What Is Domain Authority? Best Tips To Improve Domain Authority 2024

What Is Domain Authority

If you try to increase the ranking of a website, to be on page 1 of Google, it will definitely meet the term Domain Authority (DA). SEO experts will also tell you, to increase your domain authority score.

Next, questions will arise in your mind; What is domain authority? How is the DA good? How to improve it?

The term domain authority is actually not determined by Google. But introduced by MOZ, one of the SEO experts at the global level. It’s a kind of score that is measured based on many factors (metrics).

Domain authority, quite representative, if you want to measure the achievement of your off-page SEO strategy.

There are no exact numbers in terms of domain authority, but there are some best practices that you can follow, improve your score, and rank in search results.

On this occasion, I will give 5 tips about how to increase Domain Authority.

What Is A Good Domain Authority?

The biggest question surrounding the Domain Authority score is, “What is a good Domain Authority?” Many website owners ask this question. With the hope of knowing the ideal number, to achieve the best ranking in Google search results.

What Is A Good Domain Authority Score?

The truth is, there are no ideal or specific numbers, which you need to achieve to succeed.

Moz Domain Authority Score, starting from 1-100. 1 is the worst score, while 100 is the best. Many businesses are then inspired to reach the domain authority score of 100 because they are considered to be at the top of the score.

But you need to know, and note carefully, large companies like Amazon alone, don’t have a perfect score of 100!

So, there is no specific “good” or “bad” Domain Authority score.

Having a domain score of 55 might look “bad,” while a domain score of 85 might look “good”. When it was associated with the number 100 as the highest peak. This might be true if your goal is to show off the score. Or when there is a domain authority score race.

But it is not entirely true if your goal is SEO website optimization. High score of close to 100, not a major barometer. And one more thing, the fact is that no one has reached a perfect number. Because the Domain Authority is a comparison metric.

What Is The Ideal Domain Authority Score?

To calculate the ideal domain authority score for a website, the most important thing is, you need to know where your niche is. What keywords are you targeting? Where do you specialize? Answering these questions will be a little more conical than the global question.

So, The Answer Approaches A Specific Word

Domain Authority Scores are very dependent on your direct online competition. This competition includes companies that rank in search results, for keywords that are the same as your business. They also have a business size and scale similar to yours. You are in the same market. Being in the same pool.

So, you don’t need to compare yourself to other websites. You just have to make targets in your own league. It is more than enough. You don’t need to compete with the big web, like Walmart and Amazon. Or what are you doing, comparing your score with the giant Facebook website or Wikipedia? It will instead make you drown to increase your domain authority’s long score. And make your embroidery service business fail!

Instead, you can do a simple analysis. By looking at websites that are in your arena. You just have to look at other border services. Or a small-scale clothing store the same size as your business.

Yes … just analyze a website that uses keywords, your target. If you find ten of the same websites. For efforts to improve your website’s SEO, focus on this business niche. See and compare their domain scores with yours.

A Domain Authority Score Of 16+ Dominates The Search Page

So, a good Domain Authority score depends only on your competition. You can fight to increase the highest Domain Authority score only from your competitors. There is no need to make efforts to match the authority score of the google.com domain.

If all your direct competitors have a score between 40 and 50, a good domain score for your business is enough between 55 and 60. This is more than enough to help your website, stand above the competition. And have a better chance to get a higher ranking on page 1 of google.

How Does Moz Determine Your Domain Authority Score?

When you are trying to achieve a good Domain Authority score, it is important to understand how you get your score. Although Moz’s algorithm is confidential, there are a few known signals that help increase your score:

These factors are just a few of the more than 40 other factors that Moz uses. In calculating your domain score.

5 Tips For How To Increase Domain Authority

Once you know how to determine the ideal Domain Authority score for your website, it’s time to see how to increase your domain authority right now.

Before you are in the arena of holy war to increase domain authority, you need to know and note carefully, this is not easy work. So the main capital that you must have is strong, determined, and ready to work hard. Even harder. Because you are facing several established websites first!.

If in doubt, you may leave this page. Expand pray and wait for a miracle. Could be a search engine algorithm in an error condition. And accidentally set your rank above your competition. Maybe it’s a zero point, but you could be the luckiest person in the world. Hohoho …

First, it’s important to note, that, it’s easier to increase your domain score from 1 to 2. From 20 to 30. Remember, to raise just one digit of a number, requires a real work process and time.

You can’t quickly increase your score overnight, so you need time to optimize and get a higher domain authority score.

Let’s look at five ways to increase Domain Authority:

1. Follow The Best SEO Practice Strategies

If you want to increase your Domain Authority, start by following SEO best practices. Following the structure of the professional SEO industry optimization will help you continue to improve ranking. Of course, search results also strengthen your domain authority score.

You need to optimize the content on your page. This will help your website perform better in search results.

Optimization of On-page SEO, including elements such as:

  • Title tag
  • Image alt tag
  • Meta description
  • Keywords

Each of these elements plays an important role in your SEO ranking.

In general, on-page SEO is important for your Domain Authority. By following the optimization needed for SEO, you will help improve your Domain ranking and Authority.

