Change Internet Connection and Device

In simple terms, try to access the websites from your Phone. If there is an issue with your operating system or internet connection, we can fix the issue right away. Open any website or specific one with your mobile browser while connecting to your carrier. If you find no error in the connection, try to connect your Windows PC with your data carrier to know if the internet provider is facing an issue. But even after that, you are facing the problem, restart your router to fix the DNS server unavailable error.

  1. Restart Your Router

When you try to access a website, your DNS changes the URL to IP and forwarded it to your router, similarly, your router will send an IP address to your DNS to convert it back to URL. A router plays an important part in internet connection and IP address conversion and that’s why we need to restart our router. If there are any complications with the router setting, restarting it will fix it. Wait for 30 seconds before restarting it and it will erase the previous setting and initiate a new one. However, if the Unavailability of the DNS server still produces the error, we can try other methods.

The above-mentioned methods mostly work with minor issues and they can solve DNS errors too. But if any of those solutions don’t work, then we have to try some other method with a bit of complexity.

  1. Deactivate Firewall

A firewall can protect our computer from harmful malware and trojans but sometimes it can interfere too. The firewall doesn’t allow users to access any suspicious websites along with some normal ones too. It blocks the IP of those websites which results in a DNS Server Unavailable error. To fix this issue, we need to deactivate our firewall, here is how,

  • Go to Windows settings or press Windows+I
  • Select Updates & Security in the settings
  • Then choose windows security
  • Now select Firewall & Network Protection
  • After that, you need to select the network you are on or active from the list
  • Now turn off the firewall from the settings

In short, to deactivate firewall, follow Start button > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security and then Firewall & network protection. Once the firewall is off, restart your PC and try to access the internet. If the problem persists, then try another method to fix DNS server unavailable error. If you have more than one antivirus, you also need to uninstall them too.

  1. Windows Network Troubleshooter

Windows network troubleshooter is a tool that can find and fix any network-related error. Windows diagnostic can detect any issue related to networks that could interfere with the internet connection and fix it too.

  • Visit setting in windows or press windows+I and find network and internet.
  • Then on the status page, find the network troubleshooter

Once you initiate troubleshooting, it will detect the errors and fix them. Even with this method, you are facing the same issue again. Try using another solution.

  1. Change DNS in your Computer and Router

DNS or domain name server is the main cause of the issue in this error. If any of the above methods don’t work, we need to change DNS. We can change DNS for both computers and routers.

Change DNS for Computer

  • Visit network and internet → network and sharing center → change adapter settings
  • Then right-click on the ethernet and select properties
  • Select internet protocol and go to properties
  • Now change the DNS settings to Google DNS settings
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

Change DNS for Router

Changing DNS on the computer is not enough, you need to change DNS in the router too. Here is how,

  • First, we need to find the default gateway, go to the command prompt(run as administrator), and type “ipconfig”
  • Now type the default gateway in your browser and hit enter. Now you can access your home router settings. Find the DNS address and change it to Google DNS, just like we mentioned above.

After that, try to access any websites and check for the error. If you are still facing a DNS server unavailable, then we need to flush DNS.

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  1. Flush DNS
  • Open command prompt with administrative permission
  • Now type “ipconfig/flushdns”
  • It will flush the DNS and give you a message of Successfully flushed DNS Resolver Cache. Now type “ipconfig/release”
  • This command will remove the IP address of your computer. Now, to get new IP from DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), we need to type, “ipconfig/renew”
  • This will assign a new IP address (or the old one) to your computer

Flushing DNS will erase all the data saved in DNS which includes the IP address of the previously visited website. Once the new IP address is assigned, you can visit any website to check for the DNS server unavailable error.

FAQ for DNS Server Unavailable

  • What does it mean when your DNS server is unavailable?

When users face this error, it indicates that DNS is unable to receive any signal or IP address. It could be the result of a server outage or server down issue of the website too.

  • How do I make my DNS server available?

To fix DNS server unavailable error, we can try a few methods like,

  • Change internet browser, internet connection, and device
  • Deactivate Firewall
  • Restart your router
  • Run the Windows Network Troubleshooter
  • Change DNS server in router and computer
  • Flush DNS
  • How to Change the DNS server in windows?

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class=”c1″>Visit Control panel → network and internet → network and sharing center → change adapter settings, then right-click on the ethernet and select properties. After that select internet protocol and change DNS.


DNS server errors can hinder our ability to access the internet through the internet. One of the common issues is DNS server unavailable which can be fixed by any of the given methods. If you have any questions regarding DNS server issues, ask us in the comment section. 

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