How to Start JoinPD 2023


The fact that you have come to this page suggests that you are probably looking for reliable information on JoinPD by Pear Deck. You can access the learning resources and presentations uploaded by your teachers on the JoinPD platform, or you can participate in online learning sessions on the Pear Deck. It is an online tool headquartered in the USA that Pear Deck created in 2014.

With the help of this platform, educators can easily make their lectures and presentations interactive for their students. JoinPD is a flexible tool that gives teachers power. With the help of its pre-built templates, teachers may effortlessly develop the educational materials they need to support their pupils. For their registered students, several institutions and colleges offer engaging online learning management systems.

However, those online LMS are only accessible to certain university or college students. Pear Deck, however, is a flexible online tool that gives teachers everywhere access to develop presentation libraries and individual student identity codes. With a special ID supplied by their individual teacher, their student can access and register on the JoidPD.

Similar to online enterprises, online education advanced significantly during the COVID-19 lookdowns. The pear deck demonstrates itself as a superb solution for instructors to implement distant learning strategies when everyone was confined to their homes.


Pear Deck and’s Use in Online Learning

You, as a teacher, can start an online learning session, build dynamic presentations of your supplied data, or construct an online test paper with MCQs and brief questions using Pear Deck. Access a sizable database of premade presentation templates, interactive designs, testing templates for multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for online testing, and even block and scientific diagrams that you may use when developing lessons for your pupils.

Text-based prompts for input are available. is primarily employed in presentations. Users have access to a range of templates for help.

With your preferred available tools that are integrated into the pear deck, you may establish a web presence. To produce engaging lessons for your students online, you can use Google Slides or Microsoft Presentation. With their individual IDs, your students can remotely access those classes on their computers, or they can directly link to the relevant presentation from home.

Students get immediate access to online courses offered by JoinPD. Both live assessment and question-and-answer sessions are available to teachers.


How do I join a lesson at Pear Deck as a student?

Regardless of whether you are using an iPad tablet, an iPhone, an Android smartphone, or a laptop computer, the process for joining a Pear Deck lesson is the same:

  1. Make sure the code your teacher gave you is ready to go before anything else.
  2. Next, log in to your Microsoft or Gmail email account. You must first create a Gmail or Microsoft email account if you don’t already have one. For Gmail, go to, and for a Microsoft Live account, go to
  3. Then, open your browser and go to In the white box, enter the code that your teacher gave you. The code will normally consist of six letters only. Don’t bother with using lowercase or uppercase letters; you can only enter lowercase letters. You will now be prompted to log into your Microsoft or Gmail account if you haven’t already.
  4. The lesson will now have you signed in automatically. If you are having trouble doing this, see if your teacher has provided you with a special web address. As an alternative, you can sign up for a Pear Deck lesson by going to that URL in your browser. The URL will appear something like this (as an example): by going to the website that your teacher sent you to immediately start the lesson.


Pear Deck Features

  • Students can drag a dot, pin, or other marker to demonstrate their grasp of the offered material using the draggable evaluation function.
  • The multiple-choice element enables teachers to swiftly evaluate their students’ learning, while the sketching feature gives pupils a canvas and drawing tools to express their creativity.
  • Students can respond to a question using only numbers by using the number function, and teachers can view the range of the students’ responses.
  • Last but not least, the text response function enables students to provide written responses to the teacher’s queries.

For students to hear while they read the prompts and reply to the interactive questions in their Pear Deck Slides presentations, teachers can add audio instructions, descriptions, or examples using the Pear Deck Add-on. Teachers have the option to immediately create a new recording or upload one from their computer.

Teachers can also incorporate interactive discussions, tests, and questions into their lectures to encourage students to interact more actively with the material. Real-time progress monitoring allows teachers to measure students’ understanding and modify their instruction as necessary.


How Do You Make a Pear Deck Lesson for Teachers?

The Pear Deck UI is straightforward. Let’s say you want to construct a pear deck so that your students can subsequently view it on the JoinPD website as a presentation library. You have everything you need for your lesson, including the checklist items and learning materials. You’re finally prepared to continue. Detailed instructions for creating a class on the Pear Deck platform are provided below.

  1. Go to the official Pear Deck website by opening a web browser.
  2. Simply sign in with your Gmail or Microsoft account to create an account.
  3. Provide information about your school.
  4. Give your Gmail or Microsoft account permission to access your personal data.
  5. Go to the menu and select “Create New Lesson.” You’ll be taken to the Google Slides page after that.
  6. You will be able to choose from a variety of prebuilt templates once you have access to them.
  7. Simply select Present with Pear Deck after generating your presentation.
  8. Share the lesson’s URL with the students by copying it.



In conclusion, educating individuals may be done very effectively using the JoinPD website or the Pear Deck platform. For the teacher and their pupils, it is a flexible form of online learning management system where they can communicate with one another in a planned way. A free online learning management system, it provides users with more possibilities without charging them.

To explore more professional features, you may buy Pear Deck premium plans. In any case, the free version offers students a sufficient number of functions. Overall, Pear Deck is a fantastic and practical option you can use for online teaching.


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