The Best iOS Emulators for Android in 2023

Best iOS Emulators for Android

Have you ever wished you could run your favorite iOS apps on your Android device? With the help of an iOS emulator, it’s possible. An iOS emulator allows you to install iOS apps on your Android smartphone or tablet. This gives you access to popular apps like Facetime, iMessage, GarageBand and more that are normally only available on iPhone and iPad.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the top iOS emulators for Android. We’ll look at what an emulator is, the benefits of using emulator, factors to consider while choosing an emulator, and provide reviews of the best options available. Read on to learn how you can run iOS apps on Android!

 What is iOS Emulator?

An iOS emulator is a software program that allows you to install and run iOS applications on non-Apple devices. Essentially, it mimics an iPhone or iPad operating system to trick iOS apps into thinking they are running on Apple hardware. This makes it possible to download apps from the App Store and use them seamlessly on your Android gadget.

The emulator provides the necessary environment for installing and launching iOS apps on Android. It’s important to note, however, that compatibility and performance may not be 100% due to differences in hardware and software capabilities between iOS and Android platforms. Still, emulators provide a way for Android users to enjoy some of the most popular iOS apps.

 Benefits of Using an iOS Emulator on Android

There are several advantages to using an iOS emulator on your Android device:

Access iOS-exclusive apps – Emulators let you download popular iOS apps like Facetime, GarageBand, iMessage, etc. that are not available on the Google Play Store. This expands your app library significantly.

Use familiar apps – If you are switching from iPhone to Android, you can keep enjoying your favorite iOS apps through an emulator. This makes the transition between platforms smoother.

Test apps before you switch – Thinking of switching to iPhone? An iOS emulator lets you test drive iOS apps first to see if you like them before you make the switch permanent.

More entertainment options – Access to iOS games, social media, video streaming apps provides more entertainment possibilities on your Android phone or tablet.

As you can see, emulators unlock a whole new world of apps for Android users. Even with some performance limitations, they offer an easy way to mimic an iPhone on your Android.

 Factors to Consider When Choosing an iOS Emulator

However, not all iOS emulators are created equal. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an emulator for your needs:

Compatibility – Check what iOS versions are compatible and study the app compatibility list to ensure the emulator supports the iOS apps you want. Newer emulators support more recent iOS versions.

Performance – Select an emulator that uses your device hardware efficiently for the smoothest experience running iOS apps. Graphics rendering and processing power impact performance significantly.

User experience – Look for an intuitive interface and easy app installation/uninstallation. The emulator should mimic iOS seamlessly on the backend while providing an optimized UX.

Considering these factors will help you select the right emulator and have the best experience running your favorite iOS apps on Android.

 4 Best iOS Emulators for Android

After extensive testing and research, we picked the 4 best iOS emulators currently available for Android devices.

 1. Cider APK – Best iOS Emulator for Android & PC

Cider APK aims to deliver the full iOS experience on Android with constant updates and high compatibility across apps, games, and even iCloud sync. We found it to be the most comprehensive and reliable iOS emulator solution for Android available today.

Key Features

  • Supports most iOS 15 features including iCloud sync, iMessage using phone number, FaceTime, Visual Voicemail, iCloud Photos, Game Center multiplayer, etc.
  • 83% app compatibility rating currently
  • Optimized performance with complete hardware acceleration support
  • Clean and intuitive user interface provides seamless UX
  • Free with in-app purchases for extended features

iOS Emulators for Android

Download Cider APK from Official Website

With regularly updated robust app support rivaling even new iPhones, cider APK is the best broadly compatible iOS emulator that provides the closest experience to using an iPhone on Android. Smooth performance and an authentic look make it our top pick.

 2. – Great for Testing iOS Apps takes a robust cloud-based approach to emulate iOS perfectly for developing and testing apps across device types and iOS versions.

Key Features

  • 100% real iOS environment powered by cloud infrastructure
  • Advanced toolset for tweaking device settings to test different conditions
  • Support for MFi controllers to test games
  • Share live iOS streams to test with other users
  • Free tier available for limited usage

iOS Emulators for Android

Sign Up on Website

While less suitable for general usage due to cloud reliance,’s browser-based iOS emulation is unmatched for properly testing the functionality of iOS apps across simulated device environments.

 3. iPadian – Basic iOS Emulator Without Jailbreak Requirements 

As a simple iOS simulator without complex configurations, iPadian provides an easy way to get a basic iOS experience on Android.

Key Features

  • No need to jailbreak your Android device
  • Requires less RAM/storage versus full-blown emulators
  • Support for apps like iMessage, Safari, App Store, Camera
  • Play iOS games without latency issues
  • Offers in-app purchases for more features

iOS Emulators for Android

Download iPadian

While app compatibility is low, iPadian delivers a straightforward method to mimic iOS on Android. Best for trying out some native iOS apps without advanced emulator capabilities.

 4. Electric Mobile Emulator – Feature-Packed Freemium iOS Emulator

With controls mapped to keyboard and mouse inputs instead of touch gestures, Electric Mobile Emulator takes a desktop approach to iOS emulation on Android.

Key Features

  • Complete mapping of iOS display and inputs to Android controls
  • Support for iOS 8 to iOS 15.6 devices
  • 85% app compatibility for 1 million+ apps
  • Multi-user sharing capabilities
  • Free version available with premium in-app purchases

 Download Electric Mobile Emulator

Electric Mobile Emulator brings a unique desktop-style experience for using iOS on Android. Best suited for apps benefiting from precise mouse control instead of touch.


iOS emulators provide an exciting way to break Apple’s walled garden and enjoy iOS apps on your Android gadget. They unlock a whole new world of apps in entertainment, messaging, productivity and more that are normally restricted to iPhone and iPad.

With robust offerings like Cider APK leading the charge in accurately mimicking an iPhone’s interface and performance on Android, emulators have reached a stage where practically the full iOS experience is available. Considering factors like compatibility, speed, interface, and cost will help choose the right emulator tailored to your usage.

So go ahead, leave device exclusivity behind! With an excellent iOS emulator like Cider APK, you can save money by making the Android phone you already own work double duty as an iPhone as well. iOS apps, iMessage, and FaceTime are now easily within your reach.


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Disclaimer: References to any products, sources, links, or services in this article are provided for informational purposes only and do not guarantee suitability for your needs. The article represents the author’s independent interpretation and judgment. The provider does not warrant the accuracy of any third-party sites or any external content.


 Is it legal to use an iOS emulator?

Yes, iOS emulators are perfectly legal to use as long as you own the apps you are installing through the emulator. Downloading paid apps illegally of course remains copyright infringement.

 Will iOS emulators slow down my Android device?

Emulators require significant RAM and processing capability compared to native apps. Having at least 3GB of RAM is recommended or you may face lag. Close other memory-intensive apps to improve emulator performance.

 Can I access iMessage/FaceTime on Android with an emulator?

Yes, advanced iOS emulators support using iMessage, FaceTime, and other iOS exclusive features by mimicking an iPhone environment. You can even use your phone number.

 Does emulator performance match a real iPhone?

Due to hardware differences, performance may not be as fast as an actual iPhone but the latest emulators come extremely close through optimizations. Any lag is negligible for practical use.

 Will all iOS apps work properly on an emulator?

A majority of apps should functionally work but games/apps relying on device sensors may not behave 100% accurately. Expect around 80% compatibility for most tasks.

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