2. Create Content That Is Potentially Linked

If you want to know how to increase Domain Authority, start by creating content that can be linked. Content plays an important role in increasing your score, so you need to invest time and effort to create great content. What people want to share.

So how do you create high-quality content that is potentially linked?

First, start by choosing keywords that are relevant to your content. The choice of keywords is very important. Because it determines where you appear in search results. Choose keywords that are relevant to the industry, to help drive interested traffic. And get links from industry authorities.

When you create content, focus on quality over quantity. High-quality content will give your audience a better experience, this can motivate them to share your content. This will drive better results for your business.

In addition, you need to publish content regularly. Here, the key is consistency. If you consistently distribute content, you create more opportunities for authoritative sites to provide links to your pages. This high-quality link will help increase your domain score.

Overall, focus on posting high-quality content regularly.

3. Backlink Strategy

This relates to the strategy in point 2 that we just discussed above. Quality content potentially gives you quality backlinks. Yes … You must get high-quality backlinks from high-authority domains.

Right … it’s not easy to get backlinks from high-authority domains. You really need a strong and planned strategy for this. Unless you want to buy from a high DA backlink manufacturing service. And the price is very expensive.

4. Delete Bad Link Profile

When trying to get credible links to your domain, you might receive some not-so-good links to your page. There will be websites that link to your profile that damage your Domain Authority score.

This is competition, bro! Being on page 1 of Google is something! This is a matter of large amounts of money!

If you have achieved good domain authority progress. And it can’t be defeated, so the thing that people can do out there gives you spam through a bad backlink.

For that, you have to comb your link profile. To check the type of link you receive.

You can use a domain checking tool that includes a backlink checking tool.

You can use a backlink checking tool, such as Ahrefs, to see which sites are linking to your content. This allows you to see bad the backlinks, contact the website and ask them to remove the link to your site.

This process also applies to links on your website. You have to search your website and check the links on your page. Remove broken links. Because it can damage your domain score.

By removing broken links, you will help improve your domain’s ranking. You will get closer to a good Domain Authority score. Because it is considered a credible and authoritative site.

5. What Is The Shape Of The Bad Backlink?

You’ve heard the phrase “wrong relationship,” right? This is a fairly accurate way, to define how search engines see links on websites. If you get a link from a high authority website, search engine algorithms think, you have to be a high authority website. Because of your website, the association consists of habitual websites. And if you get a link from a bad website and spam, well, I think you know where it’s going to end.

Although incoming and outgoing links are important ranking factors for SEO, backlink strategies need to be done carefully. This is useful for protecting your domain’s online reputation.

Bad backlinks are links that come from websites that are not too trusted. Since the Penguin algorithm changed in 2012, Google has cracked down on bad links. Before Google launched the Penguin algorithm, the website violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Or it can be called black hat SEO.

Basically, people pay for links, so they have a higher ranking and domain authority – it’s OK. As a result, Penguin was launched. Instead of increasing their ranking, this update actually punishes web pages that are associated with this bad link.

Examples of bad backlinks are actually backlinks sourced from bad sites or links with bad anchor text. Such as those related to gambling, viagra, porn, or keywords that violate the law and moral ethics. When you get a backlink with anchor text like; a remedy for abortion, obviously this form of bad backlinks. All you have to get rid of.

6. Upgrade Internal Links

Many experts recommend focusing on building external links to improve your domain ranking.

Although this is one of the most important elements in achieving a good Domain Authority score, internal linking plays an important role in helping to improve Domain Authority. Internal links keep prospects on your site longer, which can improve your SEO ranking.

When you create content, try to internally link to other pages on your site. This internal link keeps visitors on your website longer and gets them involved on your page. This also makes it easier for search engines to index your page. So you can appear in more search results.

You should know that search engine algorithm crawlers robots, crawl websites, through built links. This kind of path will be a way for robot crawlers to read your site deeper.

This practice is great for improving your domain and SEO rankings.

7. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

A mobile-friendly site has become a signal that Google always respects and it’s one of the supporting features of SEO. Not only that, but you also have to consider because people spend 70% of their internet time via mobile. It is not surprising that the web-designed mobile-friendly ranks high in Google’s search results.

Responsive web design, allowing anyone to find, see and share your content. This can increase your domain score.

You Can Create A Mobile-Friendly Site By:

Use responsive design: Responsive design ensures that your website adapts to whatever devices people use. Your website will scale to your audience’s mobile devices and tablets, ensuring they can easily browse your site.

Add Mobile Elements To Your Site:

People browse your website on mobile devices differently than on desktop. Adding cellular elements, such as menus and call-to-action (CTA) buttons within finger reach, helps improve the mobile experience.

Increase Page Load Time:

When users search, they want a quick answer. Use Google PageSpeed ​​Insights to check the loading time of your site. How you can improve it. You can also invest in page speed services to increase your site’s load time.

Making your site mobile-friendly helps you create a better experience for your audience. With a mobile-friendly site, you can get a higher ranking in search results, which can generate more traffic, sharing and links, and improved domain scores.

Improve Your Current Domain Authority

Although Domain Authority is not a direct factor in SEO ranking, it serves as a great predictor for how you will rank in search results. By having a good Domain Authority score, you will help your site rank better in search results.


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